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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sarah officially resigned two years ago today


  1. I wish the skank would resign from running her ignorant mouth.

  2. Alaska thanks you again, Half-Been. This breathless quitteroo prattle is the only good thing you ever did during your abbreviated term. I'll do my happy dance today in remembrance of your most excellent deed.

    Alaskan Conservative Who Happily Never Voted For Your Sorry Ass

  3. AWESOME, I was at taco bell for lunch and had a CRUNCH WRAP SUPREME
    now I have gas

    they should re-name that ammunition laden lunch the sarah slider

  4. OT. I sent this Email to Nicole Coulter at c4pee regarding the survey they were taking:

    When you post your results from the survey monkey, please use the results pages that they provide, not one written out by c4p. It might add to your credibility.

    This is the response I received:

    I'll be sure to use the results page but right after I delete all the responses from the unhelpful people who think C4P editors, contributors and readers are deluded. Does that work?

    So much for credibility huh.

    Today is the day a bunch of them were saying silly Sarah was going to announce, I have a feeling they are going to be disappointed.

  5. They are not only going to be disappointed, they are going to be furious. But not at HER...they will blame Obama, the media, the hateful bloggers who don't understand that Sarah is really sweet, the best mother, intelligent, and the savior for all the world's ills. They will keep sending her money for her vacations (funny, I never send money to multimillionaires for anything!) She will lead them on for another three years or so. They haven't figured out that she has a lot to hide, including her finances, and so will never run. She can play as many coy games with the press as she wants to, but she cannot ignore the laws of running for office. Nor can she ignore the proof that Trig is not her biological child, that MatSu was a huge illegal activity, and that Alaska was worse off with her in office. It will all come out, and she knows that much.

  6. Thank God she resigned in and to Alaska and Alaskans. She's a horrid example of anything - politician, mayor, oil expert (barf!), wife, mother, grandparent, etc. We are far better off in not having her represent Alaska. She needs to live in AZ and be their representative. Have fun down there in the land of heat, sunshine, scorpions and having the Palins as residents. Feel for ya!!!


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