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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Undefeated is being released today-Update

Sarah's propoganda film The Undefeated is being released today in theaters in the following cities by AMC Theatres
Oklahoma City
Orange County (Los Angeles)
Kansas City

All these cities are in red states. Guess Sarah is too chickenshit to release it in Boston, Seattle or NYC.

Anyway it's gonna be a failure. I will have a post up sometimes this weekend on how it went.

Steven Bannon who directed this piece of shit admits he studied Leni Riefenstahl who did propaganda films for Adolf Hitler and Sergei Eisenstein who was greatly admired by Josef Stalin for his work in Ivan the Terrible. Yikes!

Update-The Undefeated is an EPIC FAILURE in Orange County.  Read here.
Update-Small audience in Indianapolis


  1. I'd say by the lack of comments on this website it's a complete failure too.

    You have bought into this persona that the media has created for Sarah. I don't know if she should be in the white house, but I do know that she shouldn't be treated the way she is. People shouldn't be punished for seeking high political offices.

    While the media had their Sarah fascination and left no stone unturned we didn't really find out who our commander in chief was until after he was in office.

    So the media bias against Sarah was a double edged sword. They didn't want to cover any negative news for Obama, so Sarah became an easy boogie man.

    And the Epic Failure for her movie in Orange county was a midnight showing. How many red-staters are going out after midnight when they have taxes to pay for you lazy fucks who don't want to work?

  2. FYI: Eisenstein was one of the greatest film makers of all time according to many famous film makers polled. To say bad things about him because Stalin liked him (for a while---then had him executed) is kind of like saying Beethoven sucked because Hitler liked him.

  3. To the commenter who asked "How many red-staters are going out after midnight ...?"

    Evidently a lot of them. The referenced article says over 4,000 showed up at the theater where the Palin movie was playing---to see the Harry Potter movie showing on the other 29 screens in the multiplex!

    Also, a lot of the red states where the movie is showing have high unemployment so you may want to watch who you call a lazy f**k!

  4. Anon at 2:31

    I didn't change my comment settings until 6/14/11. Up until that point only people with Google accounts could post. Since think my comments have doubled. So fuck off you troll!

  5. Um, California is NOT a red state. Orange County may still be a red county.

  6. Temper yourself brother. Every film student studies Eisenstein. And we certainly studied Riefenstahl too because, as sinister as her cause was, she was great at what she did. These types of specious correlations don't help your argument the least bit. Sarah has nothing of substance to say, the antidote should be meaningful discussion.


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