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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NFL week #13 picks

Philadelphia at Seattle

Tennessee at Buffalo
Kansas City at Chicago
Baltimore at Cleveland
Oakland at Miami
Detroit at New Orleans
Carolina at Tampa Bay
NY Jets at Washington
at Houston
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
Denver at Minnesota we're gonna get Tebowed! I do like the guy though, just not as a QB
Green Bay at NY Giants
Dallas at Arizona
St. Louis at San Francisco
Indianapolis at New England

San Diego at Jacksonville

Bristol gets pulled over for running a red light

From TMZ

The Accused -- Bristol Palin

The Crime -- Failure to stop for a red light in Alaska on November 19.

The Fine -- $210

The End.

Aw come on TMZ tell us more! But I know that won't happen cuz you are in the Palin's pocket. It is nice to know there is a cop in AK that won't cow tow to the Palins, other than Mike Wooten.

I'm not going to knock Bristol on this one. I got a ticket last spring for no seat belt. Happens to everyone. I just hope she didn't have her kids with her.

Run Sarah Run!

This ad was created and paid for by the rabid delusional members of Conservatives 4 Palin Currently it is being run in Iowa.

Some people just can't let go

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Trig Palin has my sympathy

Not because he has Down Syndrome but because Sarah Palin is his legal mother.

From The Brody File

A Personal Thanksgiving Reflection by Sarah Palin:

On Thanksgiving, my family's traditions will reflect the loyal, active, robust, big family life that shaped me. We're so fortunate to be together to share the making of another year's memory. In these late autumn days with temperatures dipping to 20-degrees below zero, we'll brave Alaska's biting cold to run and skate and ride - just because we can, and for that I am so thankful. Life in America's Last Frontier is not an easy living, but it's a good living. Here in Alaska, where I'm never without inspiration, an optimistic pioneering spirit still permeates, and harsh conditions force us out of self-centeredness and towards community - often in order to survive.

This need for selflessness - and the blessings that come with it - sharpened for me almost four years ago when I was given the gift of broader horizons, clarified priorities, and more commitment to justice and compassion for my fellow man who faces challenges and fears. I was granted this through a gift that arrived in a tiny, six-pound, awe-inspiring bundle. We named him Trig.

I know America's potential for goodness, thus greatness, because I see it every day through my son. Nothing makes me happier or prouder than to see America's good heart when someone smiles at my Trig. I notice it happens often in airports. Often a traveler passing by does a double-take when they see him, perhaps curious about the curious look on his face; perhaps my son momentarily exercises an uncontrollable motion that takes the passerby by surprise. Perhaps, as an innocent and candid child announced when she first met Trig, they think "he's awkward." But when that traveler pauses to look again and smile, and maybe tells me what a handsome boy I have, I swell with American pride. I am so thankful for their good heart. They represent the best in our country and their kindness shows the real hope we need today.

I am thankful that, as in so many areas of life, the bitter people who say bitter things about someone facing challenges are so outnumbered. There have been stinging criticisms, even from people still screaming that Trig should never have been born, but we know those critics may be the loudest and most malicious, but they're not the majority.

To me, when individuals reflect the greater societal acceptance of someone facing challenges, they show the best of humanity - even by offering a simple pat on Trig's head or a knowing smile shot our way. Conversely, when a society works to eliminate the "weakest links" (as some would callously consider the disabled) or "the unproductive" (as some would callously consider the very young and the very old), it eliminates the very best of itself. When a society seeks to destroy them, it also destroys any ability or need for sincere compassion, empathy, improvement, and even goodwill. And those are the very best qualities of humanity! Those are the characteristics of a country that understands and embraces true hope! America can be compassionate and strong enough as a nation to be entrusted with those who some see as an "inconvenience," but who are really our greatest blessings. Through Trig, I see firsthand that there is man's standard of perfection, and then there is God's. Man's standard is flawed, temporary, and shallow. God's standard lasts an eternity. At the end of the day, His is what matters.

So, this Thanksgiving my family will bundle Trig up and grin while we watch him through ice-frosted eyelashes as he curiously takes in all that is around him in the crisp open air. I hope your Thanksgiving gives you the opportunity to find that reminder of what really matters, too. For me, my perfect picture of thankfulness is my perfectly awesome son. With him, all is well with my soul and I know I am blessed.

Once again Sarah uses her favorite prop to get sympathy. I think it's child abuse. And for the record no has ever said Trig should have been aborted. We all love Trig Palin, we just can't stand his legal family (Sarah, Todd, Bristol, Willow, Chuck, Sally). Note I said legal, not biological.

Hermain Cain denies affair, lawyer tells press to mind it's own business

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Monday, November 28, 2011

Not sure if this is satire or not


By Don Surber

I have great respect for retired Navy Captain Mark Kelly’s service to this nation. I also admire the courage of Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. See Thursday’s post, “God bless you, Gabrielle Giffords.” But I find Captain Kelly’s tactics for selling his new book to be insulting , misleading and plain out wrong. More than that it is disturbingly dishonorable.

From the Charleston Daily Mail:

But it was the lack of any contact from former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin that was ‘surprising’ said Mr Kelly.

Citing the book, Mr Morgan said that it revealed some ‘interesting insights’ into ‘political colleagues and people that [Gabby Giffords] had worked for and against.’

Speaking about a map for which Palin was responsible, with crosshairs over certain states including Arizona, Mr Morgan said that the Alaskan ‘doesn’t come out of this very well, I don’t think, because there was a woman who at the time had been putting these crosshair things on her website and stuff, including Gabby,’ he said.

Sarah Palin’s map had nothing to do with the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Giffords. The man who shot her knew nothing of the map and had stalked the captain’s wife for 3 years prior to the shooting that left 6 people dead.

What a disgusting thing to do — and Piers Morgan’s failure to challenge Captain Kelly on this misinformation is appalling but not surprising.

One more day. One more lie. Captain Kelly should apologize privately and publicly to Missus Palin for perpetuating this fallacy.

No Don Missus Palin should be apologizing to the Kellys and to America for her hate rhetoric. That last sentence really pissed me off. Here is Don's FB page:!/profile.php?id=505164265

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Troll comments November 20-26

Troll comments Nov 13-Nov 19

Clarissa said...

I've been following your blog for a while. I find it very useful and enlightening in a variety of ways. You obviously do have a lot of useful stuff to contribute. I'd love to be able to quote you on my very popular blog.

The problem is that the second I tried participating with some minor disagreement on your blog, you branded me as a troll and even quoted me as such in one of your posts. I feel like bloggers who have a very limited audience should try to avoid antagonizing popular bloggers because of minor disagreements.

If you insist on promoting a very limited worldview on your blog, that is, of course, always your choice.

However, if my comment gets branded as trolling once again by your blog, you can remained assured that I will unfollow you and you will not get a chance of being mentioned on my very popular resource ever again.

Feel free to get huffy about this. It will only make you look silly. Isn't Sarah Palin known for getting huffy over not being recognized as important by intellectuals?

November 20, 2011 1:35 AM

WTF? Bristol wants to be a beautician?

I know, you make up said...

Bristol does have a job, as do the other age-appropriate kids. Keep being ignorant and judgmental though. During the day Sarah watches Tripp.

November 21, 2011 4:15 PM

Sign Shailey's petition

Anonymous said...

