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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Michelle Duggar miscarries

From ABC Blogs

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were preparing to welcome their 20th child in April when a routine doctor’s appointment revealed that Michelle had miscarried during the second trimester.

“I feel like my heart broke, telling my children,” Michelle Duggar, 45, told People magazine today. “They have all been so excited about this baby and looking forward to April coming around and having a new little one in our arms. That was the most difficult. The Lord is the giver of life and he can choose when that life is ready to go on and be with Him.”

Duggar and her family currently star in the TLC show, “19 Kids and Counting.”

The family had planned to name the child and after finding out its sex.

Jim Bob Duggar told The Associated Press that his wife is “resting comfortably at home and asked for privacy.”

This is not the first time the couple has experienced a challenging pregnancy.

Michelle Duggar miscarried what would have been the couple’s second child, People reported.

In 2009, the couple welcomed their 19th child, Josie, who was born 15 weeks early through c-section because Michelle Duggar suffered from preeclampsia.

I'm very sorry about this and my thoughts and prayers go out to Michelle and Jim Bob but maybe this is a sign from God that it's time to give up having kids. I don't mean to be nasty but she should have learned her lesson after almost losing her life as well as her daughter's
during the last pregnancy.

I do not think God intended for women to have 20 children. That is why he created MENOPAUSE.


  1. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. You are not God, and if He didn't want Mrs. Duggar to get pregnant she wouldn't have. May God forgive you for saying such a cruel and heartless thing during their time of grief. I'll be praying for you and those like you who can't put aside their vitriolics long enough to have a little sympathy.

    Oh and yes, God *did* create menopause. And obviously Mrs. Duggar HAS NOT gone through that yet, or she wouldn't be able to get pregnant. Hello??????

  2. Anon 10:45pm....Get over yourself.

    As for God directing all of Mrs. Duggar's births, I imagine you believe He also directs her family to be props for Reality TV.

    As for being "cruel and heartless during their time of grief"......The Duggars chose to exhibit themselves week after week to millions of people across the Country making themselves no different than the Kardashians. Open to criticism or devotion.

    You have a right to your opinion as does this Blogger or any commenter and none of us should feel ashamed for our beliefs.

    Save your prayers for those 19 kids who aren't striving for independence from the confines of their parent's belief system.

  3. Anonymous @10:45pm STFU! The author of this post wasn't speaking as if they were God. Divine intervention of this pregnancy, i.e. miscarriage, was simply suggested as a sign from God. The only person you should be praying for is yourself, you sanctimonious POS! I agree with the blogger, hell even Michelle Duggar thinks God was responsible for the miscarriage, "he can choose when life is ready to go on and be with him," she said!

  4. I fail to see divine intervention in the tab a into slot b act, or the pregnancy that sometimes results. Really, in this day and age.

    Most find the Duggars example of maximized fecundity disgusting. It is some small consolation that since they have cancelled their contract for the tv show and had it pulled from reruns that they'll be getting the privacy they wish for. Stop looking at us on your tv!

    Here is another example of a quiverfull family. They got famous too. Not in a good way. I did not know they were quiverfull until recently.

    Andrea Yates (born Andrea Pia Kennedy on July 2, 1964) is a former Houston, Texas resident who killed her five children on June 20, 2001 by drowning them in the bathtub in her house.[1] She had been suffering for some time with very severe postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis.

    Additional information- interview with a former member of the cult.

  5. 10:45PM

    Did someone's god want all of Warren Jeff's 'wives' to have his children? That what he told them. And they did have his children. Or is that somehow different?

    Picture of Jeff's 50 child brides, 15 year old mother of one of his hundreds of children and other proof of the sect's depravity.

  6. It's only biology people, god has nothing to do with it. If your parts work and your husbands parts work, you can have kids til your parts don't work any more. In modern society you do not need to crank out a neighborhood full of kids yourself, as advances in science assure most of your biology products will thrive and live til adulthood. It boggles my mind that a woman wants to just crank out kids and leave them for her other kids to raise. I delayed childbearing til my thirties, cranked out two in succession and love being a s mom. But being a great mom does not soley define me, nor should it. It is irresponsible at her age to get pregnant when she got so sick with the last one and cost a million dollars minimum to keep the baby alive after it was thrust out of her old decaying uterus and body that has clearly had ENOUGH. Preeclampsia is biology (or gods) way of your body saying Pregnancy is toxic to you.
    Whatever, I am glad for the unborn child that it didn't have to suffer threw all it would have suffered through had it been born too early and subjected to a long nicu stay with consequences and possible death anyway.
    Also, too the baby was probably malformed as her eggs are getting past their sell by date now.

