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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

So is Trig Palin and Tripp Johnston going to enroll in kindergarten this fall?

Today the first day of kindergarten in the Mat-Su School District.  Anyone know if Trig and Tripp are enrolled?  Or is he enrolled in Arizona?

Personally I can't see Trig being ready for Kindergarten because of this:

 We have always been inspired by the work of those very special therapists and educators who dedicate their lives to helping children and adults with special needs. Ever since Trig came into our lives, that respect has grown immensely. 

 You know, I come from a family full of teachers so I have a great appreciation for uh that vocation. But, especially since Trig came into our lives, I have an even greater appreciation, especially for those teachers who have the heart for the special needs kids. Uh, Trig, for instance, today, we took him to a speech therapist because he’s headin’ into [begin sing-song voice] real kindergarten in the fall and uh, you know, of course, he needs to be a little bit more ready than he is now. Doesn’t quite talk. Still does his sign language. Puts two words together, though, which is awesome and, you know, at six years old there-there’s expectations whether [mumble] you know, whatever degree of-a…of-a special needs the kids have. 

There’s expectations, of course, that-that the families will do all that they can uhm before kinda handin’ em over in a sense for at least a few hours every day in the school system. So…great appreciation for the teachers who have the patience and the uh therapists who does-they do miraculous work with these kids. Today. Trig. At speech therapy, he…uhm…he-he did what the therapist needed him to do and they’re-the therapists are so observant, of course, they catch things that we miss all the time. They know how to help the kids, even better in some areas, than we know how to…help..Trig. He also attended uhm eating therapy because uh still doesn’t eat a lot of solid food. In fact, I think he’s th-the only kid in the world who hasn’t had a Cheerio yet. So, he-he’s still working on uhm food sensory things, the mouth, and he’ll be eating solid foods I’m sure uh at some point here, in the near future. 

So, great appreciation for those who have the heart to help the kids with special needs because they’re so full of potential and purpose and they’re-they’re God’s GIFT to-to this world, we know, personally, to our family, the gift Trig is kinda makes us keep everything in perspective and we can understand what true innocent joy is by being around Trig because he-he’s joyful and-uh so he, you know, kinda spreads to the rest of us, makes up [sic] happy. 

So, just wanta [begin exaggerated baby talk] thank all those folks out there, whether they’re professional therapists or teachers or just uh good yaa [audible sigh] good mom and pops who want to reach out and help these groups that help kids with special needs, and adults with special needs, and they support ‘em financially, they support ‘em uhm with their time, volunteering to uh to help these good, good people who are here for a good reason. I-I thank you for havin’ that heart for these kids."

Shame on you Sarah and Todd for not getting Trig therapy earlier!  FUCK YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON!

Now to Tripp.  Since the court hearing is coming up,  I'm sure he is enrolled in school since Butthole has to prove to be a stable mother.  And since Sunny is a former preschool teacher I am sure she will see to it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Today is the Alaska Senate Primary and Joe Miller is going down thanks to Sarah Palin

Today is Primary Day in Alaska.  And Skanky has endorsed 2010 loser Joe Miller again!

Let’s send in the reinforcements!

To restore liberty, to defend our Constitution, to build American exceptionalism, we must send fighters to the U.S. Senate who will stop Barack Obama’s fundamental transformation of the nation we love. The status quo has got to go, and in Alaska the man who understands this key to our state and country’s future also has the guts, wisdom, experience, and optimism to fight for what is right – and win. We said we'd send the good guys in Washington their reinforcements; so, Alaska, here we go! Vote for Joe Miller on Tuesday and shake off the liberal stranglehold so we can get on the right track.

Thank you, Alaska!

- Sarah Palin

Of course Joe was going to lose anyway because of stupid shit he said earlier in the year.

Why run again?
The country’s facing problems that are similar to what we saw in 2010, but worse… A debt, of course, which is now over $17 trillion. Huge unfunded liabilities…

We now have documentation that our government was involved in the surveillance of our phone calls.

Clandestine agencies have admitted to metadata gathering. You know, there are NSA whistleblowers who have suggested that in fact most digital cell phone calls are recorded. You’ve got all sorts of aggressive action taking place at the federal level which is really, I think, a violation of what the founders intended with the Fourth Amendment – unreasonable search and seizure. And I agree with what some have said, that this is essentially turnkey tyranny. That you’ve got a government with now so much information that’s gathered unconstitutionally, that it does pose a threat to freedom…

The expanse of the federal government in ways that the founders didn’t intend… intruding on states’ rights — another area that gives me great cause for concern.