You are a loser.

November 25, 2011 8:29 PM

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Taxpayer money was used for Todd to fly in and sit on his ass for the hacking trial

From the AP

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The government paid nearly $2,500 for Sarah Palin's husband to come to the trial of a Tennessee college student who hacked into her email — even though Todd Palin never testified, court records show.

In all, the government paid more than $29,000 to fly members of the Palin family and other witnesses to Knoxville, send a prosecutor to Alaska for research and pay other travel expenses, according to the Department of Justice records obtained by The Associated Press through a Freedom of Information Act request. Air travel totaled about $18,600, and hotel bills amounted to nearly $3,300.

The thousands of dollars spent by prosecutors helped them win a conviction on one felony and one misdemeanor charge against David Kernell, who finishes his 10-month sentence on Wednesday. Prosecutors have said that Kernell's punishment for the hacking during Palin's failed 2008 vice presidential bid should deter any hackers who considered targeting candidates in next fall's presidential election.

The former Alaska governor, her daughter Bristol and an aide were among the witnesses called to the stand, but the chief prosecutor said he decided Todd Palin's testimony wasn't needed. Sarah and Bristol Palin told jurors that they felt harassed and their lives were disrupted after Kernell hacked into Sarah Palin's Yahoo! email account and made screenshots public that included personal email addresses and cell phone numbers.

Records show Todd Palin received $2,244.30 as reimbursement for airfare from Alaska to Tennessee, along with $122 for meals and incidentals and an attendance fee of $120. He was listed as a fact witness.

"We subpoena a lot of witnesses that we think we might need," Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Weddle said, adding that about a dozen witnesses in all were subpoenaed. "We decided his testimony was no longer necessary for purposes of trial."

An attorney for the Palins, John Tiemessen of Fairbanks, Alaska, said in an email that Todd Palin was under subpoena and flew to Knoxville prepared to testify. Tiemessen declined to make Todd Palin available for comment, and an email seeking comment sent to Sarah Palin's political action committee wasn't immediately returned.

The 34 pages of Justice Department expense documents obscured the names of witnesses 58 times, making it impossible to discern how much in travel expenses was incurred by Bristol and Sarah Palin and the other witnesses. It also wasn't clear if any other witnesses who flew in from Alaska wound up not testifying.

But one three-page form that authorized reimbursement of unusual expenses showed payment was made to Todd Palin. The section of the form where Weddle provided justification for the unusual expense was blanked out.

Records also show it cost $2,461 for the prosecutor to take a September 2009 trial preparation trip to Alaska.

Weddle said Todd Palin received the "same allowance anybody else would be entitled to," based on a contract rate of $40 per day. The form specifies that attendance days include travel.

"There's no bonus because you've written a book or you are married to a former vice presidential candidate," Weddle said.

Several former prosecutors who weren't involved in the case said it's difficult to compare the cost of a case with the gravity of the charges or the outcome.

"You don't know exactly how things are going to take shape," said former Assistant U.S. Attorney Gary Humble of Chattanooga. "It's just the nature of trials. Unfortunately you have to bring witnesses in from a long way."

He said there are cost-benefit analyses after some cases but: "There's a lot of subjectivity in that and it's a hard line to draw."

Still, Humble described the felony conviction as a "complete win."

Aside from travel expenses, the Justice Department said there were no records for the overall cost of the trial.

J. Tom Morgan of Decatur, Ga., a former district attorney, said that when former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis made a comment about sunshine as the best disinfectant "he wasn't talking about the federal court system."

"It sounds like a lot of money on a hacking case, but once you go to trial you've got to be prepared for anything and everything," he said.

Morgan said prosecutors have discretion in spending and typically if they have a family member tag along they will also have them testify to justify it. Though Morgan couldn't speak to the circumstances of the Palin case, he said sometimes family members do get a "free ride."

Kernell, 24, who was a University of Tennessee student when arrested, was scheduled for release Wednesday after getting credit for good behavior. He was tried on four felony charges. Jurors acquitted him of one, deadlocked on another and reduced a third to a misdemeanor illegal access charge. He was convicted of obstructing an investigation by trying to hide his computer activity.

Defense attorney Wade Davies declined to comment about the trial expenses. Kernell's father, state Rep. Michael Kernell, D-Memphis, said an appeal of the conviction is pending and declined comment.

Davies contended during the trial that Kernell had no criminal intent and that the hacking amounted to a prank. Kernell tapped into the Alaska governor's widely publicized Yahoo! email account by correctly answering a series of personal security questions. He didn't testify at the trial.

Sarah Palin told jurors that the hacking disrupted the lives of her family and close friends when their e-mails and phone numbers were publicized on the Internet. Bristol Palin testified that she received harassing calls and text messages.

Palin has remained highly visible since she and running mate U.S. Sen. John McCain lost the 2008 general election. That star power was on display at the trial in 2010, when she attracted smiles from jurors on the way to the witness stand. The first questions from Weddle was, "May I call you Governor Palin?"

Palin, who quit the Alaska governorship in 2009 midway through her term, was considered a possible GOP presidential candidate this year until — with polls showing her popularity with voters had waned — she announced that she was passing on the race.

If the Palins had any decency and class (wishful thinking on our part, I know) they would reimburse the feds for any costs incurred. Especially since Sarah and Bristol perjured themselves shamelessly. And the judge and jurors did not pick up on that.

Grifters all around.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Roger Ailes is reaping what he sown

Fox News chief Roger Ailes reportedly considered "benching" Sarah Palin from Fox News because she did not make her announcement that she was not running for president on the network that was paying her $1 million per year.

A report in New York Magazine says Ailes went ballistic on October 5 when Palin made her announcement on a conservative radio show.

"I paid her for two years to make this announcement on my network," Ailes angrily told Fox executive vice-president Bill Shine in a meeting following the announcement, according to sources who "described the episode on condition of anonymity, given the sensitivity of the relationships."

Palin appeared on the network later that night to discuss her decision, but Fox didn't get the bang for its considerable bucks it is paying Palin. As a result, Ailes reportedly considered pulling her off the air, while still paying her until her contract runs out in 2013.

Shine told all of this to Palin's agent. He relayed the information to Palin, who reportedly apologized for her "misstep."

The story says Palin didn't make the announcement on Fox in retaliation for giving a platform to Karl Rove, who has been a major critic of Palin.

"She isn't happy with Karl," one Palin adviser told New York. "From day one, he hasn't been very nice."

As far as her future at Fox, New York writes:

But tensions between Palin and Fox haven't subsided. Ailes, who told Newsweek that he hired Palin when she was "hot," clearly hoped she would boost ratings. But beyond her prime-time commentary, Palin hasn't turned into the television asset Ailes had hoped. Palin's contract is up in 2013 and it's unclear what the current fracas will mean for her future on Fox News. Part of her appeal as a pundit was that every appearance on the network was turbocharged by the "will-she-or-won't-she run" speculation. She's now given up that chip to play.

Serves you right Roger for not vetting this twit. You two really deserve each other. I guess one good thing will come out of this. After 2013 we won't see her ugly face on FOX anymore. Or any network for that matter.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing each of you a very happy Thanksgiving. I'm taking the day off from all things Palin to eat turkey and watch football!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bristol's show is cancelled before it even went on the air.

