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Friday, September 9, 2011

Why do the Palins hate Mike Wooten so much?

When I first read of Troopergate the first thought that came to mind was, OK he divorced her sister but other than that why does Sarah and Todd hate him so much?

From what I understand Mike is an excellent trooper but not much of a husband. Sarah and Mike's wife Molly had Track listen in on a conversation to find out if he was committing adultery, which if he did shame on him. Mike has been married four times so obviously he has issues, but Molly has been married three times, so she has issues too.

All but two of the complaints the Palin/Heath klan filed against him were unfounded, the exception of him tasing Molly's son and illegally hunting a moose. He was suspended for five days for doing those things but since he was punished for it, why did Sarah start calling for his firing the second she was sworn in as governor? Didn't she realize that if he lost his job, he would not be able to support her niece and nephew?

Rumor has it he was the arresting officer in Track's vandalism case, which could be why Palins had a hard on for him. But that is all I have heard. Any other theories out there?

Sarah claims to be a Christian yet she was hell bent on revenge on Mike. She will have to answer to the good Lord on that one, along with many other things.


  1. It's because palin needs an enemy to function.Without an enemy she is lost which means she should be at a high right now.She managed to get 75% of America to detest her and her family.

  2. American King James Version
    Romans 12:19
    Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place to wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, said the Lord.

    Where is S'sP belief in the Bible? She should be letting GOD to all the avenging FOR HER ya know ~wink~

    Seriously what a paranoid hypocrite she is.

  3. becuz' Mike and Molly are the parents of TriG and Mike doesn't know it.

  4. They call themselves 'christians', but they do not follow Christ.
    They use the fire and brimstone of the old Testament to bully and persecute others.

  5. RE: Anonymous 4:53 - Now that's an interesting concept..........

  6. Anonymous said...


    becuz' Mike and Molly are the parents of TriG and Mike doesn't know it.

    September 9, 2011 4:53 AM

    How about Mike and Bristol are the parents of TriG and Mike doesn't know it?

  7. Yeah, but she was after him long before Trig was even conceived.

  8. God said in Deuteronomy 32:35 that revenge belonged to the deity only and that was long, long time before anyone took liberty upon writing the "Romans" text.

    Just like when PAYme PAYlin takes whatever "liberties" she feels it necessary for her to utilize.
    And we all know she has already plagiarized from others in her word salads. Like from Newt, heck Obama himself. Even from Lincoln and so much so that he's rolling over in his grave because she's screwed his quote up enough to make our heads swirl.

  9. Anon at 4:53

    Mike and Molly being the parents of Trig would not make sense, the divorced a few years before Trig was even concieved and considering how ugly the divorce was I don't think they would even be in the same room with each other let alone sleep together. Maybe Todd and Molly or Mike and Bristol OR Mike AND Sarah. I still have not completely ruled out that Sarah is not the birth mother of Trig.

  10. Reading the original Troopers' reports and interviews with Palin told me everything I needed to know about her. You can read some of them here:

    What's amazing was how hard Palin and her sister worked to cause trouble for Wooten. They even reported that Wooten had cussed out a worker at the dump and used his position when he received a $5 fine for uncovered trash. The Troopers had to investigate this petty crap, upon which they learned that Wooten had not used swear words or his job to get out of the ticket.

    The reports also give context to the Taser and moose episodes. For example, in an interview with an investigator, "Palin stated that she did not have any personal knowledge about the [Taser] incident and that her daughter Bristol was a witness." Turns out her nephew wanted to impress Bristol and begged Wooten to try the Taser on him, which he did on the lowest setting. He also asked Wooten to do it again.

    I knew what a liar she was as governor when I read this part concerning the "death threat" that Wooten allegedly made to Chuck Heath: "Palin was also questioned as to why it took her two weeks to advise her father of Wooten's threat. Palin then stated that it was because Wooten had no reason to shoot her father. Palin also advised that she had hoped Wooten wouldn't find out that she had listened to his conversation because he would be angrier with her for listening." In other words, she wasn't worried at all.

    Once she was governor, she cited this threat as the reason she and Todd were so upset that Wooten was still a trooper. In fact, she was so afraid that she cut her security squad from 6 to 1.5 men.

  11. ...and then there's the other ex-brother-in-law Trooper...
    A bit of a rockstar himself, featured in several seasons of a National Geographic reality show about Alaska Troopers, a Tea-Partyin' snowmobilin' bad boy with nice teeth. Sarah Palin in uniform with a gun.
    A born-and-bred Wasilla boy and a Wasilla High School graduate like Sarah and Todd(?). A few years back, he suddenly gets a yen to 'Serve and Protect' the hippies and mountain bikers in an artsy ski resort town 100 miles to the south. But commutes from Wasilla. Huh.
    Accustomed to a kinder, more refined generation of veteran officers who valued the ski town as their home and raised children there, his cowboy-bar-bouncer-KGB/Stasi style has scared the Patagonia windpants right off the Trustafarian ski bums and dredlocked stained-glass artists. Nary a meth lab in sight, the biggest substance abuse issue is using the wrong wax. "Crack house" is the waxroom at the back of the ski shop. Crack? That's that awesome powder overlay for water-soaked spring snow that costs $100 for 0.001 ounce.
    And you know a town's got some problems when there's hula-hooping and ski boots in the bar and too many IPAs and micro-beers on tap.

