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Sunday, August 2, 2015

President Obama will be in Alaska this month!

From Alaska Dispatch

JUNEAU -- President Barack Obama will visit Alaska in August, Sen. Lisa Murkowski told Alaska legislators Wednesday in a joint legislative session.

And this trip, she said, appears to be a real visit, not simply a gas stop at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson to fill up Air Force One as it travels between Washington and Asia.

Murkowski, during her annual address to the Legislature, said she had been told about the trip by Secretary of State John Kerry while discussing Arctic issues with him. She said that the White House considers Alaska to be among the states the president has visited, but that he’s never actually left JBER.

“He’s never been off base,” she said.

Murkowski acknowledged Obama had met military families during those trips, but she wanted him to learn more about Alaska issues. Other than hearing from Kerry he’s going to be in Alaska with the president next summer, Murkowski said she didn’t know much about the trip.

“I have to assume that it will be more than a refueling stop,” she said.

The presidential visit was not included in Murkowski’s prepared text but was mentioned in response to a question from Rep. Bob Herron, D-Bethel, from the floor and reiterated to reporters later.

But even as she announced Alaska would be playing host to the president, she ramped up the rhetoric to accuse Obama of trying to rid Alaska of the trans-Alaska pipeline -- and all the benefits it brings the state.

“It looks like the goal is to shut down the pipeline,” Alaska’s senior senator said from the friendly floor of the Alaska Legislature, pointing to Obama administration decisions which she said would do just that.

One, a Department of Interior decision that would allow drilling in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska but require expensive environmental mitigation measures, and another that would make future oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge more difficult, combined with withdrawing areas of the outer continental shelf from drilling, all threaten the pipeline, she said.

“I have never been a good alarmist, but it is becoming harder and harder to conclude that this administration’s long-term plan is anything other than to starve our Trans-Alaska Pipeline System of new oil,” Murkowski said in the text of her speech provided to reporters.

She gave no reason why the Obama administration would want to do that but said, “It sure looks like their goal is to shut down our pipeline once and for all -- to see it decommissioned and dismantled,” she said.

While Murkowski defended her claim about the president’s intent to shut down the pipeline as the “reality” that Alaska lives with, other legislators said they were surprised to hear such a confrontational tone.

Rep. Andy Josephson, D-Anchorage, called Murkowski’s pipeline claims “over the top” but said he considered them to be political hyperbole. He never heard a top official say there was a goal of shutting down the pipeline, a claim he said was “overly dramatic.”

House Speaker Mike Chenault, R-Nikiski, said he’d never heard a leader of Murkowski’s stature make such a claim about presidential intent, and he hadn’t made such a claim himself, but when he looked at the same issues he saw the same outcome.

“Some of the major opportunities to provide more oil for TAPS are certainly going to come from offshore or ANWR or NPR-A,” he said. “If you continue to lock up all of offshore and you lock up all of ANWR and you lock up most of NPR-A, your opportunities are going to be a lot less for putting more oil in the pipeline,” he said.

That means Murkowski’s claim about the Obama administration is not unreasonable, he said.

“They may not say that’s their goal, but I can draw that line,” Chenault said

Josephson said Murkowski may be trying to look more conservative as conservatives have more power in Washington, D.C., especially in the Senate, where she chairs the Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

“She’s clearly more moderate than some of her colleagues, both in Washington and in Alaska,” he said.

One sign of moderation may be in acknowledging climate change, something that can be controversial in the nation’s capital, where many Republicans in Congress are climate change deniers.

“I think that is real and it’s not just anecdotal” but has been confirmed by science, she said. “I’ve been one of the earlier Republicans in the Senate to state there is a change in climate. We see it here in Alaska we see it in the Arctic, ” she said.

Murkowski also appeared to acknowledge a human role in climate change and in confronting it.

“We have a responsibility to address the impact that we have; we need to be acting to responsibly to reduce our emissions,” she said.

But she said the nation needs a strong economy to develop and build the technology that will help deal with climate change.

She said she hoped Obama wouldn’t use his trip to Alaska to simply talk about climate change.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Maybe Donald Trump actually has a plan

From Politico

Donald Trump has succeeded in alienating many of his fellow Republicans with his personal attacks, but if he does win in November 2016 and is forced to assemble a cabinet of GOP allies, he knows exactly whom he would call on: Sarah Palin.

When asked on Sarah Palin’s Mama Grizz Radio’s “The Palin Update” Monday whether he would seek the former Alaska governor’s advice as president or potentially appoint her to an executive-branch position, Trump said, “I’d love that.”