From Perez Hilton

But as we're all teen moms, we know that she has a plan B - and the "B" stands for beautician school! But more on that in a bit.

First off, it has come to our attention via the National Enquirer that Bristol Palin's reality show, the one she was shooting for the BIO channel, has been scrapped, leaving Bristol without work in La La Land. No official reason has been given as to why the network put the kibosh on the series, but if we had to guess …. because one Palin reality show is really enough?

Anyway, now that she is out of job, Bristol needs to find something new to do. While her "dancing" did improve after ten weeks on DWTS, there's not much of a career for her in that. And, we think she's milked the cow dry, so to speak, on telling teens they have to be abstinent.

So what's next for Sarah Palin's prodigy child? That's easy! Cosmetology!

Sources reveal that Bristol is looking into some beauty programs in the area, as her new life goal is to be a Hollywood hair and makeup guru. A "friend" of Bristol reveals:

“She plans to find a school near her home in Arizona so she can get away from the Alaskan winter. And after graduating next year, she wants to look for jobs in the movie industry. Bristol’s realizing that her bout of fame and big-money job offers in Hollywood is dwindling since her mother isn’t in the spotlight as much, so she needs a backup plan. Right now she has money from her ‘DWTS’ gig to live off of while going to school. Then she’ll try her luck in Hollywood again, this time behind the scenes.”

Damn! She is still living off that money! Must have learned a thing or two from momma about simple living. (Or more likely she was grossly overpaid!)

Well, there is something rather ironic about how this is all turning out. She's certainly living up to the high expectations her mother has had for her, hasn't she.

Just in case, we'r going to cue up our Grease soundtrack to Beauty School Drop-Out, just in case you change your mind!

My condolences to Kyle and Chris Massey.

NFL week #12 picks

Green Bay at Detroit
Miami at Dallas
San Francisco at Baltimore

Minnesota at Atlanta
Cleveland at Cincinnati
Tampa Bay at Tennessee
Carolina at Indianapolis
Arizona at St. Louis
Buffalo at NY Jets
Houston at Jacksonville
Chicago at Oakland
Washington at Seattle
New England at Philadelphia
Denver at San Diego
Pittsburgh at Kansas City

NY Giants at New Orleans

The winners of the 2011 SPHASH Turkey Awards

I apologize that not everyone got to vote, the ones who did I took their comments into consideration.

Sports: Jerry Sandusky

Entertainment: Kim Kardashian

Politics: Scott Walker

Media: Sarah Palin

Newsmaker: Casey Anthony

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Todd will be participating in the 2012 Iron Dog race

From The Alaska News

The Iron Dog, Alaska’s toughest snow machine race is getting ready for the 2012 race, with that famous Alaskan family name “Palin” in the mix. Four time Iron Dog Champion Todd Palin, 41, is on Team Number 11, along with Eric Quam, 41, and both are running this year’s race on Arctic Cats. Tod claimed victory in the 1995, 2000, 2002, and 2007 trophies. There are 31 Pro Class teams signed up this year, including seven other previous year’s champions and sixteen all rookie teams.

I wonder if he will drop out like he did in 2010. Or cheat like he did in previous years, you know kicking opponents gas cans.
Is Hugo Chavez sponsoring him this year?

President Obama signs veterans job bill into law

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Now this is supporting our troops and veterans!

Monday, November 21, 2011

WTF? Bristol want to be a beautician?


When the world last heard of Bristol Palin, she was thoroughly enjoying her 15 minutes in the glare of the spotlight. She'd written her autobiography, Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far, and she was all set to do her own reality show with Kyle Massey, her fellow Dancing With The Stars contestant. Reportedly, neither of those projects worked out for her. Her reality show may never be aired, and, apparently her book is of interest only to chronic insomniacs. And with Sarah Palin mercifully no longer running for anything, her dancing daughter seems destined to return to the obscurity from which she came. Or not. Plucky Bristol Palin has thought of another way to realize her "desperate" dream of making it in Hollywood. She's going to cosmetology school.

Yes, that's right--cosmetology school. While doing hair and nails might not seem like the quickest way to fame and fortune, Bristol Palin has a plan. Inside sources report that:

"Bristol wants to go to cosmetology school...near her home in Arizona so she can get away from the Alaskan winter. After graduating next year, she wants to look for jobs in the movie industry. Bristol's realizing her bout of fame and big-money offers in Hollywood is dwindling..., so she needs a backup plan."

Apparently, Bristol Palin thinks a career in cosmetology will enable her to return to "rubbing shoulders with the stars and making money." And who knows, perhaps it will. More power to her. As long as she doesn't pursue a career in politics. Or dancing.

Yep. Sounds like the gravy train has derailed. Can't imagine anyone would want to hire her though. Except for this place:

This is the Beehive Salon in Wasilla AK. Granny Grifter's salon of choice. And looking at Sarah's hair (or wigs) their standards are low.

Sign Shailey's petition

You can sign Shailey Tripp's petition here.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Troll comments Nov 13-Nov 19

Troll comments Oct 30-Nov 12

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you consider truth tellers and decent people trolls.

To 'the sword of truth', seek help. Living in a fantasy world isnt healthy.

November 13, 2011 5:08 AM

Anonymous said...

No one is defending the morons who covered up the Penn State BS. But the depiction of what happened in Alaska is NOT comparable.

AWWW poor wittle libbys, you're so lost and have no real, selfless leader or hope that you feel the desire to continually smear people to entertain yourselves. No wonder people automatically think all democrats are ignorant welfare junkies who love playing the race card when they realize they have no grounds to defend their perfect little savior.

Learn grammar, spelling and then go out and learn the truth about Obama and his thugs. You will do our nation a great favor when you become educated.

November 13, 2011 5:14 AM

Sarah's star has now burned out


Then stop writing about her-or is your mad obsession stopping you?
November 14, 2011 12:15 AM

Bristol Palin or the trolls please read this

Freddy el Desfibradddor said...

Bristol is a beautiful young woman, round belly and all - at least on the outside. May the Holy Spirit help her to reach the levels of truth, love, and joy which could be hers.

November 17, 2011 9:05 AM

Callie said...

I am 100% confident that none of the people you just mentioned give a flying f**k that you stalk them, whether they continue living "publicly" or not. It's just your time you're wasting for no reason.

November 17, 2011 11:21 AM

The APD is finally going to investigate Shailey Tripp's claim that her possessions were never returned.

Anonymous said...

hahaha "The world is watching." Um, no offense, but the fact that feds are involved in significant dirty dealings and behavior that's illegal for the rest of us, it's highly amusing and a sign of an overinflated ego that the world even KNOWS who this woman is. No wonder she thinks she had a deep, meaningful relationship with a man who cares about her as much as I do.

November 18, 2011 5:59 AM

Have you ever noticed that the troll comments always come in within just minutes of each other?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sarah's epic failure The Undefeated is coming to Alaska on Monday November 21st.

From the Frontiersman

WASILLA — Folks in Alaska have their first opportunity to see the movie “The Undefeated” on the big screen Monday.

Sponsored by the Valley Republican Women’s Club, the Alaska screening also includes a meet-and-greet event with the movie’s creator and producer, Stephen Bannon, from 4 to 6 p.m., Sunday at Colony Inn in Palmer. Tickets are $50 each or $75 per couple and include a light meal and a chance to speak one-on-one with Bannon.