And when I look at Alaska and how that race is shaping up, and we see two other candidates in the Republican primary that really represent more of the same – we call them establishment candidates, some call them RINOs – we had no choice but to run.

In the struggle over the future of the Republican party, what are the centers of power now?
 The nation to a certain degree faces a duopoly where both parties are effectively doing the same thing, and that’s growing the expanse of power in Washington, D.C.…

There’s an enormous degree of power that’s exerted against both parties by multinational corporations.

You see that with the [Trans-Pacific Partnership]. You see that with respect to, you know, crony regulations and statutes that are embedded in the laws at the behest of lobbyists. You see that even down to the impact that we’re seeing today economically in the country, with middle class having immediate net worth that is lowest in decades…

The people aren’t being properly represented.

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act that passed the Senate – would you have voted for it?
No. I would not have. No, I think that private employers should be able to make decisions as to what they do in their private businesses, and I think the people then are entitled to make decisions as to whether or not they use their services.
They can boycott. I think the market can have a proper impact in determining whether or not a business succeeds, based on those decisions that are made. But I mean, right now, what we see is we see this conflict between, you know, the First Amendment and other concerns, where [groups] believe that they have a Free Exercise right – and I think justly so – to decide what they’re going to do in their private business. And I don’t think, for example, somebody that is a traditionalist, that believes in traditional marriage, that runs a bakery for weddings, should necessarily be compelled to do something that’s against their conscience. And I think that’s effectively what the First Amendment was designed against, is someone being forced to violate conscience. So I would’ve voted against it for that reason.

Should a hotel be able to turn away a couple because they’re gay?
I believe that if you’re a private employer, you have the right to do what you want with respect to your business, and that the people of the country then have the right to do as they will, with respect to whether or not they boycott or take other action to financially penalize. I don’t think the government has a role in that.
And you know, what we’re in today, with free enterprise, this is effectively no longer a pure free enterprise system. What we have is a government that’s picking winners and losers. And any time that the government is engaged — whether it be with respect to enforcing the type of protections that you’re talking about, or whether it’s creating regulations to freeze others out of the market, or creating subsidies, or some sort of tax shelter for the big business so that others can’t succeed, where others don’t have those type of benefits — I think it’s an improper role of government. I take more of what you might call a federal libertarian perspective with respect to that.
States, on the other hand, have a wider breadth of action, you know, within the parameters of the Constitution. And if somebody wants something like that — if they want an environment where those types of laws are enforced, then they should be encouraged to move to a state that provides for that. But we’re becoming an increasingly diverse country, and I don’t think anybody – even in your readership – would disagree with that. That the country – I’m not going to call it necessarily “polarized,” but there are different expectations of government, there are different worldviews, there are different values. And the more heterogeneous we become, the more difficult it is to impose a one-size-fits-all solution.
So instead, why don’t we take kind of the direction that our founders intended? And that was, you know, the laboratories of democracy. Different states offering different approaches. And the states that prevail and succeed, obviously that’s a model that can be adopted by other states. But I really do think fundamentally that’s where we’re at. And I think that, at the federal level, the better thing is not to impose the one-size-solution-fits-all, but to reduce the involvement of the federal government, in favor of the people in the states.

So at the federal level, then, should it be legal for that hotel to turn someone away because they’re African-American?
Again, that’s all I’m going to say about it. The state has the right to act. The federal government should be more of a libertarian stance. And that’s all I’m going to talk about on that issue. I’m a state’s right advocate in those areas.

So should a restaurant then be able to turn someone away because they’re African-American?
Again, I’ve said my piece on that.

And so would you repeal the Civil Rights Act?
Again, I’ve said my piece on the issue.

And –
And of course not. I would not. I’ve said my piece on the issue of ENDA. That was your specific question, that’s my response to it. If the states want to act in that area, they certainly have the ability to do it.

Specifically the public accommodation portion of the Civil Rights Act — should that be repealed?
I’ve already made it clear what my position is.

