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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Troll comments Nov 27-Dec 3

Trig Palin has my sympathy

Anonymous said...

No one accused YOU of saying Trig shouldnt have been born. You're so vain. But there are people who believe this, contrary to what GINA at IM wants to ignorantly believe.

And if you truly don't like people you've never met, I feel sorry for you. Even more sorry that you believe every lie youve ever been told.

November 29, 2011 9:16 AM

BK said...

conscious at last, thanks for the mindless, irrational sentiments. What does it take for you to create such a fantasy world for your own pleasure.

Put yourself in these kids shoes: how would you feel if a bunch of quicktyping, idle-minded fools endlessly concocted these bizarre characterization of your mother and continues to feed into all the lies about her? Would you not step up to defend her? If not, man, I am now wondering what she did to you to deserve your hatred and disrespect.

They're all not living privately, yet you STILL continue to speculate about them. It was pathetic 3 years ago. Now it's mentally unsound on your end.

Normal, decent people do not write the things you did at 8:56, things written in sheer ignorance.

Just think. Alaska is a tribal place, where people defend their friends. That's not even Palin related. It's a human thing.

Haters gonna hate, yes. But lovers are gonna defend those they love.

God bless the palins for NOT backing down to bullying. God bless Sarah for not taking all her detractors shit back in 06 and 07. From the day she was elected, she was hit with attack after attack - sexism.

You call me a bot, but I am merely a caring, rational person who doesn't drink haterade.

November 29, 2011 9:22 AM

Anonymous said...

You feel sympathy for a little boy who has never experienced anything but love and warmth from his family?

Ok. That makes perfect sense.

November 29, 2011 9:25 AM

Anonymous said...

Dear conscious at last, when you write such inaccurate things such as this:

"But chez Palin- there are no parents at home. These kids are simply reflecting what they have learned to this point. Hopefully, they will be able to heal and grow beyond all this."

it IS considered "going after" the children. You are assuming things into which you have no personal insight. What would someone say to YOUR parents if they were to read some of you and other people's hateful comments full of assumption? I would hate to be in their shoes. Is there even a reason so many bored people are continuing to speculate and make the Palins their daily fodder? I know I do it to correct mischaracterizations and lies. 90% of what you believe is pure lies. WHY do you choose to make this woman and her family your life?

That is the million dollar question, and a sad one it is.

November 29, 2011 2:28 PM

This fall's DWTS finale down 23% from last years

Anonymous said...

You can't rig a tv show. Nice try.

December 2, 2011 7:10 AM


  1. Gun and Bible ClingerDecember 4, 2011 at 4:24 AM

    Bristol will not repeat the same parenting errors made by her mother. You will never see a box of macaroni and cheese in Bristol´s pantry. Bristol learned a painful lesson and no hungry child of hers will be required to boil water for pasta and open up tin foil packets of cheese flavoring. Bristol is a far better mother than Sarah. Bristol will never be thoughtless and out of touch with her children´s limitations and needs. That is why you will never find a box of macaroni and cheese in her kitchen. Instead, you find the pantry shelves filled with cans of Chef Boyardee Beefaroni. Yum! Yum! Bristol is a good mother and makes sure there is always at least a two month supply of Beefaoni for Tripp. That lucky boy will never go hungry during Bristol´s long absences from home.

    Bristol is smart, savvy, sexy and thinks ahead. She lovingly taught Tripp how to flip the top off the Beefaroni can and even taught him how to eat it out of the can with his fingers. Tripp is so cute when he eats his meals! His little hands can fit all the way inside the can!

    Nothing gets by Bristol. When Tripp is older Bristol will teach him how to warm up the can in the microwave. Right now he is too young and Bristol does not want him burning down the house and her wardrobe with a microwave-Beefaroni-can fire.

    Tripp is the luckiest bundle of boy in the world to have a mother like Bristol.

  2. If the Palin's and Heaths are such a strong, loving, supportive family then why didn't Sarah tell anyone she was pregnant until after she knew McCain received the nomination? Maybe because she wasn't sure about acquiring him until she was sure she had the VP slot in her greedy little hands. He was her ticket to fame and the big money, where would she be without him???

  3. There are just no words for this level of delusion and hypocrisy. Odd that a person is so needy that he/she needs to idolize another human to this extent.

  4. "...You can't rig a TV show." I guess this troll missed the news clip of the guy who rigged the voting on DWTS confessing. He even posted how to do it for all the palinistas. Sucks to be you, troll, you missed the opportunity to be part of the mass cheating.

  5. Hey! I'm a celebrity!! I made the "troll comments" of the week! Drinks are on me folks!


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