I’m looking forward to coming to Alaska,” he said Thursday by phone from Washington, D.C.

'The Undefeated' plays at 6 p.m., Nov. 21 at the Wasilla Alaska Club Theater. Suggested donation is $5.

He said this trip to Alaska will be a relatively quick since he is planning to spend Thanksgiving at Fort Campbell, Ky., with his daughter, a recent West Point graduate.

Bannon said when the movie was originally released, the theatrically company that distributed the film didn’t have any screens in Alaska.

“We’ve been actually trying to do this since August,” Bannon said.

Past Valley Republican Women’s Club president Julie Gillette said she met Bannon on Facebook before seeing the film. After watching “Undefeated” on pay-per-view at a friends’ house, Gillette said she contacted Bannon again and told him how much she’d enjoyed the movie and that she hoped he’d have a chance to come to Wasilla and show the movie someday.

“It’s fantastic to have the filmmaker here with the film,” Gillette said Friday.

While Bannon’s in Alaska, he said he also plans to record his weekly radio show here, which airs on KABC AM in Los Angeles.

Bannon said while “The Undefeated” focuses on Sarah Palin’s story, it resonates far deeper than just one person’s personal story.

“This film is very timely,” he said. “What started in the Mat-Su Valley with a little unknown mayor of a little unknown town has had national implications.”

Bannon said he plans to speak before the film and draw parallels between what happened in Alaska and what is happening in the country.

When the two-hour movie begins, he said Palin is working on a commercial fishing boat.

“She’s out of the loop in a place that’s out of the loop,” Bannon said.

He said the film “The Undefeated” was inspired by Palin’s autobiography “Going Rogue: An American Life.”

The movie tracing the political career of Sarah Palin plays at 6 p.m., Nov. 21 at the Wasilla Alaska Club Theater. Suggested donation is $5 and seating is limited to 150 people.

For more information, to reserve a seat or to purchase a ticket to the meet-and-greet, contact Harmony Shields at or 315-5038.

What a waste of 50 bucks! And Sarah isn't going to be there. The few remaining Palinbots don't have enough cash to get to Alaska to support here cuz they gave it all to Sarah. I predict the ones who do show up are only there to give Bannon a piece of their minds on how Alaska residents really think of Sarah.

Of course Sarah is too chickenshit to attend. No way in hell is she going fishing in November.
Check out this fishing schedule, very little to no fishing in AK in November.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The APD is finally going to investigate Shailey Tripp's claim her possessions were never returned

From Shailey Tripp's blog

As a result of the public calling the APD, and my own efforts of contacting the APD something is finally happening. An investigation has begun into several complaints I had with the APD. I hope this investigation will be treated with objectivity, fairness, and taken seriously. I beleive I have rights and these rights need to be addressed. But I also believe the public has rights and their needs should be addressed. Perhaps the APD will finally issue a retraction or an apology and return my property. Also I hope the APD will answer the publics concerns and questions as well.

Feel free to keep writing me and chceking in with the APD. Let them know the world is watching. I suggest caling APD Chief Mew, APD Public Affairs, and APD Internal Affairs. Perhaps the media will see fit to finally look into this matter a little bitmore and start asking their own questions. Malia Litman seems to be in the forefront on this.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

NFL week #11 picks

NY Jets at Denver

Tennessee at Atlanta
Jacksonville at Cleveland
Carolina at Detroit
Tampa Bay at Green Bay
Buffalo at Miami
Oakland at Minnesota
Dallas at Washington
Cincinnati at Baltimore
Arizona at San Francisco
Seattle at St. Louis
San Diego at Chicago
Philadelphia at NY Giants

Kansas City at New England

Bristol Palin or the trolls please read this


Even though you are a private citizen, you lead a very public life. You are also the daughter of Sarah Palin so that makes you part of her ilk. And you are now 21 years old so that makes you fair game.

I do not know if you have been trolling this forum, but the comments left sound a lot like you. It could also be your mother or another member of your family. I really do not care, actually I find it funny.

I plan to continue to keep this blog up and post about the Palins and the Heaths. Suck it up buttercup. Like I said you chose to lead a public life so deal with the scrutiny. You have appeared in commercials, been a spokesperson for abstinence, given dozens of magazine and TV interviews, was a contestant on DWTS, and appeared on your mother's reality show and have one of your own. The same goes with Sarah. She chose to get into politics. Willow may be underage but she was spotted in your show and was on SPA so she is a public person too.


If you're the one trolling here you choose to be McCain's running mate. You chose to be on FAUX News, you chose to make that blood libel comment. You are also a private citizen that leads a public life.
And by the way, I don't spend all my time blogging. I have a full time job, involved in church, and plan to take some online classes this winter.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 Turkey Awards-Update

I'm proud to announce the first annual Sarah Palin has a serpent's heart turkey awards

In order to qualify for a turkey award a newsmaker or celebrity has to have done something stupid and or outrageous in the past 12 months. I have several categories in which they can fall under: Entertainment, Sports, Politics, Newsmaker, and Journalism/Media I'm asking you readers of this blog to post who you think should win in each category. So on with the list


Charlie Sheen
Bristol Palin
anyone named Kardashian


The NFL Players Union
The NFL Owners
Roger Goodell
Javaris Crittenton
LeBron James
Joe PAterno
Mike McQueary
Jerry Sandusky

Michele Bachmann
Rick Perry
Rick Santorum
Newt Gingrich
Sarah Palin
WI Gov Scott Walker
MI Gov Rick Snyder
FL Gov Rick Scott
OH Gov John Kasic
John Boehner
Eric Cantor
Rod Blagoievich
John Edwards
Former OR Rep. David WU
Former NY Rep. Anthony Weiner

Casey Anthony
Muammar Qaddafi
Former Egypt President Hosni Mubarak
Former Tunisia President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali
Former Syria President Bashar al-Assad
Amanda Knox

Glenn Beck
Andrew Breibart
Sarah Palin

One more week until I announce the SPHASH Turkey Awards

You can leave your choices here.

I am also adding Joe Paterno, Mike McQueary, and Jerry Sandusky for obvious reasons

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sarah's star has now burned out

From her Facebook page:

Next Tuesday, November 8, there are elections in several states. Here are two great ways you can get involved.


As a proud former union member and the wife, daughter, and sister of union members, I’m encouraging you to learn the facts about Issue 2 in Ohio. To the hard working, patriotic, selfless union brothers and sisters in Ohio and throughout our country: I believe that Issue 2 is needed reform. It will help restore fairness to Ohio taxpayers and help balance the budget.

As a former card-carrying IBEW sister married to a proud former Laborers, IBEW, and later USW member, I’m encouraging Ohioans to vote YES on Issue 2. Get the facts at


Todd P’Pool is a new conservative leader for Kentucky. Todd is a dedicated public servant in Hopkins County and a community leader focused on building a better future for Kentucky. We can count on Todd P’Pool as Attorney General to stand up and defend our Constitution, to take on the entrenched special interests, fight against Obamacare, and stop Obama’s EPA from destroying jobs.

Please join me in supporting Todd P’Pool for Attorney General. Learn more about Todd at

- Sarah Palin

Ohio issue 2 was voted down handily and Todd P'Pool lost his election to Jack Conway.