    He patrols the little town relentlessy, cruising the dirt roads and clusters of cabins, checking the bike trail for lawbreaking, takes down license plate numbers of cars outside the pub and walks in for a quick sweep to see who's there. Most of the cars parked are rentals and tourists, but maybe he just misses the snowmobiler crowd. Coming and going down the highway from Wasilla and Kenai, they regularly stop for burgers.
    It's a mystery why this Palin ex-brother-in-law bailed out of Wasilla when he did.

    Author Joe McGinniss was invited to come meet him and interview him for his book, but Joe didn't show.

    There was a TV crew following the troopers around that night, filming a series about Alaska State troopers for National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. Crosby and Matulich both think that led to a more zealous response by the troopers.

    Casa Del Sol co-owner Cory Matulich was especially upset with trooper Howie Peterson, who he said jumped his fence with two other troopers, damaging it in the process.
    In addition to jumping over and damaging the fence, Matulich said trooper Peterson barged through the money desk in the front where they were collecting tickets, kicked over a couple of barriers and knocked over a lamp and stormed through the employee designated beer garden.
    “He could have walked through the front door, but he chose to destroy our money booth,” Matulich said.
    He said they closed down the event at around 1:40 a.m. Matulich said he and the crew working with him that night are going to file a complaint against trooper Peterson.

    Next door at Chair 5, the troopers also threatened to shut down the DJ playing music outside and sources said they threatened to arrest Gretchen Bell, the bar manager, if the restaurant didn’t comply. In the end, the music was turned down and the troopers left.

    “The film crew was seen at the Crow Creek mercantile, so they may have been looking for something entertaining to film,” said Crosby.

  12. They hate Mike Wooten. They hate Levi Johnston. Todd, you're in big trouble if you get a divorce!

  13. Lynne,

    They're two scorpions tied to each other by their mutual crimes & their ties to the AK militia/mafia.

  14. I hear Sarah was pissed because Mike screwed around on Molly.

  15. Thats funny considering Alaskans know Track had nothing to do with vandalism.

    Mike was not an upstanding trooper. However, cops are notorious for protecting their own. It happend everywhere. And btw, Mike DID call students names at school, not just Bristol.

    Obviously, we can't judge people we don't know, including Mike and Sarah. People evolve, and sometimes grow together, soetimes apart.
    Mike and Molly apparently grew apart.

    They all appear happy now. Mike doesn't need to lie about his exes family as he did in the film. he knows that in the beginning, all was peachy and happy. The Palins have led n enchanted life, with friends and close family. I think the more prominent they became, the less time they had to spend with EVERYONE and people felt rejected.

    Sarah used to be the type to have time for everyone. Though she still makes time for friends and family, her professional obligations limit this.

  16. About Levi. He spent his time with Bristol trying to become a member of the family. He neglected his own and actually still does. He rarely sees his mother. He is pretty needy but it may be because of his extremely rocky homelife. There's a reason the Palin girls' boyfriends love the family. Willow's bf's family is close to the Palins.

    People who are needy typically are drawn to this family. It's understandable. When you're with the Palins, you no doubt are among people who like to laugh, have fun and always supprt one another.

  17. Hey, congrats!!! You've drawn trolls!

    Love your blog. Thanks.

  18. Troll Anon 3:47, curious how you seem to want to rewrite the Track incident. I heard about this in 2006 in Anchorage when Sarah was running for gov. from a valley friend. Not often a “middle class” family” whisks their boy out of town when he becomes a problem. But then again, Sarah had friends in high places who saw she was unable to take proper care of her son.

  19. Ok i have a question for the person who thinks trooper Howie Peterson is the brother in law of Sarah Palin. if i have the facts straight, her sister was married to Howard Peterson lll for a time. and if Howie is Howards brother - which he would have to be to be a brother in law

    why would there be 2 brothers with the same name. surely their parents could be more creative.......!!!

  20. Hey that's a good point , 2 brothers both called Howie Peterson, be interested to hear the explanation for that one

    the only one I can think of is that one of Sarah's Sisters married into another Peterson family in Alaska and that Husband just so happened to have a brother named Howie.

  21. Still it doesn't explain why this person has such a hatred for Howie Peterson. because that's what it is, did he take your drugs away from you? arrest you at some point?

    Not knowing your sex, there are a few other options

    if your a girl, did he jilt you, turn you down or ignore you completely?

    if your a guy, did he steal your girl at some point, make you look an idiot in front of a girl you liked? or are you just jealous because you think he's better than you and would would secretly love to be him.

    the list of possibilities are endless.

  22. @September 16, 2011 3:47 AM
    No, Alaskan's don't know this? All we know is that our kids didn't have to go to school because someone slashed the tires on the buses...never heard another word because the kids were minors and their names are not published. It all makes sense that Track was part of it- how quickly it became a non-issue. Imagine- around 17,000 kids not going to school because of vandalism. It was a big deal that was never explained!

  23. Trooper Peterson was married to Todd Palin's sister Diana not one of Sarah's sisters.

  24. Best place to find out that is below I Think.

    Although I do like the fact that Howie fans have hijacked this page and turned the previous nasty comments made into a non starter. PLEASE KEEP THE GOOD STUFF COMING GUYS. It's soo nice to see

  25. The comments about Howie Peterson and his reality show have nothing to do with Mike Wooten and the Palins.

    I'm turning off the ability to post comments on this post. I'm also deleting any posts referring to Howie Peterson.