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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sarah makes a Newsweek article that has nothing to do with her all about her

From Huffington Post

Sarah Palin took to Twitter early Tuesday to give Newsweek a piece of her mind.

The former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate seemed to be particularly annoyed by the magazine's decision to run a cover story about President Barack Obama under the headline: "Why Are Obama's Critics So Dumb?" But Palin's ire wasn't directed at the story's assertions; instead she took aim at Andrew Sullivan, the author of the article.

Sullivan is the former editor of The New Republic, a weekly columnist for the Sunday Times of London and the author of several books, including "Virtually Normal," "Love Undetectable" and "The Conservative Soul." In recent years, he has covered Palin's public and political life, including the unfounded rumors that claimed Palin may not have given birth to her son Trig. The speculation ended in 2008 when Sullivan posted links to photographs showing a pregnant Palin.

Game On Sarah!

You are so dumb. Now everyone is going to be asking about Babygate. You can refer them to my blog.


  1. The Huffington Post is also letting Babygate comments through. A lot of them.

  2. Great job, Sarah! You just made it "ok" for everyone to talk about this in MSM. Super! Let's Go!

  3. Boy...Baldy Palin is getting dumber by the day! I didn't think that was possible until I saw this Tweet from the Twit!

    Do you think she's really mad about the article at Politicalgates? About all the properties she and Bristol have...and maybe her Insane Clown Posse AKA Pee Zoo folks might stop sending her money if they know that her greedy ass has 10 houses!

    Well...something has crawled up her flat ass and bite it...cause the fool done lost her mind! LOL!

  4. I think Sarah just opened the door for her doctor and Wasilla hospital to release ALL records regarding the birth and abuse that was and is happening. 4 hour flight leaking ambiatoic fluid is abuse.

  5. Interesting - remember when Sarah was on Newsweek, claiming she could beat Obama?
    Now she's reduced to ad hominem attacks on writers she hates.

  6. oh my $arah....that was so presidential of you.

    Do you see it now ms wasillabilly? Do you finally get it? You are a moron.

    Not only did you give the babygate story new life, you just proved once again how incredibly stupid, vindictive and self destructive you really are.

    This is kind of like the blood libel disaster. You just shot yourself in the foot once again. Your hatred of the writer is a well known fact because he tells the truth about your sorry ass. And also, a well known fact that you have an insane hatred of our prez. Put the 2 together on Newsweek and you can't resist, can you? dumbass.

  7. LevidumpedthepalinsJanuary 17, 2012 at 1:13 PM

    Sarah is no longer the darling of Evangelicals.

    Tim Tebow has taken her place.

    Money that once went to Sarah is now being spent on NFL merchandise.

  8. She is groveling for attention. It is a pathetic ploy to garner sympathy.

  9. Oh baby. Make sure you properly and thoroughly vett Rick Santorum, Sarah!
    Starting to look like the Santorums pulled a 'Sarah and Todd' Alaska-style "wedding".

    No wedding date. No birthdate of their firstborn.
    Huh. Usually Family Values candidates are quite proud of that kind of information.
    Nothing on the internet. Not.One.Thing.
    No engagement or marriage announcement published? No birth announcement of their daughter?

  10. Sarah's worried about the gopher choker blowback.

  11. Which son is numbskull referring to? I love how she plays with words, she's oh so fuckin clever. As she only HAS given birth to one son, she is not lying about "giving birth to her son".
    Sarah, you DID NOT GIVE BIRTH TO TRIG!!!!!

  12. Sarah can't help being vindictive...she's wired that way. Thanks Sarah for drawing attention to your faked pregnancy. I know you crave attention, be it negative or otherwise and believe you me all attention is negative.


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