Sarah no longer has any influence on elections. The candidates she endorsed in 2010 (Miller, O'DOnnell, Angle, Whitman, and Fiorna) won their primaries but got beat in the general election. I believe most of her Congressional candidates did win in 2010, with the notable exception of Jesse Kelly, Gabby Gifford's opponent. Rand Paul did win his, but i The current GOP presidential candidates have not sought her endorsement nor has she been mentioned as a possible VP candidate.

Her documentary was a flop, fewer people are coming to her speeches. I do believe her star has crashed and burned. She is now a has-been.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Troll comments Oct 30-Nov 12

Missed the previous week so you get two weeks here. Enjoy!

Nancy Grace loses 25 lbs on DWTS

Anonymous said...

Wow, such hateful, ignorant people. Were you raised by wolves? Please let me know what part of the country you are in so I can warn the authorities there seems to be some chemical leakage in the water supply that causes people to judge maliciously and concoct hateful things.

But conscious at last is my new favorite ignorant person."conscious at last said...

The lies you defend are like stones tied around your neck that will inevitably cause you to drown. If you are wise, you will remove these sinkers while you can. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

Bristol- it's really quite silly because we all know that SP did not birth Trig. WHY DO YOU OBSESS OVER THIS WONDERFUL LITTLE BOY, THEIR LITTLE "WUVBUG" AS THE FAMILY OFTEN CALLS HIM. We know that Tripp is older than his stated age. YOU KNOW? INTERESTING. CAN I HAVE YOUR DRUGS PLEASE. ID LIKE TO STUDY THEM We know that you were pregnant when you were on DWTS. PLEASE EXPLAIN THE FLAT BELLY WEEK 9 It is ALL very obvious to us, thousands of us, perhaps even millions of us! WOW, DELUDED MUCH, 99% OF THE COUNTRY CANNOT NAME BRISTOL'S SON YET YOU THINK THOUSANDS PAY ATTENTION TO HER EVERYDAY LIFE? HECK, THERE ARE A TON OF PEOPLE WHO CANNOT NAME SARAH PALIN'S HUSBAND. JUST RAN INTO ONE TODAY ACTUALLY Yet you continue to hold on to these lies.

Have you ever caught little Tripp with a mouth full of crumbs or grease and when you ask him--"what's that on your face.." He says "I don't know." He's so cute, you love him, but you know he's not telling the truth. ARE YOU MENTALLY UNBALANCED?

Well honestly Bristol, I'm old enough to be your granny and I can tell you that is what I am thinking when I watch you. You are not telling the truth. Unlike the example with the crumbs, your lies are big and important.AGAIN WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? WHOSE LIVES ARE IN DANGER? ARE CONSTANT SMILES AND LAUGHS DANGEROUS? I THOUGHT THEY WERE CONTAGIOUS, AS THE PALIN FAMILY IS NEVER WITHOUT SMILES AND LAUGHTER.

They will destroy your life and those of your children.

November 12, 2011 6:44 PM

Joe Paterno, Chuck Heath, and sex abuse

That is NOT how the Alaskan episode went down. I have lived in AK for 40 years. Do NOT speak about things you know nothing about, nor people you've never met. It's sickening.
By Lee

It's a very gray area, esp when it involves someone you love and trust. Seeing activity is one thing. But think of ALLLL the false allegations that have been told throughout the years ie Michael Jackson, Clarence Thomas and now probably Herman Cain. It is good to always be on the alert but unless you've been in the position where you've been told a friend of yours committed such and such act, you really can't judge. Full disclosure: I am a rape surviver and the victim of sexual abuse and I STILL believe the above.
By Katie M

Chuck Heath writing a book about his sister Sarah

Anonymous said...

So a whole host of people are allowed to grift off someone else's name and write books about a woman and family they don't know (including quoting people who also don't know them) BUT her own family can't clear their name and actually speak truth about their time growing up in Alaska.

There is a hand full of classmates of Sarah who are enraged at the lies told about her an their childhoods in AK . How do I know? Because I have spoken to them.

I LOVE how people related to Sarah are called grifters for writing about themselves but others who have no idea what they're talking about are labeled "investigative journalists"

Joe's book is filled with contradictions, ones he acknowledges.

It's time for haters to grow up and stop judging people and things they have no personal insight on.

November 9, 2011 9:07 AM

Rachel said...

For starters, people need to stop with the diagnoses of mental disorder. Sarah Palin is no different from the average politician, aside from being LESS corrupt. The other difference is, because of attractiveness and gender, people feel more justified in personally attacking her. If she were a man, she'd be where Bill Clinton is. Actually, she'd be where Obama is, as the two are identical in their professional lives.

You attack her for allegations of drug use, saying you don't want THAT sort of person in the WH. Um, I guarantee you every leader who is working today has either dabbled in or been a steady user of illegal narcotics. Sarah tried pot once and maybe snorted a couple lines when she was 25 and THIS is why she's unfit for office?????

You cite emotionality as another reason she's unfit, despite other prominent politicos; infamous outbursts and moments of tongue lashings. What's interesting to me is, Sarah's never been accused of lashing out AT a colleague. Her only alleged fits of emotion were seen AT HOME, where most people have their own. To bring up her equal, there have been articles where Obama rages at an aide in anger over something. HOW is that different or better?

People still cite family issues keeping her from running, yet when one actually takes an objective eye to her family, one sees people who are always there for each other, enjoy each other's time, see each other constantly, defend each other against lies and immature comments.

From pure objectiveness, Sarah is the epitome of family values. She recognizes each member of her family as individuals and doesn't hamper their personal growth or shelter them from the world. She raised 4 strong willed children who don't fear confrontation or standing up for themselves. THAT is admirable. Her teenage daughter voluntarily and happily stayed in on Halloween to complete a homework assignment. That is fact and a sign of maturity. Her oldest daughter recognized her relationship was bad and got out of it. That is a sign of maturity. No mature person stays in a relationship JUST because of a child. Her oldest is happily married, new fathered and has no problems. Her young daughter is ever the smiling and sassy 10 yr old who idolizes her big sisters. Her youngest son is just a bundl of giggles and love.

Before you begin concocting more lies and drudging up more innuendo and personal, uninformed opinions, please examine your own life and try to discover why you're so unhappy with it. It's a sign of personal discontent when one irrational lies about others for their own pleasure.

November 9, 2011 9:41 AM

Kyle and Chris Massey shilling their reality show

Anonymous said...

The fight in the bar was not staged. TRUST ME. Bristol personally commented on facebook and all her friends were appalled at a middle age man's immaturity.

The Masseys and Bristol's family are all friends.

November 7, 2011 12:02 PM

Anonymous said...

hey, they have a good time, the bills are business expenses, if the show doesn't sell at least it's a tax deduction - bristol and the boys are happy and strong, laughing at the immature h8rs.

November 7, 2011 10:34 PM

Did Sarah really go to Disneyworld?

Anonymous said...

You're so mature. The Palins are free to go anywhere they please. Todd, his ID partner, Willow and her boyfriend seemed to have fun on their little roadtrip to MN.

And yes, the Palins were in Disney TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY.

