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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reason #61 not to vote for Sarah Palin for anything

She is a shameless opportunist who promoted Alaska in her reality show and now is moving to Arizona.

From Rightspeak

arlier this year, Politico reported that Sarah Palin would base her campaign in Scottsdale, AZ if she were to run for the GOP nomination. SarahPac Treasurer, Tim Crawford responded by email with the following comment.

"There has been no decision about where a campaign would be based."

Note the lack of a denial in Crawford's statement. AZ Central is now reporting that the Palins have likely purchased a home in Scottsdale. The Palins have yet to confirm or deny the reports. However, a commenter (nederlandbill) at Conservatives4Palin had the following to say about the news.

"I did the mortgage on a property 2 homes away and owner says she saw the Palins looking at the home."

This means she is definitely running.  I know Sarah has been wanting to ditch AK for a long time, she has bled them dry, everyone up there hates her and her family, she has burned all her bridges.  I'm sure she will keep her AK residency so she will not have to pay AZ state income tax, which is typical of a Republicunt like her.

Here are pics of the house:

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