“She’s really somebody who knows what’s happening. She’s a special person. She’s really a special person. And I think people know that and she’s got a following that’s unbelievable,” he continued. (Palin has more than 4 million Facebook followers.)

“I’m looking at some of these candidates, they’re weak, they’re ineffective and to a degree that’s almost hard to believe. And, you know, they like the Sarah Palin kind of strength. You just don’t see very much of it anymore,” Trump mused.

He noted that Palin has come up in his interactions on the campaign trail. “I’ve still got people saying, ‘Oh, get Sarah’s support, get Sarah’s support.’ No matter where I go, everybody loves her.”

Though they come from opposite ends of the country, Palin and Trump have previously bonded over their outsider status in the Republican Party.

In 2011, Palin’s bus tour stopped in New York City and the two were spotted eating pizza at Albanian chain pizza restaurant La Famiglia, a decision mocked by Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show” as well as by New York-style pizza enthusiasts on social media. Stewart accused Trump of being a bad host because he stacked his slices of pizza and ate them with a fork, anathema to most New York pizza-lovers’ sensibilities.

Trump noted in the “Palin Update” interview that both he and Palin have grown used to constant media criticism.

“Now she has, like me, some people that don’t exactly love us and we understand who they are and you sort of forget about that,” he said.

“She took so much nonsense, lies and disgusting lies, and she handles it so well. She’s tough and smart.”

Also in 2011, Palin praised Trump’s demand that President Barack Obama to release his birth certificate. “Media: Admit it. Trump forced the issue,” she tweeted after the president did so.

More recently, she told CNN that Trump was a “hero” for “giving voice to untold millions of fed-up Americans witnessing a purposeful destruction of our economy and the equal opportunity for success that made America exceptional.”

In that interview, Palin declined to criticize’s Trump’s attack on her 2008 running mate, Arizona Sen. John McCain, characterizing the controversy as a “media-driven wedge between them.”

Maybe Donald Trump is a secret Democrat and saying shit like this will turn people off.  He has even hired a former Palin aide:

Donald Trump, who’s polling at the head of the 2016 Republican primary pack, has finally decided to hire a national political director.

The media mogul’s presidential campaign announced Thursday that it had hired Michael Glassner for the job.

“Michael is responsible for developing and implementing a national political plan and will oversee strategic planning operations nationwide on behalf of Donald J. Trump for President,” Trump’s campaign said in a statement.

In the 2008 cycle, Glassner served as a top aide to Sarah Palin on Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign. He’s also a former aide to former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole, and in the 2000 presidential campaign cycle he served on the Bush-Cheney campaign as an adviser in Iowa.

As of today the Sarah Palin Channel is now FREE!

From the Sarah Palin Channel

Effective August 1st, the Governor will be making all of her content free on her Facebook page and at

• If you are a monthly subscriber here on, you will not be charged anything after this month. There’s nothing that you need to do.

• If you are an annual subscriber, you can have the balance of your subscription refunded to your credit card or you can roll your subscription into one of the other channels on our network. If you choose this option, you'll get an EXTRA month absolutely FREE. Our networks include:

- New Life TV - Recharge your relationships and grow closer to God
- Alive with Joan Lunden - A vibrant community for women’s wellness and breast cancer patients and survivors 
- K-Love TV - Christian Rock, Inspiration, and Family Values

This explains why content has been so little the past few months.  With all the drama brewing in the Palin household something had to go I guess.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The dead has risen! Sarah Palin appears on FOX

While on sabbatical Sarah Palin has had a hard on for Planned Parenthood, posting several lies about them on her Fecebook.  I guess it got FOX's attention cuz they brought her on for a cameo, which was a total failure.

Back home!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a very enjoyable time away and now I am back to do what I love doing, calling out Republicans.

Since I have been gone a lot has happened, some tragic....

Marine base shooting in Chattanooga

Theater shooting in Lafayette LA

19 Kids and Counting cancelled

Anna Duggar pops out #4

Bristol Palin may not be working for Dr Cusak after all

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

From page 219 of The Rogue

"She didn't keep any of them," John Bitney told me.  "I said 'Wow, you could keep at least one, for appearance's sake,' but she wanted everyone of them gone: Filipinos, Hispanics, blacks, Samoans, Koreans.  Nobody who was dark skinned got a job and a lot who were dark skinned lost jobs to make space for the white guys.  Her chief of staff, Mike Tibbles, came in one day and said 'They're all fired.  That's what she wants.'  and I was like 'All of them?' he said, yes, all the dark skinned-people had to go."