Do a twitter search.!/Maggiekigin

Sarah does incognito well. On the 1st she wore black cropped pants and a yellow tshirt and orange hat, bristol wore a nayy hoodie, PIper wore a Bristol the pistol hoodie, Tripp wore a red cap and blue shirt, and trig wore a nike jacket.

November 5, 2011 2:29 PM

Anonymous said...

Wow Sally. You are maybe the most ignorant person on the internet. Please seek higher education and a caring pill.

Comparing notes? Who thinks like that? Oh that's right. People who have no fulfillment and whose lives depend on the ignorant judgings of others so.

Keep making shit up. It makes YOU look stupid and lifeless.

You think that because there are no pictures it didnt happen. What about the roadtrip they took LAST summer. That happened and there are no pictures from that released to the public. Sarah loves her private time wihh family.

ALthough I would love to have seen Sarah on Space Mountain, which tickled Bristol that she actually agreed to ride it.

November 5, 2011 2:37 PM

Lee said...

Jeanbella, please go on a life-affirming mission to help yourself become a nice person.

"It is not her MO"

You DO realize there are only a couple events in her life that she publicized right? Her whole life isn't broadcast in national tv. If he were only living for photo ops, she would have invited cameras to film Willow getting ready for prom, or sent pics from their xmas celebrations.

Private time means something. They obviously share what they want or when they think about uploading a pic to facebook etc. They don't live for us. But they know their supporters get a kick out of seeing the babies in their Halloween costumes so they share.

You people are Pa-thetic.

November 5, 2011 2:44 PM

Anonymous said...

Remember when Bristol was at disney in May 2010? ONE person posted a picture of her online, on a random blog. I still don't know how I came across it.

It is VERY likely Sarah was able to spend time at disney under the radar.

November 5, 2011 2:30 PM

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nancy Grace loses 25 lbs on DWTS


Nancy Grace experienced the highs (a dazzling foxtrot) and lows (a disappointing devilish tango) of "Dancing with the Stars."

But after a respectable run, the HLN host was sent home on Tuesday. Though she may not have a disco-ball trophy she does have something to show for her efforts: a slimmer figure.

"I lost 25 pounds that I know of," Grace, 52, tells Anderson Cooper on an episode of his daytime talk show, set to air Thursday.

Grace says she gained weight while carrying her twins, 4 year-olds John David and Lucy.

"I never really cared about it or bothered to lose it," she says of the weight. "I lost it like this, so I'm happy about it."

As for keeping the weight off, Grace tells Cooper she's determined to try.

"I know it's more healthy," she says. "You know my dad's a heart patient ... so I do want to but I'm not going to have a pro dancer eight hours a day so I don't know what's going to happen."

Then, Grace asks Cooper if he's up for being her new partner.

"I like to dance but not on television," he says. "I also don't know how to do all those dances. I have no idea what the paso doble is."

That doesn't bother Grace, who shouts: "I can teach you!"

Another contestant who is over 50 and lost a significant amount of weight. Every contestant on that show last lost at least a few pounds, with one notable exception:

Friday, November 11, 2011

Joe Paterno, Chuck Heath, and sex abuse

Unless you have been living under a rock you know Penn State football coach Joe Paterno has been fired due to a child sex abuse scandal involving one of his former assistants. Back in 2002 a graduate assistant walked in on former Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky raping a 10 year old boy. The assistant reported what he witnessed to Paterno who in turn reported it to his athletic director but that is all he did. Paterno as a public figure had a moral obligation to notify law enforcement but did not which has resulted in his resignation.

Why do people have to protect their friends when they commit a heinous crime like child abuse? I just do not understand it. When a child's welfare is in question, it is expected you will do something about it. Hillary Clinton was correct in saying it takes a village to raise a child. Just because Jerry Sandusky was Paterno's top assistant doesn't mean Joe should turn a blind eye.

Another example of a person with clout helping a pedophile is Chuck Heath. Chuck's good friend Ray Carter was fired for protecting a teacher who was accused of child abuse. Chuck created a mob like atmosphere but was not successful in getting Ray reinstated. You can read more about that episode here.

I don't know if Chuck and George Koenig the pedophile in question were friends or not, but if Chuck protects someone who protects child molesters, then he is just as bad.

Happy Veteran's Day!

Thank you to all the US Veterans, past and present

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh no she didn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, stars of TLC's "19 Kids and Counting," are expecting their 20th child this spring.

"We are so excited," says Michelle, 45, who is now about three-and-a-half months into her pregnancy and due in April. "I feel good. I am past the sickness stage now."

The Tontitown, Ark., couple, who are parents to children Joshua, 23 (who is married to Anna, 23 and has two children, Mackynzie, 2 and Michael, 4 months), twins Jana and John-David, 21; Jill, 20; Jessa, 19; Jinger, 17; Joseph, 16; Josiah, 15; Joy-Anna, 14; twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah, 12; Jason, 11; James, 10; Justin, 8; Jackson, 7; Johanna, 6; Jennifer, 4; and Jordyn, 3, weathered the medical emergency of their youngest daughter, Josie's birth on Dec. 10, 2009.

She was born following Michelle's preeclampsia diagnosis at a mere 25 weeks, weighing only 1lb., 6 oz.

Josie's medical drama -- and Michelle's own fight for survival -- was documented throughout their TV series. Josie will turn 2 in December and is developing normally, without any longterm effects from her premature birth.

"It is a miracle. Josie is the most energetic, busy little almost-2-year-old," says Michelle. "She is short, and yet she can keep up with the big girls and she thinks she is just as big as they are. We are amazed at what she can do."

Questions About the Pregnancy

Following Josie's life-threatening arrival into the world, the Duggars understand that some might question their latest pregnancy.

"Michelle is probably in better health now than she was 10 years ago," says Jim Bob, 46. "She has been getting on an elliptical for about an hour a day and is very careful of what she eats."

Michelle, who is under the care of a high-risk pregnancy doctor, says she is being cautious, eating a lot of protein and green vegetables and abstaining from caffeine. Approximately 10 to 15 percent of women have preeclampsia -- Michelle had it with her second pregnancy -- and the condition can strike randomly. Women who have had it previously are at higher risk, however.

"We are just going to do the best we can," says Michelle. "I am taking a nap every day, and we are just taking good care."

Jim Bob agrees: "If we had lived by fear after Michelle had preeclampsia after her second delivery, we would have missed out on all our wonderful blessings," he says. "So many of her pregnancies have gone extremely well."

One completely new aspect of this pregnancy? Michelle will have her very first scheduled Cesarean section since Josie's premature birth required a special cut on the inside of her uterus.

"I've never had a planned C-section," Michelle says. "So this one will be different."

Spreading the News

Also different: how to tell 19 siblings that one more is on the way. Jim Bob gathered all the kids together for a family picture, but instead of telling them to say "cheese," told them to say, "Mom's going to have another baby!"

"The kids were all asking, 'Are you joking or are you serious?' " says Michelle. "It was a big surprise. The little ones started jumping up and down when they realized he was serious."

After hugs and high fives all around, the siblings are now debating the baby's gender and name. The Duggars, who heard the baby's heartbeat in a recent ultrasound, expect to find out whether they are having a boy or girl around Christmas.