Last year, reportedly you said that “The President of the U.S. and his allies are engaged in a form of systematic spiritual and religious apartheid.” How so?
I think that we’ve seen a president that is more antagonistic and antithetical to free enterprise than any president in the history of the country…
You see that with a complete disrespect, for example, [for] religious institutions to decide whether or not they want to provide certain things under their health plan that they pay for. It’s – if you have a religious organization that’s founded on religious principle, funded by donations, they certainly have the right not do things that they believe violate their doctrine and their conscience. It to me can’t be any clearer.
If the president wants to enforce upon religious groups his version of what should be done, I think that he needs to take into account the fact that he’s got limitations of the Constitution which are designed in the Free Exercise clause to allow those particular religious groups to pursue what they see as appropriate within their particular religious views. When you look at, for example, even internationally what our country is doing in Syria, in the disrespect for what we see going on with the religious minorities there – even Iraq to a certain extent, Afghanistan even. I mean, I think there is almost a degree of, perhaps — internationally — apathy toward those issues [from the administration]. In the United States, almost a degree of hostility in domestic policy.
And so I think that’s a correct assessment of the president. Whether he intends it or not, I mean, I don’t know his heart. But I can certainly see his actions.

What is the apartheid comparison there? Is there one group that you think is being privileged over another group?
Well, we’re talking about different groups, aren’t we?

So who is in what position there?
 I thought we were talking about religious groups and irreligious groups.

So are you suggesting that irreligious groups have more rights than religious groups?
Well, a religious group has a free exercise right to practice their religion. If you’ve got a secular group, there is not a free exercise protection there. But a religious group absolutely has free exercise rights. The people are there, they bind together in community, for the purpose of their worship and their religion. And they have a right to be free of government interference and government mandates that require them to act in a way that violates their very beliefs and, you know, their fundamental worldview.
That’s – I mean, I – I guess maybe I need to take you on a history lesson. I mean, this country was founded on the idea of free exercise. Many of the people that came to this country at its origin – not all, but many of them came here because of the persecution that they were experiencing…
They said…”We want the ability to practice our beliefs as we believe God has directed us, and that’s an area that’s sacrosanct.” And yet this president doesn’t seem to have any respect for it. And that’s what led to that comment…
I think that any time that you show a degree of disrespect for the Constitution, that it should cause all of us to be concerned. Especially – I mean, your magazine… I assume that you’re a civil libertarian, one that embraces the rights that are described in the Bill of Rights. So, what, you’re going to trample the First Amendment free exercise clause… and you don’t think that your other rights are going to be at risk? Any time that you empower the central government and you give way on one of those rights, you’re going to give way on the rest of them…
It really frankly humors me to some extent when I hear those on the left that are out there saying, “Oh you know we ought to mandate the religious groups, go out there and provide for abortions and provide for contraception, even though we know it’s a First Amendment free exercise violation,” but then you scream bloody murder over the fact that the government’s involved in this massive surveillance state, which is clearly a Fourth Amendment violation.
I mean, we have to bind together to protect all those rights. Even though it may feel uncomfortable. You know, I’m a traditionalist; I believe in the traditional family. But I’m also willing to say that the federal government does not have a role in that area – that that’s a state issue…
I think that the unifying concept is the Bill of Rights.
And if someone has a religious objection to serving an African-American at their business, then –
I’m — again, I’m not going there. I already talked to you about the Civil Rights Act.
Are religious objections to interactions with African-Americans equivalent to religious objections to interactions with gay people?
They’re – look – I’m not even going there. I mean, we’ve already talked. We’ve talked about ENDA that was the discussion that you had. The Civil Rights Act is not up to debate. It’s not something that anybody, with any reasonable approach, would ever even consider repealing. So that’s not even – it’s not even a dialogue. I mean, what you’re doing is playing “gotcha” journalism. I’m not gonna play that game with you.
And if someone has a religious objection to paying taxes for foreign wars, that they don’t support, then –
Obviously the courts – no, obviously the courts have established a balancing act. And I assume that you’re knowledgeable enough in the legal area to understand that. I mean, just because somebody claims free exercise doesn’t mean that any moron that claims some sort of free exercise right can do whatever they want. You know that, I know that. And this interview is done.
Well, I appreciate you taking the time…
You know, I’m willing to engage in a dialogue, but we aren’t going to go into the moronic on this, OK?
What was moronic?
What is absolutely moronic is you suggesting that you don’t understand that there are limits to the free exercise clause. And you know there are, and you know that there are balancing tests that are imposed.

What the fuck is a duopoly?  Is that a Sarah Palin term?

I would like Joe to win the primary just so Mark Begich can kick his ass!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Sarah defends her old buddy Rick Perry and makes it all about her

 From Sarah's Fecebook page:

Gov. Perry indicted: Everything's big in Texas, even this B.S....

Remember Barack Obama telling his followers to always "bring a gun to a knife fight"? Like good subjects do, his supporters in Texas obeyed. Friday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry was indicted on two counts of abuse of power. 

