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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Babygate Summary

All I'm going to do with the Babygate summary is post the letter that Dr. Cathy Baldwin Johnson wrote:


  1. I have often wondered if anyone ever found any other documents with CBJ's signature to compare with this one. There should be something to find on the Alaska government site.

  2. Not sure if this is true of the original...but what is odd is that the top third is perfectly straight. The middle third, the text tilts upward (notice less space at top of first and last lines). And the last third the text tilts slightly downwards...however the date does not, but the paragraph text does not. The signature does not.

    If this was simply a crooked piece of paper being spewed out by a printer, then the entire thing would be crooked and all the text would be crooked in the SAME direction.

    Here, it looks like a cut and paste job was down--and manually with tape or glue--and then the final, but botched up, letter was photocopied. There is no other explanation for the text being straight, crooked going up and then crooked going down and then parts of the lower third being straight while the text in between is crooked.

    Some created this letter, it cannot be the original.

  3. You mean the forged letter that CBJ allegedly wrote.

    CBJ didn't write that - it was not written by a professional doctor.

    The children's birthdays are wrong, the info is incomplete and the names are wrong.

  4. a hole in the heart = heart disease.

  5. I wonder why it was delivered so late, the day before the election. There was nothing significant in it, it should have been released earlier.

  6. CBJ"s signature comparison:

  7. What a coincidence that the letter says Governor Palin has been a patient there for 17 years which would be the same period of time that Bristol would have been a patient if she had been treated there her entire life.

  8. Doctors do not ever describe women in their 40's as "young healthy women". "Young" is reserved for women in their 20's, perhaps 30's, but is most definitely not a term used to describe women in their 40's.

  9. It looks like letters describing Governor Palin's health and Bristol's health were merged into one letter.


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