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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Yes I will call out Hunter Biden for his drug use

As you are all aware Hunter Biden son of VP Joe Biden was kicked out of the Navy for testing positive for cocaine.

Yes bad on him.  I am disappointed with his behavior and I will not make excuses for him as he is 44 years old and is a married father of three (yes he is married to the mother of his three children).  At 44 he should know better by now.

I will give him credit as Hunter is taking responsibility for his actions though.  See quote below:

It was the honor of my life to serve in the U.S. Navy, and I deeply regret and am embarrassed that my actions led to my administrative discharge. I respect the Navy's decision. With the love and support of my family, I'm moving forward," 

I am sure he will seek treatment for his drug problems.  Hunter also has a much more supportive and responsible family.

Which now brings me to the Palins.  No Palin has apologized for their behavior over the drunken brawl.  In fact Sarah only threatened to send the kids to the "drunk tank"

Livid Alaskan trout-mouth bombs brood in a sea of rage!
You’re all headed to the drunk tank!” That’s what an enraged Sarah Palin is telling her three eldest kids – Track, 25, Bristol, 24, and Willow, 20 – after a police report reveals they were boozed up at a party that turned into a headline-making brawl.

Cops in Alaska released the report Oct. 9 after prosecutors said no charges would be filed related to the Sept. 6 incident. The former Alaska governor was at the party with her hubby Todd and their brood when the fight broke out.

“Sarah is livid that her kids have been called ‘belligerent and intoxicated,’” a friend said.

“It’s a real embarrassment. In a fury, she told them, ‘You’re all headed to the drunk tank!’ She’s not sending them off to rehab, but it’s a clear warning they better clean up their acts.”

According to the report, obtained by The National ENQUIRER, at least two dust-ups broke out during the incident – one involving Track and Todd, and another involving Bristol. One officer wrote that Track “was angry, heavily intoxicated and acted belligerent.”

Track jumped into the scrum when four people attacked his dad. The report also noted Bristol “appeared heavily intoxicated and upset,” and Willow – who is a year under Alaska’s legal drinking age – “was drunk.”

The source added: “Todd and Track appeared to get their butts kicked, and Bristol was said to be ‘slut-shamed’ during the fiasco and dragged around on the ground by her legs. Sarah is sick over the whole thing.”

As you can see Sarah is only more concerned about the embarrassment than her kids health.

Speaking of her kids since Track was discharged for other than honorable, was it for drug use?  He was discharged in 2009 or 2010 but was supposed to be in the Army until 2015.  Hunter was kicked out for drugs, so Track probably was too.

Bristol's birthday

So what is Skanky Jr gonna do on her birthday!

Punch out some poor slob.

Bring her son to the party and let him roam free and steal cups of beer.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Thanks to President Obama unemployment is down to a six year low


WASHINGTON - Slightly fewer Americans sought unemployment benefits last week, pushing the average number of applications in the past month to an eight-year low.
The Labor Department said Thursday that weekly applications fell 1,000 to a seasonally adjusted 287,000 in the week ended Oct. 4. That is the fourth straight week that applications have been below 300,000, a clear sign of a job market on the mend.
Applications are a proxy for layoffs. They have fallen 9 percent in the past month. That suggests employers are keeping their workers, likely because they expect continued economic growth and may be contemplating more hires.
"With the pace of firings exceptionally low, and surveys signaling robust hiring, we have to expect very strong payroll growth" in the next several months, Ian Shepherdson, chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, said in a note to clients.
The four-week average of applications, a less volatile measure, dropped 7,250 to 287,750, the lowest level since February 2006, nearly two years before the Great Recession began.
The decline in applications has corresponded with robust hiring. Employers added 248,000 jobs last month, and hiring in the previous two months was healthier than previously believed, the government said last week. That helped push the unemployment rate down to 5.9 percent, a six-year low.
The number of people receiving benefits has also fallen steadily to just 2.38 million in the week ended Sept. 27, the latest data available. That is the fewest since May 2006. Many former recipients have gotten jobs. But another key reason for the drop is that many of the long-term unemployed are no longer eligible. Jobless aid lasts for 26 weeks in most states.
The number of available jobs soared to a 13-year high in August, according to a separate government report Tuesday. That suggests employers will keep adding jobs at a healthy clip in the coming months.
Still, companies have been wary about filling positions, frustrating many job-seekers. Some employers say they can't find workers with the right skills. Many economists, however, say that firms may not be offering high enough pay to attract qualified applicants.
The job market continues to bear scars from the recession. More than 7 million people hold part-time jobs but want full-time work, up from 4.6 million before the downturn. And there are still twice as many people unemployed for longer than six months as there were before the recession, even though that figure has steadily declined in the past three years.
Good job and thank you President Obama!  Now I wait to hear praise from the other side.
Oh fuck it.

Sarah Palin doesn't really care about troops who have PTSD

From Skanky's Fecebook page

Like most every American I stand by our U.S. military vets! Thank you to our active duty heroes and all who've served this great country in the past. I was honored to speak at a recent fundraiser in Texas for The Mighty Oaks Warrior Foundation to support our returning troops who have left the battlefield overseas, but face new battles upon their return. America owes them a debt of gratitude, and our troops suffering from PTSD must not be ignored by a grateful nation. In the following video, I discuss what Mighty Oaks does for our vets. If you would like to learn more about Mighty Oaks or are a vet in need of help, please visit their website at:

- Sarah Palin

Sarah doesn't care about Track's problems, why should she care about about a soldier she has never met? 

I do believe Track had PTSD long before he joined the Army.  After all he was living with Sarah and Todd and had creepy Chuck as a grandfather.

In Joe's book he wrote about how Track was ejected from hockey games because of his temper, and how Sarah cheered not for goals but hits Track made on opposing players.  He also beat up a younger hockey teammate pretty badly.  

I really hate it when Sarah says "most Americans".  Skanky everyone supports the troops.  They just don't use them as props for their agenda.