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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Why does Sarah Palin hate Sylvia Burwell so much?

From Salon

 President Obama may have had troubles with the rollout, but he’s rolling out a replacement for departing Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius nicely. Appointing Sylvia Mathews Burwell, who was confirmed last year to head the Office of Management and Budget 96-0, virtually insures he’ll get someone into Sebelius’ seat before midterm politics heat up.

That doesn’t mean the right won’t try to throw garbage at the centrist and well-respected Burwell. On PJ Tatler today they’re calling her “the person who shut down the veterans’ memorials,” because as OMB chief, she signed the memo telling agencies “to execute plans for an orderly shutdown due to the absence of appropriations” when Sen. Ted Cruz and the GOP shut down the government last year.

You’ll recall that Cruz and the right had the audacity to blame Obama and the Democrats for the shutdown, which backfired on them spectacularly. But not before Cruz, Sarah Palin and a Confederate-flag-waving moron challenged the closure of the World War II veterans’ memorial with a protest that moved to the White House, where Larry Klayman told President Obama “to put the Quran down … and come out figuratively with your hands up.” Good times.

So yeah, they’re going to try that whole thing again, but it’s not going to work. (An aside: this NBC News story calls Burwell “the woman who ordered the government shutdown,” which at the time probably seemed like a feature writer’s flourish to pull people into a dull story about the OMB director, but in hindsight didn’t accurately describe the way the mess unfolded.)  Sen. John McCain immediately tweeted, “Sylvia Burwell is an excellent choice to be the next #HHS Secretary.” While righties are hoping that red state Democrats will turn on the woman who supposedly ordered the shutdown of veterans’ memorials, Sen. Joe Manchin praised Burwell’s appointment, too. (It probably helps that she’s from West Virginia.)

On the larger question of Sebelius’ legacy, we can only say that millions of people got health insurance, and millions more still need it. Ezra Klein trolled the right by declaring that it means “Obamacare has won,” which is pretty funny given that he helped lead the national freak-out over’s troubles back in October. Jonathan Cohn has a more balanced take in the New Republic. He acknowledges Sebelius’ management mistake in letting the federal exchange website’s troubles mount without letting the president know – there’s evidence she herself didn’t know – but he appropriately notes she’ll be remembered for the millions newly insured, particularly because she worked hard with Republican governors who bucked conservative constituencies to expand Medicaid.

Of course, confirming Burwell won’t mean the GOP stops trying to sabotage the Affordable Care Act. They had mostly stopped blaming Sebelius, because the new talking points say nobody could have made the law work, because by definition it can’t work. Having done everything in their power to insure it can’t work, which is literally costing American lives, they blame Obama for its shortcomings. However brilliant an HHS pick she may be, Sylvia Burwell can’t change that.

No one has a problem with Sylvia Burwell.  Except for one person:


She hates Sylvia because President Obama appointed her.  Only reason.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Question for Sarah and Todd Palin

Sarah why have you not released Trig's birth certificate?

Todd have you ever been with or hung out with hookers in Anchorage?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Track Palin is now a quarter of a century old

Yesterday was Track's birthday.  Above is the most recent picture there is of him.

I don't know what Track is doing nowadays as he keeps quite unlike the rest of his family but at 25 he is already divorced, has a kid, hasn't finished school, has had drug problems.  I do not hold out much hope for him.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter and a major milestone for SPHASH

Have a great day everyone!  Christians, non Christians, atheists etc.

 This weekend SPHASH reached the 1,000,000 visitor plateau.

I want to thank all of you who  read my blog, leave comments, and keep the faith that Sarah Palin will answer for her crimes someday.  I wouldn't be able to do it without you.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hey Bristol Palin this is the proper way to start a family

As you all are aware by now Chelsea Clinton and her husband Marc Mezvinsky are expecting a baby.

Chelsea and Marc were married in July 2010.  The baby will be due this fall.

That makes it FOUR years since their marriage that the baby was conceived.

Yes Butthole (and Levi too)  that is the way it should be done.  Track/Britta, Skanky/Turd, Chuck Sr/Sally, Chuck Jr/Bimbo, and Molly/Mike are you listening too?

Baby's parents are college graduates and have careers.  And baby's grandparents are also educated.

Baby is gonna be the only child to have two grandparents that were POTUS.

Congrats Chelsea and Marc!  Thank goodness the Clintons don't prescribe to the Palin/Heath family planning manual.  Get knocked up first, ask questions later, then get married.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Trig Palin turns 6 today

Happy Birthday Trig!  I hope you get to spend time with people who actually love you.

Trig all the readers here at SPHASH love you and want what is best for you.  We cry that you are not getting it.

Yes I am fond of Trig.  That's why I'm so concerned about Babygate and his welfare.  Especially the fact he still wears diapers.

In the picture above you notice Trig is missing a few teeth.  He just turned 6 today.  I don't know when this picture was actually taken cuz the Palins lie all the time but kids usually don't start losing teeth until 6:

From What to Expect:

You can’t predict when baby teeth fall out. Just as it was impossible to pinpoint exactly when your baby would cut her first tooth, the same holds true for when she’ll lose it. In general, kids who were early teethers tend to lose baby teeth before the rest of their classmates, but for most, six is the age when that first tooth falls out. 

I remember my first tooth fell out the summer between kindergarten and first grade.  I can't see Trig's teeth falling out before age six.

Nice try Sarah.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The latest on SarahPac

You can read it here

You can tell giving is still going down.

Sarah gave $5000 each to Senate candidates Karen Christine Handel in Georgia, Joni Ernst in Iowa, Chris McDaniel in Mississippi, Julianne Ortman in Minnesota, Ben Sasse in Nebraska, Tim Scott in South Carolina, T.W. Shannon in Oklahoma, and Sen. Mike Lee in Utah.

 The PAC also gave $1,000 to leadership PAC of Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas. 
The PAC gave $5,000 to House candidates Katrina Pierson in Texas, and $10,000 to Lizbeth Benacquisto in Florida. 
In non-federal elections, the PAC gave $5,000 to Greg Abbott in the Texas gubernatorial primary, and $3,500 to Gov. Nikki Haley in South Carolina.

Wow Sarah is being generous!  Guess the FEC really came down hard on her regarding giving.

Only one person from AK gave to SarahPac.  Sarah also spent $20,000 on copies of her book.  I bet the remaining PeeZooers were pissed about that.

And it looks like she won't be running for office anytime soon with paltry donations that she is getting.