  7. What a POS Jim Bob Duggar is. If he had the remotest concern for his wife, he'd have made sure she never had to go through all this. Four c-sections, severely premature birth, having her cervix sewn shut? Yeah, she's made a lot of money for him, and she's dumb enough to fall for it. I notice that when they show pictures of the kids around the new baby, every year or so, the girls aren't looking so thrilled. They know perfectly well that Mom's going to breastfeed for a month, and then dump the baby on them while she tries to have another. And Jim Bob rakes in the cash. I just hope those girls get away and have a chance to live a normal life, but I'm betting he marries them off to people like him- trash.

  8. @10:45
    I can smell your bullshit from here.

  9. to Anon @10:45pm

    Apparently God didn't want Mrs. Duggar to get pregnant and smote the abomination growing in her barren wasteland of a womb.

    Or, God let her to get pregnant, then killed the babby so we can all get our lulz.

    Or, maybe there is no invisible sky wizard.

  10. 10:45 - Mrs. Dugar made the choice to spend her life pregnant. God gave her the ability to make that choice.

    My heart goes out to the poor woman. Anyone who makes a living by bearing children for reality TV needs all of our prayers.

  11. Did she then have a DNC, as is routinely given after a miscarriage to prevent further health issues? If so, why are people like her trying to keep others from the same medical care?

    Is she going to be questioned by the police as to what she did to CAUSE the miscarriage as the Dominionists want to happen with their Personhood Amendment? No, that's reserved for poor,
    minorities, who aren't religious fanatics.

    Anon 10:45. You are no Christian, you're just a person who thinks herself "Holier than thou." Thou shall not judge.

  12. Big deal. They can always make another one for their TV show. Like the Palins and Octomom, babies = cash.

    The Duggars belong to an abusive fundamentalist cult called Quiverfull. @10:45 here's a link to read up on stories from people who survived this cult and got out of it. Educate yourself.

  13. LevidumpedthepalinsDecember 9, 2011 at 10:55 AM

    The Duggars are hoarding children. They remind me of that lady they found traveling in a bus with 115 dogs, four cats, and two chickens.

    A myth about animal hoarders: A love of animals.

    The Reality: An immense amount of suffering.

    I googled Michelle Duggar. My suspicion was correct. She is thinner than Bristol and firmer than Sarah. And far, far more attractive than either Bristol or Sarah. Therefore, the evidence supports the fact that Sarah and Bristol are not good-looking enough to maintain a TV show.

  14. My Aunt had 13 kids. Catholic. I asked my cousins how they liked it they said it sucked. ONE BATHROOM! Most of them have gone on to have a couple kids except one who was a career woman. However there is one who married a man who is ultra Christian and they have six now, last I heard. It's interesting, she home schools, grows a garden and cans vegetables, makes their clothes. They say, "God will provide." I feel sorry for the one who is obviously gay, we were at a wedding and the sisters were saying, "he's next, he's the last one" and all I could think was "Don't hold your breath" or "it won't be the kind of marriage you think"! Must be tough on him to have to hide himself from what is really a pretty close family. My point is that we all should accept everyone's life choices, as long as they don't try and enforce them on us. The Duggars? Well, the kids are fed, clean, healthy. The show provided a lot of travel opportunities to see the world so who knows? Some will follow and others won't. Their cousin who travels with them is obviously not part of that religious clan, she doesn't dress in the modest clothing like the other girls and they accept her.

  15. 10:45, God also gave humans brains and expects us to use them. No one needs 20 kids in this day and age, and the world certainly doesn't need 20 more kids who will think it their duty to God to go on to each bear or sire 15-20 more.

  16. 10:45PM....."vitriolics".....REALLY? Did you not see the red sguiggly line underneath this means that the word does not exist...And I think SPHASH is right....this is Gov Dirty Wig!

    Only Gov Dirty would be stupid enough to post one of her made up words! Go ahead Baldy with your bad self!


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