This ridiculous politically motivated “indictment” of Governor Rick Perry stems from the ugly thug tactics of the "politics of personal destruction" that the left is known for. They draw blood and leave scars on conservatives who threaten their political power, hoping the threat retreats and hoping his or her base of support remains silent in fear of becoming collateral damage.
Thankfully, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and those of us with scars to prove it can help others learn from things like this Texas-sized political drama.

This ridiculous politically motivated “indictment” of Governor Rick Perry stems from the ugly thug tactics of the "politics of personal destruction" that the left is known for.
First and foremost, today's liberals have no shame. Case in point: Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg.

Lehmberg was busted for drunk driving with an open bottle of vodka in her car after a 911 call reported her endangering others while swerving erratically on the road. The D.A. was smashed -- three times over the legal limit. 

She was a nut job while in custody, disgracefully threatening law enforcement officials and lashing out violently. The D.A. had to be physically restrained. It was all caught on tape. The extent of the D.A.'s serious drinking problem was uncovered, evidence included her purchase of 72 bottles of vodka in just one store alone, in just over a year. It's reasonable to believe she imbibed elsewhere, too.
The appropriate and honorable thing for this powerful D.A. to do -- note, she's the county's chief law enforcement officer and her job is to decide which law-breaking Texans she wants to put in jail - is resign. Governor Perry asked her to do so, which any good governor would do. But because this D.A. is a hardcore Democrat in a hardcore-Democrat county, and Governor Perry is a Republican, Democrats rallied around her and she refused to resign.

Lehmberg's D.A.’s office runs the state’s Public Integrity Unit which prosecutes public crimes like government corruption. Texans were baffled that this clearly unfit official was running a unit with huge statewide importance and they lost confidence in this government oversight unit.

Governor Perry used appropriate tools under the Texas Constitution to urge Lehmberg to do the right thing, using line item veto power to defund the Public Integrity Unit until it could actually serve the public with integrity, under a leader who had integrity. 

According to reports, he reached out to alleviate the Democrats’ fears about her replacement by promising to select her right hand man for the post – essentially giving liberals their desired replacement. All he wanted was for this unfit public official to step aside.
The governor was doing his job in looking out for the people, but Democrats only care about Democrats, and drunk or sober, Lehmberg was one of them. 

Her liberal supporters filed an ethics complaint against Perry, defying commonsense and common practice by claiming he abused power when he publicly announced his intention to veto.

The Travis County D.A.'s Office, still under Lehmberg, convened a grand jury, and – surprise, surprise! – Perry was “indicted.” Remember, a grand jury indictment is not a criminal conviction. It’s the result of a one-sided preliminary hearing run by the prosecution.

I don't worry about Perry, personally, in all this because he'll have a microphone plus millions in people and dollars to mount a strong defense at the courthouse and in the court of public opinion. 

But what we should all worry about is that the left doesn’t care about the end result, they only care about immediate headlines in their strategy to destroy a person.
Most Americans will only read that glaring headline orchestrated on a Friday night to minimize rebuttals: “Rick Perry Indicted On Felony Corruption Charges!” Once that bell is rung, it’s impossible to un-ring it.
I'm a believer that everything happens for a reason, so in hindsight I can value my own experience as a conservative governor dealing with leftwing activists who would stop at nothing to take out a successful Republican.

I was riddled with countless frivolous ethics complaints and lawsuits after being nominated as the GOP vice presidential candidate, all in an attempt to derail my governorship and personally bankrupt my family.

One by one these complaints were tossed out on the basis of their frivolity, but the activists got what they wanted via the complicit liberal media's consistent headline: “Palin Charged With Ethic Complaints!”
It didn’t matter that the “complaint” was for something as absurd as wearing an old snow machine jacket with my husband's logo on it, or answering reporters' questions inside my state office, or giving a pro bono speech for a pro-life charity; again in hindsight the ridiculousness of the constant charges -- that cost millions to defend and halted all progress in my administration -- would seem hilarious if they'd not been so unfair to the public.

The media breathlessly reported on every one of the liberal's complaints with bold font, front page coverage. But when each one was overturned, most times we never even saw one mention about our vindication.

I have no doubt that Rick Perry will weather this storm because he's better prepared for this kind of B.S. than we were up here in Texas's big sister state, when the politics of personal destruction ramped up to unimaginable levels.

Rick won't have to worry about the Republican establishment piling on, either. He's more ingratiated with the political machine than someone considered still an unknown who'd go rogue on GOP kingmakers when they acted unethically, so he's fortunate to only face a firing squad from one side.