The Season 5 finale of "19 Kids and Counting" airs 9 p.m. Tuesday on TLC. The special "Duggars World Tour: Scotland & Ireland," showing a newly pregnant Michelle traveling to Europe with the whole family, premieres November 13, at 8 p.m. on TLC.

Please Jim Bob and Michelle, stop!

You are the most selfish people in the world. If you love kids so much ADOPT! It might actually reduce the abortion rate. It's not fair to make Jinger, Jana, and Jessa to take care of your offspring. My grandmother had to take care of her youngest twin brother and sister, she dropped out of high school and actually had plans to go to beauty school to be a beautician. She always seemed bitter about it

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NFL week #10 picks (thursday game)

Oakland at San Diego

New Orleans at Atlanta
Detroit at Chicago
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
St. Louis at Cleveland
Buffalo at Dallas
Jacksonville at Indianapolis
Denver at Kansas City
Washington at Miami
Arizona at Philadelphia
Houston at Tampa Bay
Tennessee at Carolina
Baltimore at Seattle
NY Giants at San Francisco
New England at NY Jets

Minnesota at Green Bay (i'm taking the night off to watch this one)

Chuck Heath Jr writing a book about his sister Sarah

A few weeks ago Chuck Heath Jr appeared at Grizzly Fest which was a pathetic get together by Palinbots to discuss how to get Sarah back into the race. He says him and his father plan to write a a book about Sarah.

Pretty sure this is an attempt to whitewash Sarah and Todd. Ain't gonna work Chucky.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

To all my Alaskan friends

Just saw on the news a potential record breaking storm is going to hit western Alaska, particularly Nome. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Stay safe and warm. I hope your current governor handles this storm better than WGE.

Stick a fork in Herman Cain he is done

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

I wonder if Herman is a Democratic operative working to make the Republicans look bad

A book everyone should read


Rep. Gabrielle Giffords vows to return to Congress in a new book that details months of intense therapy and her emotional battle to come to terms with what happened when a gunman opened fire in front of a Tucson grocery store.

The book, written by Giffords' husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly, also says that the couple had been quietly trying to have a baby. Giffords had undergone several rounds of fertility treatments in the last few years and was hoping to be pregnant early in 2011.

The memoir, called "Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope," is the most personal and detailed look yet at Giffords' struggle over the past 10 months to relearn how to walk and talk, and her painful discovery that 12 others were wounded and six killed during the Jan. 8 attack.

The Associated Press purchased an advance copy of the book. It is set for release on Nov. 15.

Giffords delivers the last chapter — a single page of short sentences and phrases entitled "Gabby's Voice" in which she says her goal is to get back to Congress.

"I will get stronger. I will return," she vows. Giffords, 40, stunned colleagues by appearing on the U.S. House floor in Washington on Aug. 1 to vote for the debt ceiling deal, but she has focused most of her time on her recovery at TIRR Memorial Hermann, a rehabilitation center in Houston.

Story: Gabrielle Giffords to read part of her upcoming audio book
The book reveals that because of her injuries, Giffords has lost 50 percent of her vision in both eyes.

Kelly recalls trying to tell his wife several times what had happened that Jan. 8 morning, when Giffords was shot in the head while meeting constituents. But she didn't fully understand until March 12.

Kelly asked Giffords if she remembered being shot, and she replied that she did. When he asked what she remembered about it, she said three words: "Shot. Shocked. Scary."

Later that same day, Kelly was reading to her from a New York Times article about her recovery and skipped over a paragraph that said six others were killed. Giffords, following along, knew he left something out and pushed him to tell her what it was.

Kelly writes that after she learned of the deaths, Giffords was overcome with emotion and had trouble getting through her therapy. That night as they lay in bed, she told Kelly that she felt awful about all the people who were killed. He held her as she cried.

Six months later, after being released from the Houston hospital to Kelly's home 25 miles (40 kilometers) away, Giffords wanted to know who had been killed that day. He warned her that it would be tough on her because she knew two of the victims.

He started by telling her that her staff member Gabe Zimmerman died, which caused her to moan and cry in a wave of emotion. Then he told her about her friend, federal Judge John Roll, and the four other people she didn't know. Finally, he told her that Christina Taylor-Green, a 9-year-old girl born on Sept. 11, 2001, was among the dead.

After she got the news, Kelly writes that he held her as she processed the information and wept.

Kelly recounted the agonizing moments when several media outlets inaccurately reported that Giffords was dead, then described experiencing hope when he learned she was alive and being treated at a Tucson hospital.

When Kelly first saw Giffords after the shooting, he wrote that he was shocked at her state: She was in a coma with her head partially shaved and bandaged, her face black and blue, her body connected to a bunch of tubes. He told her how much he loved her and that she was going to survive.

He also describes the early days in Giffords' recovery and rehab in Texas, saying that the darkest moment came when Giffords panicked because she realized she couldn't talk. Her eyes were wide with fear and she was crying uncontrollably as Kelly tried his best to comfort her and assure her that she would get better.

The book describes lighter moments, like when President George H.W. Bush and his wife, Barbara, visited Giffords at the Texas hospital. Giffords kept replying to Bush with the only word she was able to say: "chicken." At another point, a specialist showed her various politicians to see if she recognized people. When she saw former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, she said: "Messin' around. Babies."

As she progressed, Kelly said Giffords learned to talk again, reciting the U.S. Constitution and Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech.

This should be a book worht reading. Support Gabby. Buy this book! You too Sarah.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Kyle and Chris Massey shilling their reality show

You can watch the video here.

I really feel sorry for Kyle and Chris, having to be saddled with a twat like Bristol. I hope this doesn't ruin their careers.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Did Sarah really go to Disneyworld?-Update

Grizzly-hunting Tea Party princess Sarah Palin took some of her family to Walt Disney World Wednesday before speaking to the Republican Party of Florida dinner Thursday night and declared that it was “heavenly.”

From the Orlando Sentinel

“Yesterday, we decided to take a day, our first trip to Disney World. And I was so thrilled. ‘Oh, that’s what people have been talkin’ about all these years.’ It was heavenly,” she told the Republicans. “It was refreshing.”

She brought he daughters Bristol, 21, and Piper, 10, and son Trig, 3, who has Down syndrome.

“It was good to see good people, and a good organization at Disney, accommodating a child like Trig,” she said.

Her husband Todd and other daughter Willow didn’t come, she said, because they were busy hauling a truck of snow blower machines from Minnesota to Alaska.

“And it was good to see people from all over the world congregate here in a happy time, happy atmosphere,” she said. “It was uplifting.”

No pics of the happy family at Disneyworld? Sarah loves a photo op. Did they really do Disneyworld?

Why didn't Tripp come along? Did Bristol have a change of heart and let him spend time with his daddy?

I'm offended that Todd and Willow stepped foot in Minnesota. You two are NOT WELCOME here.

I wonder if the other visitors mistook the Palins for Goofy.

Update-I did a Google and Flickr search. Nothing.

Some Palinbot still has false hope

Gina Louden is a huge fan of Sarah Palin so it's not really a surprise she would post this. The question is, is she really that delusional or is Sarah paying her to keep her name floating out there?

