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Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Official-Track and Britta were pregnant before the wedding!-Update

From The Immoral Minority

About two weeks later I received a tip that Britta was indeed pregnant and that fellow students in her nursing classes were all talking about it, and the family was afraid it would soon come out. Then not much later I received yet ANOTHER tip saying that Britta was definitely with child and was avoiding certain casual friends so that the word would not get around and embarrass the families.

Yet it was still all hearsay and I did not feel it was enough to say definitively that the quickie marriage was due to the impending birth of yet another baby into the Palin family.

That is it WAS all hearsay until I received this picture in my email inbox of Britta opening up gifts at her.....wait for shower. (Apparently the shower took place just a couple of days ago at the Palin compound in Wasilla.)

Congrats to Track and Britta on their bundle of joy!

A few comments though-why would someone give Britta a jacket for a 2-3 year old when it won't fit an infant?  Unless they plan on saving it for the kid.  Someone else on IM mentioned that maybe this picture is a hoax and that it may be someone else's shower or a kid's birthday party, hence the large jacket.

I really do respect Track for trying to keep a low profile, but I wonder how the Palinbots are going to try and justify this one.  Face it, the tradition in the Heath/Palin families is to get knocked up first then married.  Or be like Bristol and not even marry at all.

Sally and Chuck Heath-pregnant before marriage
Sarah and Todd-pregnant before marriage
Molly and Mike Wooten-pregnant before marriage
Bristol and Levi-never bothered to get married
Track and Britta-pregnant before marriage

Willow will be next.



  1. Why don't you leave those people alone? iT happens everyday in Hollywood.

  2. You know, nobody would even care if they weren't Family Values Assholes (tm). I'd probably muse sadly on the fact that the inbred uneducated are overbreeding and let it go at that, if they weren't bound to shove their hypocritical, dishonest values in my face as "proof" that they're better than we are.

    And the only person in my family who's gotten pregnant before marriage? Was a relation who was raised deeply, christianly, religious.

    The rest of us brought up our kids to have functioning brains.

  3. It is a shame that Britta is probably terrified as to the outcome of this pregnancy considering Tracks previous drug use.

  4. I always buy clothes for an older child to give as baby gifts. Why? The recipients end up getting tons of clothes for a newborn and nothing for later. The newborn has a new outfit for every diaper change and goes naked from 6 months on. So nothing unusual about the jacket being for an older kid.

  5. Anonymous at 9:06. In Hollywood, the parents of the happy couple aren't trying to shove their extreme religious views down our throats.

  6. I wish Britta and Track well in their future life. They'll need it. Although
    Track seems able to keep his mother at bay where his private life is concerned.

    The only reason this is news is that Grandma Sarah is such a
    hypocritical piece of work. She doesn't believe in sex-ed and she
    claims she believes in abstinence before marriage yet most of her
    family was knocked up before marriage, including herself (and
    probably not even by Todd).

    I hate self righteous hypocrites who think they need to heckle everyone
    else about morality, and tries to make their own crap smell like flowers.

  7. Anon@9:06, did someone hit a nerve? Poor baby, poor baby.

  8. As far as I know neither Track nor Britta were espousing the virtues of abstinence during their relationship. I have not seen them in the press except for when Palin sold their wedding photos to People. Perhaps these two are not religious, regardless of Britta's dad being a pastor. Perhaps they are normal, non christian people that did not fear the wrath of god should they choose to procreate outside of marriage. I have a feeling that the Hatcher Pass wedding was more for their parents than themselves and they are just a couple that doesn't buy into all that bullshit that religion has to offer.

    Not like they've been going around selling abstinence for dollars like Bristol. They just seem like young adults that want to live life beyond the strict rules of their parents. Ya know, like normal people, not crazy christian fundies or evangelicals, or those that pretend to be.

  9. Anon at 9:06-

    Is that you Bristol? You would know a thing or two about Hollywood wouldn't ya.

  10. perhaps Britta & Track received Bristol's latest child and need bigger clothes as the child is 6 months old now.


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