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Friday, January 6, 2012

Willow Palin gets another traffic ticket (busted headlight)

From TMZ

Who: 17-year-old Willow Palin

What: One fat $40 ticket for driving with a busted headlight

When: Tuesday

Where: Wasilla, Alaska

Why: Because she gotta

You would think Sarah and Todd could afford to get that fixed.)


  1. The real question is how the headlight was broken. The only time I've had a broken headlight, I was in an accident. So did Willow plow into a tree or a moose or something, or did one of her charming young associates take an axe to the car?


  2. Ivy, What does this mean:

    did one of her charming young associates take an axe to the car?

    Headlights get broken in many ways, as do tail lights. My husband's truck has never had two perfect tail lights. It's comical.

  3. I call bullshit on Anon at 7:17. I have been driving for many years and don't remember ever having a headlight or tail light just spontaneously break. Burn out, yes; get loose on rough roads, yes; break, no..never. It sounds like your husband must do a lot of backing into things. He must be a very unreliable driver to be breaking out taillights constantly. It's not "comical" it is scary that he is on the road if he can't even back up.

    The comment about her "associates" is because she obviously runs with a group of less than honorable people, so it would make sense that one of them would break her headlight. Better that than tear the hell out of someone's house I guess. I would think that the kids who got busted for doing that would be out to repay Willow who set it all up and then got off scot free. Much like her brother and the brake lines on buses.

    Most parents I know make sure their child is in a safe vehicle, which includes head and tail lights. But we all know that they are far removed from good parenting.

  4. Sounds like a lot of drunk driving.

  5. The Sword of TruthJanuary 6, 2012 at 10:45 AM

    They let Willow off easy this time.

    Next time she gets the sobriety test.

  6. Did someone vandalize her car? If so, it would be fitting.

  7., your husbands tails light just spontaneously they just explode while driving down the hiway? you should put that in the Guinness book of records..hehe Your a funny one Guacamole.

  8. LevidumpedthepalinsJanuary 6, 2012 at 12:39 PM

    Willow can´t read dis.

  9. @7:17 is your husband Todd P.? There might be other reasons for people breaking his tail lights.

  10. Sarah is a ding-a-lingJanuary 6, 2012 at 12:51 PM

    Drunk again....

  11. I think it's hilarious that this family who is so desperate to do reality tee vee has their lives unwillingly displayed to the world (without a paycheck).

    What's the real Sarah Palin's Alaska? Dropping out of school, dented refrigerators, racist Facebook rants, happy ending massages, boys upstairs, (barely) dodging law enforcement, drunken house parties, ambiguous pregnancies, unknown paternity, plastic surgery, kicking children out of the house, etc.?

    Hey, I bet you could sell THAT to TLC for a million bucks an episode. I might even watch it.

  12. I believe that when TMZ used the word "busted" they really meant "burned out". Lots of people use the term "busted headlight" when it is not broken but merely when the bulb is burned out. I'm not a fairy tale troll, I'm just stating from experience that I've heard this term used quite frequently by family and acquaintances. If you google "busted headlight" you'll find that most of the references are for blown bulbs and not smashed glass.

  13. @11;28 - With all due respect: when does Google's Search Engine Optimization algorithm define what a word means? Never, and the Oxford English Dictionary would be appalled at the suggestion of Google's SEO as a pre-eminent definition source.

    There are many words TMZ could have used: broken, "burned out," non-illuminated, dark, bulb-less, etc. But TMZ wrote "busted," and they are run by a lawyer.

  14. Good lord, our you people major reactionaries or what?

    Busted, broken, burned out, who really gives a shit, the light was not working, and that's the driver's responsibility to make sure their lights are in proper working order. So she got a ticket; big deal (not).

    C'mon, is this really fodder for tearing into a teenage girl, regardless of who his or her parents are? None of you have ever gotten a ticket? Sheesh...

    Maybe I have a different set of morals than you all have. I firmly believe that Sarah Palin should be held accountable for all the crimes she's committed, but stretching that to include putting every aspect of her teenager's life under a microscope is just beyond the pale.

  15. @12:34 - why the ad hominem attack here? Did you read the thread? Take your complaint to TMZ, the source. Good lord, chill out.

  16. Interesting use of the word "not," anon 12:34.

    Also interesting use of the word "reactionaries."

  17. So.....did Sarah Palin send this NEWS to TMZ? Is it to show that the AK cops are out to get her?

    So the kid is not responsible enough to drive with headlights intact. What else is new?

  18. What I love is the transgender reference in 12:34's statement: "fodder for tearing into a teenage girl, regardless of who his or her parents are?" @12:34 - What do you know about Willow that we don't?

  19. A missing headlight is a big deal in a place where there are so few hours of daylight and visibility during the "day" can be dodgy. You're using your headlights all the time, so they can "bust" but it's not like you don't know it - and it's not like you don't know it's dangerous to drive in the dark with a missing headlight. Why would Willow be any different from the rest of her self-absorbed, foolish family?

  20. Hey, 10:13. I'm curious why you call the fairy tale troll "guacamole."

  21. When I was a 17-year-old, high school driver, my father always made sure my car was in good working order. I swear, he'd check it every day. Of course, my parents would also never have kicked me out of the house, let me go on a co-ed camping trip, have my boyfriend sleep over, or drop out of school.

    Who's looking after Willow?

  22. Was Willow's/Bristol's son/"godson" in his car seat at the time,or was he carefully stuffed under the seat so no one would see him?

  23. Hmm. Minor infraction, small town, teenage driver with prominent parents. Normally, she'd be let off with a warning, IME.

    So it sounds to me like either it was a repeat violation or the lovely Willow mouthed off to the cop.

    Either way, it makes her parents look bad, but we knew that already.

  24. Willow...Little Miss Road Rage! I heard that little thing has some serious anger issues..threatening folks in Hollywood and wonder nobody wants to work with the "wild thing"!

    I see "guacamole" has made her usual appearance...the only thing she forgot to leave out from her Top 40 Standard Phrases...."hater" and "immature"!

  25. We uster callem pididdles.

    As in Bristle got caught with a pididdle.

    And one taillight is a padunkle.

    Sometimes played like strip poker in old days for xtar fun . See urban dictionary. Nowadays I hear they just use tents and bedrooms.

  26. I wonder if Sarah made any phone calls regarding the state trooper who had the audacity to give her daughter a ticket. After all, this is the woman who covered up for a son who cut brake lines and a daughter who vandalized a home that belong to a friend's mother. For those who don't believe either of the above accusations, when Walt Monegan and his wife, also in law enforcement, talk about them as fact, there's no doubt they are true. Walt and his wife have excellent reputations that they would not risk to accuse Sarah & Todd's kids of breaking the law, if they did not know them to be 100% accurate.

    As far as Willow having anger issues or problems obeying the rules of the road, how can anyone be surprised when her Mother, the half-term gov, used to call the AST and tell them she didn't want to be "bothered" on her way to the office in Anchorage. When the Governor announces ahead of time that she'll be exceeding the speed limit and that she doesn't want to be stopped, why would her children think the rules apply? This family is despicable. I thought the Governor was supposed to be a role model for others to emulate, not Miz Sarah! Remember, she's gonna do what she wants until the courts tell her she can't.


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