Friday, November 4, 2011

NFL week #9 picks

NY Jets at Buffalo 1:00 PM
Seattle at Dallas 1:00 PM
Atlanta at Indianapolis 1:00 PM
Miami at Kansas City 1:00 PM
San Francisco at Washington 1:00 PM
Cleveland at Houston 1:00 PM
Tampa Bay at New Orleans 1:00 PM
Denver at Oakland 4:05 PM
Cincinnati at Tennessee 4:05 PM
NY Giants at New England 4:15 PM
St. Louis at Arizona
Green Bay at San Diego
Baltimore at Pittsburgh
Chicago at Philadelphia

Who is to blame the Palins or the Johnstons?

We all know the Johnston family (Levi, Sherry, and Mercede) have not seen little Tripp in a long time. Probably a year. Sherry has commented that the last time she saw Tripp he didn't know she was his grandma.

Bristol made a comment on IM (we all know she monitors that blog) that it was the Johnston's who started the fight. All Levi, Sherry, and Sadie did was go on Tyra Banks to complain about the lack of access to Tripp.

Afterwards Bristol did allow some access to Tripp but not enough so Levi took it upon himself to slam Sarah. Not once has he ever slammed Bristol. Just her parents. Not the best idea in the world but the Palins have made Levi look like a deadbeat dad when they have made sure Levi could never get a decent job in Alaska. Don't have confirmation of that but I'm sure that is the case. That is probably why Levi has reduced himself to going porn and writing tell-all books.

I'm sure Sherry and Sadie would like to spill the beans, but Sherry is still under house arrest and if she did that would mean prison for her. Yes Sarah still has a lot of power up there even if she is only a part time resident.

So who is to blame, the Johnston's for fighting back or the Palins for creating a little shit in Levi?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Herman Cain being funded illegally

Sarah's Facebook page

Sarah has over 3 million followers on her Facebook page. I seriously doubt that many people like her. Since Sarah has a reputation for writing glowing letters about herself then have others sign them I wonder if most of those three million "liked" her facebook page on their own or she made up fake accounts to like her page in order to inflate her stats.

I'm also on Facebook, 25 of my friends "like" Sarah Palin in my opinion that is 25 too many. I only know of at least one who still likes her, and one who now supports Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul for the GOP nomination. The other 23 I'm not sure about and I really do not want to ask.

Now that Sarah is not running for the 2012 GOP Presidential nomination, why has her number of Facebook fans increased?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rick Perry wants to make America like Texas

From the Christian Science Monitor

Presidential candidate Rick Perry had a simple message for a job-hungry nation on Friday: The energy business isn't just for his home state of Texas.

In remarks at a Pittsburgh-area steel plant, Governor Perry sketched a vision of a nation where more than 1 million additional workers can be busy drilling for oil and gas, mining for coal, and finding new offshore resources.

"Right here in Pennsylvania, and across the state line in West Virginia and Ohio, we will tap the full potential of the Marcellus Shale and create another 250,000 jobs," he said in unveiling a major piece of his overall economic plan.

How well do you know Rick Perry? Take our quiz

In short, his point is that the nation's job climate wouldn't be so bleak if the rest of the nation takes a cue from his own home state. And he pledged that if elected president, he would lead the charge with efforts to clear regulatory hurdles out of the way.

"We have the resources we need to fuel our cars, our homes, and our power plants," Perry said. "They can be found in ... Oklahoma, North Dakota, New Mexico, Alabama, Kentucky, throughout the American West, and, of course, Alaska."

He didn't tout energy development as the only solution needed for an economy where some 14 million workers are now unemployed. But he suggested that 1.2 million jobs could come from such efforts, while also making the nation more secure from dependence on foreign oil.

Perry is putting forth his proposal, which he named "Energizing American Jobs and Security," at a time his campaign needs a boost. In recent weeks he has been outflanked by the rise of Herman Cain, whose "9-9-9" plan for tax reform has found broad appeal. And Perry has hurt his own candidacy with weak performances in TV debates.

A risk is that his emphasis on energy will seem narrow-bore and predictable (any surprise that a Texas governor likes domestic oil production?). Perry made a point of noting that he has other pieces of his economic plan on the way, including proposals for a tax-code overhaul, entitlement reform, and taming federal deficits. And by going into detail on energy, Perry arguably can show supporters that he's prepared to lead in a new direction on an important national issue.

He sought to draw a clear contrast with President Obama.

"His energy policies are driven by the concerns of activists in his party, my policies are driven by the concerns of American workers without jobs," Perry said.

He said the Obama administration has opposed fossil fuel development at home, while encouraging countries like Brazil to drill offshore and sell it to American consumers. "The American economy should not be beaten into the ground when greater energy independence and lower energy costs lie right under American soil," he said.

Is Perry right that energy is a ripe field for job creation?

Not all economists would put domestic energy production among their top five priorities for job growth. But many do see significant potential in this field, as the Perry campaign does.

For example, economist Peter Morici at the University of Maryland, in a recent analysis of the nation's employment crisis, wrote that "shutting down US oil and gas development is costing the US economy millions of jobs."

His view: An emphasis on domestic production could create jobs by dramatically reducing America's trade deficit, thus recycling more consumer dollars in the domestic economy. Promotion of energy production would also spill over into job creation in other industries, Mr. Morici says, as a need for refineries and pipelines boosts demand for construction workers, steel, and heavy machinery.

Even in Texas, the industries classified by the US Labor Department as "oil and gas extraction" and "mining support" account for just about 2 of every 100 jobs. But jobs in basic industries like mining or manufacturing typically help sustain many other jobs throughout a local economy. And over the past decade, Texas has seen energy jobs rise as a share of its economy.

Compared with Texas, other states appear to have plenty of room to grow. In the other 49 states collectively, the "oil and gas" and "mining support" industries account for less than 0.3 percent of all jobs. Those totals don't include some other energy-related jobs, such as in coal mining or renewable sources.

Obama, for his part, has called for some expansion of domestic fossil-fuel production, but has put his greatest emphasis on encouraging renewable sources of energy. Where the words "conservation" and "efficiency" appear nowhere in Perry's speech, Obama has backed programs to encourage energy-saving retrofits of
buildings and a shift toward higher-mileage vehicles.

If America did seek a Perry-style fossil-fuel renaissance, controversial questions of environmental regulation would quickly come to the surface.

Perry's speech Friday embodied one long American tradition, a focus on tapping the abundant resources with which the land is blessed. But his approach might run headlong into a parallel tradition of environmental protection.

He blasted the Interior Department for halting offshore oil exploration off the Virginia coast. He said 175,000 jobs could be created by the controversial move of opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other parts of Alaska to exploration. And he called for a radical down-scaling of the Environmental Protection Agency's mission, turning many of its duties back to the states.

"The EPA’s war on American fossil fuel production comes despite the fact they can’t point to a single incident of unsafe hydraulic fracturing [to mine] natural gas," Perry said at one point in the speech.

Citing the large presence of wind energy in Texas, Perry said he sees an important role for green energy sources. But he called for an end to subsidies for "any and all" segments of the energy industry, including a phaseout of tax credits for energy producers.

Perry said he would continue federal tax incentives for energy research and development.

This is a serious concern because Texas i3 #1 in the nation in the following categories:

Uninsured Citizens
Uninsured Children
Homeless Children
Wrongful Convictions
Sexual Assaults in Prisons
Teen Births
Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Mercury Emissions
Toxic Chemicals in Water
Carcinogens in Air