All over the country people are facing challenges. Some are unfairly charged with wrongdoing and they may feel defenseless and are absolutely slack jawed at the injustice it seems their detractors get away with. But like Rick Perry will do, Americans must all keep the faith that justice will be done, and whether it's a personal or political battle, know that if we lose that faith, there's no hope for America.

We come out of the battle with more scars, but look at those as reminders of what it takes to overcome. The scars toughen your skin to prepare you for something perhaps tougher up ahead, but surely for something greater.   
In today's political ring, these leftwing Chicago-type tactics of personal destruction are a corruption of our democratic process. It's a slap in the face of the American way of affecting change. We see the same “take no prisoners” tactics at play in the scandalous Democrat-run IRS – as officials with liberal sympathies brazenly harass conservatives to shut us up and shut us down.

We see the same cruel and unfair tactics at play in the liberal-run press that chooses to ignore the liberal president's threats against Congress with his "pen and phone," and his threats against any who question his failed policies when instructing his supporters to meet us with a gun in the proverbial knife fight that is today's politics. All of this prevents good people from even wanting to get involved in politics.

This will only stop when We the People wise up and buck up enough to demand better, and to fight 
back with a warning to liberals to pull in their horns because we'll never fall for their sick game again.

Don’t fall for those "Another Corrupt Conservative Governor; This Time in Texas!" screaming headlines. It's true that everything's big in Texas, including this pile of B.S. thrown at their governor that may be bigger than usual.

An indictment is serious business, and if found to be baseless it gives a big black eye to every watchdog group and every D.A.'s decision, so let's expose these thug tactics for what they are: the corrupt power plays of an embarrassingly failed Democratic Party lacking integrity and honor.
Rick Perry and conscientious citizens will expose this on a national level in coming days, mark my words, because you don't mess with Texas nor do you poke the rest of us independent Americans fed up with hell rousers turning the bad guy into the hero while demonizing the good.

Sarah why don't you tell Rick to quit, like you did concerning Dairygate, Housegate, Shawn Christy etc. 

It's also pretty rich of you to blast Rosemary Lehmberg for drunk driving while your husband has a DUI on his record.

Sarah Palin - Defending the 9/11 Cross

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Even Sean Hannity admits impeachment would be a mistake, Sarah yet to respond

From Mediate

 Sean Hannity made it clear Wednesday night he is not on board with impeachment as a political strategy yet. Talking with Karl Rove tonight, Hannity said it would be outright “stupid” for the GOP to make impeachment an issue when it would hurt their very good chances of winning big in the midterms.

Rove told Hannity Republicans can’t be President Obama‘s “useful stooges” in allowing them to continue exploiting the impeachment meme. After all, the Democrats are fundraising off impeachment and Republicans talking about it would just embolden them.

Hannity agreed and said, “This is a huge distraction, and politically, it would be stupid for the Republicans to bite that apple.”

 As of Aug 17, Sarah still has not responded to Sean's comments.  Guess he is her only friend left at Fuck News.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sarah Palin endorses another crook

Just like Sarah he can't answer a question

Just play along ... A debate hosted by Ketelaar Accounting and attended by hundreds of voters and four of the six candidates got rowdy Thursday night after candidate Doug Ducey refused to answer a curve-ball question: If President Obama issued an executive order stating it's illegal to vote for yourself, who in the race would you vote for?

Christine Jones gave her vote to Ken Bennett. Bennett gave his to Scott Smith. But Ducey refused to answer the question and got two sustained boos and shouts.

Frank Riggs, too, refused to answer, saying he doesn't do hypotheticals. But he redeemed himself with the crowd after saying he supports candidates with "ethics and integrity."

Jones won the group's straw poll, earning 43 percent of the vote.

Promises, promises ... Candidates love a good campaign promise, and a favorite among conservatives is to promise to give back all or part of your public salary. But Legislative District 13 Senate Republican candidate Toby Farmer is taking the promise to a new level. He is promising to donate his entire annual $24,000 legislative salary to teachers, if elected.

"As the son of two public school teachers, I know what these teachers go through," Farmer said in a statement. "They're underpaid, underappreciated, and it seems like they are receiving less support from the Legislature every year."
Insider wonders if the move was a jab at opponent Sen. Don Shooter, R-Yuma, who last year faced misdemeanor charges and accepted a plea deal after barging into his grandson's Yuma high-school classroom and confronting the boy's teacher.

Yep when confronted with a tough question Doug runs and hides.

Here's some more info on Doug

Sarah Palin - A Must See Movie