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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sarah Palin-sexual abuse victim?

I certainly hope not, but by observing her actions and words, you have to wonder.

Sarah uses a lot of sexual innuendo. Accuses President Obama of not having the cojones to deal with immigration. Cojones is Spanish for testicles, or balls.

When David Letterman made a joke about Willow, Sarah got all pissed off about it and called him a pervert.

Joe McGinniss moves in next door to write his book on Sarah, she freaks out and accuses him of trying to look into her bedroom window.

She also called reporters limp, impotent, and gutless when they actually had the "cojones" to report criticism of her. Impotent if of course when a man cannot get aroused.

In a Vanity Fair article Sarah is quoted while getting ready for a city council meeting that she is going to wear her push up bra tonight so she can get what she wants.

She also accused Shawn Christy and others of wanting to rape her daughters.

On many occasions she has dresses very provocatively.

The Belmont stakes, wearing a push up bra:

An interview with FOX News, wearing a sleeveless dress:

Wearing leopard shoes at the Long Island speech:

Newsweek, then bitches that it was sexist:

Yet she did pose the same way for Runner's World. Did she think that was sexist?

Victims of sexual abuse are more likely to engage in sexual behaviors like promiscuity, sexual innuendo, and dressing provocatively. They also have low self esteem. Sarah has had multiple sexual relationships with Brad Hanson and Curtis Menard and she definitely has low self esteem.

Another interesting thing is her relationship with her father, Chuck Heath. He seems like a predator. He bought a shirt that said "Coldest State, Hottest Governor". What kind of father does that? My dad didn't even like me wearing Co Ed Naked T-Shirts when I was in high school and college.

He also made a comment about kids losing their underwear? Ewww!

And in Sarah Palin's Alaska he showed unusual interest in Kate's daughters.

One other aspect about Sarah is she shows callousness towards other sexual abuse victims, like making rape victims pay for their rape kits:

And she thinks rape victims should not abort their babies that were conceived during rape:

One of the reasons Sarah fired Walt Monegan as Public Safety Commissioner was over the budget. He wanted more funding to fight sexual abuse and going after rapists. Sarah said no. The other reason is obvious, he would not fire Mike Wooten.

I don't know if Sarah is a sexual abuse victim, nor is it anyone's business, but if she did she needs HELP!


  1. I will not be following your blog. The white type on the red background hurts my elderly eyes. Sorry.

  2. Same here- difficult to read.

  3. This post is an excellent, and disturbing, analysis. I appreciate the time it must have taken to craft it this well.

    I'll add my vote on the template. I could read it but wrinkled up my nose even before I saw the other comments. I'm old enough to remember computer displays being green letters on a black background and remember the joy when technical advancement permitted black print on white background.

  4. Many sites unfortunately don't take older eyes into consideration when designing their look.

    The white on red is hard to read, but by far the worst, IMHO, is blue on black. It may be pretty but is impossible to read.

    Please reconsider your color scheme.

    Other than that, I like your comments. Given the problems with incest, child rape and child prostitution in Alaska, Bristol's first baby situation has long been in the back of my mind as a product of either Track or Chuck.

    My thoughts on the subject are given added weight by the comments from others allegedly "in the know" that the truth about babygate is so awful that we might end up wishing we didn't know the truth.

    Only time will tell.

  5. I have just found your web site and like some of the comment but am another older person who finds the white on red difficult to read

  6. Great compilation in one spot. Yes. It is bothersome when Sarah makes those references, and she has such an unusual relationship when her father hangs around her. They don't seem close and natural. When you leave out the part where Sarah isn't sympathetic to rape victims, she could sound like a macho chick competing with the "guys". When you add her stance on rape, it makes you wonder.

    When I first viewed this page, I thought what a warm and inviting color. The print wasn't difficult to read for me, but after reading the comments about it; it confirmed what other people have said to me when I have created web pages, telling me not to use light print on dark backgrounds...

    It's beautiful though! And I enjoy the way you have it laid out. How about a light cream or yellow background with black or navy blue print to help out the others?

  7. I am 68 and my first impression was how easy this was to read. I guess we all have different opinions and eyesights, but I like it and I also like the new layout. Personally the black letters on a blue screen are difficult for me to see. At an rate I enjoy the blog. I read daily, but very seldom post. Great job, keep up the good work. If it were not for you bloggers some of us in the lower 48 would be totally ignorant of the "superior qualities" of Ms. Prissy Pants.

  8. Thanks for the feedback. I went and changed the background and print. Hopefully this works better now. I originally used red background because I associate red with the devil and the devil has a serpent's heart, much like Sarah. I also used black print but someone said black on red was hard to read too.

    Back to topic, I think there is more to Babygate than we know. I have wondered if Bristol gave birth to Trig and Todd was the daddy. He and Bristol pay more attention to Trig than Sarah ever does.

