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Friday, March 16, 2012

Bristol now has an ghostwriter for her blog

You can visit her blog here

The name Nancy French was appearing on Bristol's blog entries but now have been removed. You can read about that here.

Of course Bristol needs a ghostwriter considering she is grammatically challenged. Her troll comments are proof of that. That and the fact she needs to police all the anti-Sarah blogs. Takes up a lot of time you know.

I will read Bristol's blog and cut and paste the best entries here. That way we can comment and laugh at them. For someone who wants privacy, she has a lot of balls running a public blog and appearing on DWTS and reality shows.


  1. I was at her new blog for a few minutes & the comments seem to be coming from the same people.

  2. I agree. The comments all have the same voice. How pathetic is that? I also want to point out that I believe she gets money from the advertising based on how many hits her site gets. If that is the case, going to her site puts money in her pocket, something I'm not willing to do. So, if one blogger is willing to do that for us and post the interesting info, I'm all for it.

  3. Agreed, all the comments are written using similar language and syntax. It's all very sad, though I'm guessing she needs the money now that the truth about the Palin family is finally being revealed.

    1. But most people have no idea about SP's faked pregnancy.

      And the Game Change book and movie appear to be quite successful in covering up McCain's role in the hoax, pretending that there was NO contact between McCain and SP before she got the phone call at the fair, after Trig's birth.

      Do you think it is a mere coincidence that she announced her "pregnancy" the day after McCain clinched the nomination?

  4. That's a funny pic I've never seen of her. It looks like her pocket is stuffed with fast food wrappers. Oh and I agree, all the comments over there are obviously written by the same person.

  5. She must have forgot her belly at the hotel. Oh what the heck, quick hand me some things to stuff in my pocket, no one will notice how my baby bump is all lumpy.

  6. LevidumpedthepalinsMarch 16, 2012 at 12:03 PM

    Bristol pays someone to write her blog posts. She has no choice. Bristol pays someone else to type in her comments while she blabs them out loud. She has no choice, Bristol also pays this someone else to read blog posts and comments out loud. She has no choice.

    Bristol has no choice, because Bristol cannot read and write.

  7. Momma's daughter what with the tongue thing.

  8. Oh sheeit...I can't imagine a Barstool blog...
    "Um,um,uh,hi I'm a Christian single mom from Alaska who didn't abort an unwanted pregnancy an' now I'm living with my boyfriend but we DON'T have ESS EEE EX,um,um,uh,I get lots an' lotsa money for nothin',um,I don't have any legitimate fans cuz I got no talent an' most of my fans are old white perverts or horny pimply-faced bots who whack off to anything,um,um,uh,God wanted me to start a blog so's I can stop teen pregnancy an' make more old men and teen boys horny so they'll keep blindly supportin' my mom,um,no I'm NOT having sinful ESS EEE EXX with my hot Italian stud UM I mean my nice Christian boyfriend,Levi stole my virginity,um,uh,I guess that's all"

  9. Here is a comment from the ghost writer, in a response as to why "Nancy's" name was on Bristol's blog:
    Dear “Salad,”
    Hey — that was my fault! I’m supposed to be helping Bristol with the technology part of all this, so I entered the posts that she sent me under the wrong name.
    Sorry for the confusion!


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