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Friday, December 23, 2011

Rick Perry fucked up again

From the Washington Examiner blog

Texas Gov. Rick Perry failed to get on Virginia's presidential primary ballot after the state Republican Party determined Friday that he didn't submit at least 10,000 valid signatures. The GOP earlier announced former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Rep. Ron Paul will be on the ballot.

An announcement from the party on former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's petitions is expected Friday evening.

The state GOP verified Friday that Romney and Paul turned in petitions with enough valid signatures, including 400 from each of Virginia’s 11 congressional districts, to get their names on the March 6 primary ballot.

Perry submitted 11,911 signatures to Virginia election officials Thursday, which means 2,000 or more signatures were deemed invalid. Gingrich had about 800 fewer signatures than Perry so there's no guarantee he would meet the 10,000-name threshold.

The rest of the field — former Sen. Rick Santorum, Rep. Michele Bachmann and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman — failed to file petitions by Thursday’s deadline and won't be on the ballot. The Democratic Party of Virginia certified President Obama’s petitions, which included more than 15,000 signatures, Friday.

Virginia is one of the hardest states to get on the ballot. In 2008, Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut, then running for the Democratic nomination, failed to make Virginia's ballot.

Romney handed in more than 16,000 signatures Tuesday, signaling the strength of his Virginia organization. According to state election officials, Paul turned in 14,361 signatures, followed by Perry’s 11,911 and Gingrich’s 11,050.

Virginia’s 49 delegates, handed out proportionally based on election results, make up more than 10 percent of the 475 delegates up for grabs on Super Tuesday.


Couldn't have happened to a better guy


  1. So the wonky eyed pretend candidate Palin is not on the list either.

    So much for there is still time!

  2. Sarah is a ding-a-lingDecember 23, 2011 at 11:12 PM

    Ineffectual Rick Perry tries too hard to be ¨manly.¨ As a result, he comes across as a half-ass man.


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