  9. IF Sarah is an abuse victim, it is highly likely that her children have been preyed upon also. Unfortunately, sexual abuse and in fact all types of abuse, seem to go from one generation to the next in many families.
    You wrote a very good article, full of info. Thank you

  10. PSST: Letterman made a joke about BRI$TOL, not WILLOW. $carah turned it into a joke about wanting to rape Willow.

  11. The new color scheme is great. Thanks. Excellent post BTW.

  12. I visited AK one time back in 2008 before I knew anything about Palin. We were eating breakfast at a diner our first morning in Anchorage, trying to figure out what touristy things to do that day. Our waitress was serving us and visiting, and she even mentioned the amount of domestic violence and such that happens in AK. Maybe it's the cold weather, and people having cabin fever for being indoors so much that causes it. Although, not sure if it's more prevalent there in AK then in the lower forty eight. I've often thought that Chuck Heath looked like a predator. If he was a school teacher, I wonder if his former students have sexual predator stories to tell, or if they're to frightened by the Palin/Heath AK mafia to speak out. This family has gotten recognition primarily by bullying they're way around. From my experience I've seen how women who are around predators will look the other way, or even allow the activity to go on. SP seems to have done that, and is continuing to do that.

  13. Insightful post. I agree, there does seem to be something amiss with this family. Its so obvious that all of them are trying so hard to cover up things. What with all the blatant lies from $carah and Bitchtol. There has to be a reason....keep digging.

  14. Thank you so much for changing the color scheme. It's now very easy on the eyes and a pleasure to read.

  15. I live in Alaska and remember reading an article about Palin's doctor (CBJ) being trained in the field of sexual abuse. This was before the VP call up, maybe in 2006 or 2007. The article stated that Palin had been going to CBJ for many years. Have you ever heard of this? Wish I could remember more....

  16. Victim! SP is more like the predator. She'd hump a snake, if she could get Tawd to hold it still long enough.

  17. Your speculation may well be true based on the family's behaviors. SP is constantly playing the victim role, often based on perceived sexual threats to her or her family. Three generations of the Palins from her father to her children have conceived children before marriage at a young age, and then had to marry to "legitimize" the child. They were described as Wasilla Hillbillies during the campaign.

    You do need a spell check program.

    "On many occasions she has dresses very provactively."

    "wearing a sleevless dress"

    "sexual innudeno, and dressing provactively"



  18. I've expressed my exact same opinion on these various blogs for a couple of years now. I really think there's some abuse there.

  19. I have often wondered the same thing. Victims often victimize others, perpetuating the cycle. Palin's use of her own children as props is quite disturbing, and if she was herself abused, this would explain that somewhat. Not excusing her--many, indeed most, victims of childhood violence do not go forth and perpetuate the same horrors. But some do. And she may well be one.

  20. Yes, Palin may be a victim of abuse, but it is very obvious that she has learned that PLAYING the victim gets attention and SCORES big points. Reminds me of my younger sister that figured out very early on that if she tormented my long enough I would retiate. At that point, she would of course start screaming for mommy and daddy that she was being picked on by the her mean older sister. Patience and tolerence never did deter her game plan, she would merely keep on until she got a reaction and then cry. Eventualy, all I had to to was contradict her and our parents would come down on me. And eventually my parents fought wth each other to gain her favor....this continues to this day.

    There has never been any evidence of sexual abuse. This is just the youngest child with personality issues and mental imbalance that created an urgent need to be in charge. She is still this way today...crying wolf at every imagined wrong, issuing statements on reality as seen through her eyes, and using everyone around her. Fortunately, she never had children and never made the national stage. She and Palin are both egocentic naricists!

  21. There's dysfunction there, but I can't quite jump on board that it is a history of sexual abuse. I'm suspecting more like boundary and controlling issues with Chuck and the Heath girls that are creepy but not criminal. The way she dresses is inappropriate for someone running for or holding public office or as a business woman, but it in and of itself is not an indicator of having been sexually abused as a child. Many women have worn these types of clothing you mention at one time or another and it says nothing about their childhood. That's really quite a stretch. I think her use of words like cojones reflects Chuckies' off-color and boundary crossing upbringing, as well as that she thinks it makes her look tough. More concerning is her rape claims about her daughters, the rape kit issue, and claiming adult men are perverts who want to molest her daughters. Now that is beyond bizarre.

  22. Mrs. Palin did not become who and what she is in a vacuum. Her behaviour is so outlandish- there had to be some extremely traumatizing experiences in her past. These would be experiences that she has not absorbed and processed -- thus she projects her emotional upset outwards. Obviously, chez Health, everything was concealed-- large elephants in the room were ignored. SP's psyche can no longer suppress-- so she hurls her hurt and abuse beyond herself in a vain attempt to release it. But she cannot. She is caught in an endless loop that she cannot understand or control.

  23. Thanks for posting the video about the rape kits. I had heard this rumor but didn't know whether or how much substance it had. This was extremely informative! It sounds like this, like the Wooten situation, is another case of Sarah trying to maintain plausible deniability and failing miserably.

  24. Excuse my gratuitous epithets, but you apoplectic Palin-haters are stone cold, barking-at-the-moon lunatics!


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