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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My review of The Rogue Part 1

Special thanks to Joe McGinniss for spending time away from his family and writing this book.

So far so good. I'm up to page 125, Sarah's years as Wasilla mayor. The only part I do not like is how Joe goes back and forth between his time in Wasilla and Sarah. I'm very interested in what Joe's experience in Wasilla is like but I felt it should have been a separate chapter. This is from a reader's point of view.

Anyway some tibits from the book:

The house Joe rented was once used to house drug addicts and a family whose son committed murder. Sarah never complained about those people.

Sarah learned her parenting and domestic skills from Sally. From age 12 on Sally pretty much ignored the kids to the point older sister Heather had to raise Sarah and Molly. Sound familiar? And Chuck Sr. kicked Chuck Jr out of the house one night as punishment for not cutting firewood.

Contrary to other reports, Track did not graduate from High School. Surprised me.

Todd is quite the drinking man. He'd split a six pack with a friend, that friend would have one beer done by the time Todd was finished with the other five.

I'll have part 2 posted in the coming days.


  1. I just started reading the book. Interesting so far. I not as far as you are but I'll get there sooner or later. You mentioned Track didn't finish school? Well he must of got his GED because he couldn't join the military without it. Unless of course mommie dearest pulled strings. I wouldn't put it pass her. Same with Bristol. It is a Palin pattern.

  2. Page 113 covers Tracks problems and going to Portage MI his senior year.


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