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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sarah denies Todd involved in prostitution ring

Sarah Todd may not have been running a prostitution ring, but he still slept with a hooker! Duh!

Reason #26 Sarah Palin should not be voted for President

She wanted rape victims to pay for their rape kits. This proves she is not a feminist. Then again she endorsed Wayne Anthony Ross for attorney general who advocated marital rape. I think Sarah wants rape to be legal.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A big Palin scandal brewing?

According to Palingates and Alaska WTF there is going to be something major going down concerning Sarah in the near future.  Being from the lower 48 I have no idea what it is but if someone would clue me in , I would appreciate it.

I have to admit I am sick of waiting.  The anti-Palin websites have been teasing us for over two years with these scandals, from Babygate to a Palin divorce.  Just release the info and be done with it!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sarah's ridiculous interview with Sean Hannity

Sarah shut up you fucking whining cunt! You bring it on yourself. The reason your kids get death threats is because they are a bunch of law breaking grifters. You didn't even the decency to mention Christina Green and Gabby Giffords by name.

An example of Palin supporters

Yesterday on Facebook I stumbled upon Sarah's Facebook page and a Fan bitched about Obama hosting a state dinner for China I sent him a message and this was his response!

David OteroSarah Palin
*** ******* January 17 at 11:43am
David, I read your comment on Sarah Palin's page about President Obama hosting a state dinner for China. Did you know that dear ole Ronnie Reagan hosted a state dinner for China back in 1985?
Sent via Facebook Mobile

David Otero January 17 at 11:53am
...Ronald Regan is dead, so don't be rude by speaking ill of him, by twisting facts about what he accomplished.... and by the way, this is the present, with a known person that has many many socialist and admitted communists in his cabinet of Czars...did you know that?
if I don't know you...please keep your comments to me like this in the public arena...or should I say it in a way you might understand ....
23 hours ago

Steven Smith We, the USA, has hosted state dinners since the beginning of our country. A great part of our country is spent on our relationships with other countries, whether we like them or not. Understanding our State Department mission for the US as well as our impact on the world may help everyone be less partisan on these issues.
23 hours ago · .David Otero Its reserved for Allies!!! they are Communist!!!!!!
ya Im partisian!!! Im a freedom loving American
23 hours ago · .Cockney Roachford Reagan introduced the first Czars.
I wish people would do some research before they speak.
23 hours ago · .David Otero he also helped to "BringDown!!!", Hard line Communism! wish some people would think for them selves before they pass judgement on what people know for them selves... are you people payed to baby sit Sarah's FB page and counter anything American or anti-Oblabla????
23 hours ago · 1 personLoading... · .David Otero Oblabla is an Anti-Colonialist, Muslim Sympathizer, Bowing,
Democratic Socialist,Progressive, Pussy!!!
23 hours ago · .Cockney Roachford Technically this page is anti-American if you know anything of History. Or have you forgot your the off-spring of immigants?
23 hours ago · .David Otero really am I?? wonder what my Iroquoi and Apache Grandparents would feel about that...Stupid!

So this David guy is Native American, so that means he can get free medical care from the big bad socialist government! What a fucking hypocrite!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Reason #21 not to vote for Sarah Palin for President


As you all know there was a tragic shooting that took place in Tucson AZ over the weekend, where AZ Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was wounded along with about a dozen other people and six others died, including a nine year old girl and a federal judge. 

Rep Giffords was on Sarah Palin's map targeting 20 Congresspeople who voted for the health care bill.  Palin used crosshairs to mark each district.

Sarah has also used the phrases "Don't retreat, reload", and bullseye in her ramblings.  It is rhetoric like this that incites violence.  Also to top it off Rep Giffords's office was vandalized after the health care vote.  She even called Sarah Palin out for it.

Even if Palin isn't legally responsible, she is morally responsible, and right now she has the blood of a nine year old girl on her hands.  Palin knows she is guilty, cuz after the news of the shooting broke, she removed the Crosshairs map from her Facebook and SarahPac website, and scrubbed all gun rhetoric from Facebook, Twitter, and websites.  Since she cannot be charged, the best thing to do is to call her out on it, do it peacefully not violently, stop watching her on FAUX News, her reality show.  If any of her family members are on DWTS or some other show, DO NOT WATCH IT.  Boycott Sarah Palin now!

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this tragedy: Gabe Zimmerman, Christina Taylor Green, John Roll, Dorwin Stoddard, Dorothy Morris, and Phyllis Schneck.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Todd Palin sleeping with a hooker?

According to Alaska WTF he is...

This kind of puts a chink in the Family Values armor doesn't it?  Oh wait, this is the PALIN Family Values!

The funny part is the last name of the hooker in question...Tripp!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No Sarah, your family has not been picked on the most!

Earth to Sarah Palin!

You think your family has been scrutinized the most, think again!

The children of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt were esciverated (sp) by the Republican press back in the 1930's and 40's.

During FDR's presidency his daughter Anna and sons James and Elliott all got divorced, Elliott twice. During this time divorce was rare and was considered scandalous. In total the five Roosevelt kids had 19 marriages.

FDR's other sons Franklin Jr. and John did not get divorced during his presidency (they got their turn after their father died) but they were involved in a few incidents that generated a lot of publicity. Franklin Jr. got into a fight with photographer at a wrestling match he attended with his girlfriend (later his wife). John was accused of public drunkensess and dumping a bottle of champagne on the mayor of Cannes, France while attending a festival there. Also John chased down another photographer who was trying to take a picture of Franklin Jr going through a fraternity hazing, he was wearing a dress at the time so a pic of him would be embarrassing. Franklin Jr. also racked up a number of speeding tickets and was sued by a woman he had an accident with.

James was appointed by his father to be his personal secretary, and people screamed nepotism. James was accused of using his position at the White House for personal profit, it got to the point that he had to produce his income tax returns to prove the press wrong. Elliott was also accused of using his family name for personal profit too.

The worst scrutiny for the boys came during the war. All four of them enlisted, didn't even wait for the draft, all served bravely, were decorated on merit, Franklin Jr. won the Purple Heart for the battle of Casablanca, James the Silver Star and Navy Cross, John the Silver Star, and Elliott the Distinguished Frying Cross, and he flew over 300 combat missions during World War 2 and witnessed the death of Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Yet the press and public accused the President of trying to see them safely during the war and awarding them rankings they did not deserve, when in fact he actually had citations held back for fear of the press.

Never mind the fact that the Roosevelt family (Theodore's family too) did more patriotic things for this country you claim to love, all the press wanted to do was dwell on the negatives, like Elliott's quick ascent to Captain, which became an issue in the 1940 election. Papa I want to be a Captain too, and I didn't raise my boy to be a Private were posted on Wendell Wilkie buttons. Or the "Blaze incident" where a private dumped two enlisted airman to make room for Elliott's Mastiff Blaze on a plane without Elliott's knowledge or consent. Or the fact that James's train was running late to Chicago and he had the conductor there hold his connecting train for him as the inconvienience of the other passengers. That incident was unexcusable.

FDR's wife Eleanor was villified by the likes of journalist Westbrook Pegler for getting involved in her husbands administration, just like Todd was accused of. All she did was go out to the tenement houses and coal mines to talk to people. She also visited the wounded troops and stood for anti-lynching laws. She wrote a newspaper column which she was accused of profting from, where in fact she donated her salary to charity. Eleanor was the Hillary Clinton of her time.

So Sarah the next time you want to bitch about Bristol being written up in the Enquirer, think of FDR's kids and your kids publicity pales in comparison to theirs. In other words SHUT THE FUCK UP!