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Sunday, July 17, 2011

More proof that Track and Britta's wedding was shotgun-Update

I really do not care what Track and Britta do since they try to keep a low profile, but since Miss Quittypants and Bristhole preach abstinence I think it is news that they were preggers before the wedding. That and the fact that practically everyone in the Palin and Heath families were pregnant before marriage, with Willow and Piper probably following in their footsteps.

Kind of odd that the registry says Britta Hanson and not Palin or even Track's name. Hmmm.

I see that the due date is Aug 29. Will keep and eye out for that. That is also Sarah and Todd's wedding anniversary.

I wonder what the birth announcement will read. Paternal Grandparents are Sarah and Todd Palin and the late Curtis Menard Jr.? Hee Hee!

Update-Britta with all her shower loot:

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