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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Troll comments April 22-28

Bristol Palin then and now

Accente Apr 23, 2012 01:28 PM why do u care ?

Who is Kristy Patullo?

Be nice. You're all obsessed about things that don't matter to most people or you yourselves wouldn't hypothesize about things you know nothing about.

Sarah Palin hates children!

You'd sound more sane if everything you just listed (save #1) weren't a lie. Let's not slander people shall we. Does no good for any side.

And her facebook post has a point. Too much Govt regulation ISNT good and the way Govt want to regulate farms definitely isn't good.

Sarah/Bristol/Willow just admitted Tawdy is a pimp!

Anonymous 28, 2012 05:29 PM
Palin thought people were more mature than they are apparently when she accepted McCain's offer. These blogs prove the opposite of that everyday. When are you going to stop lying?

Sarah was a member of a shit ton of clubs in school: Wasn't it SP: You Betcha that provided pics from most of them? What I took away from that movie was all those people, except JC M, were depicted as batshit. He made them look horrible. And I watched the movie with a fully open mind.

If Nick B wanted to make a fair movie, why leave out positive interviews? Because he did leave out positive interviews. And he lied when he said he had to go to Greece to find ONE classmate who would speak to him. He spoke to a classmate, quite possibly the most popular girl at WHS an she helped hook him up with things to do in Alaska. She was friends with Sarah and has no bad words to say about the former Sarah Heath. Why was HER interview left out of the movie?

Fair my arse.


  1. So you prove troll= truth speaker

    Thanks for clarifying.

    Just remember, anyone can say anything about anyone. Don't you ever think, the more you rail against people you irrationally hate, the more you appear hypocritical by trashing them. Isn't that the behavior you condemn and wrongly accuse others of having?

    Where are YOUR parents? It's like Palin haters were all raised by wolves. What would they say about your blog behavior? Would they condone personal attacks that consist of outright slander?

    So sad for you. In the words of Bristol, "I can take it, but I just hope no one else has to experience hateful attacks."

  2. Excuse me, but my parents are well educated and successful retirees, still helping their favorite charities and keeping up with the news (in their 90s).

    As for "anyone can say anything about anyone"- my source for Palin stupidly it her own speaking and writing. I don't need a blog to tell me "that woman's an idiot"- she told me herself.

    1. that's "is" not "it". Damn I need new glasses.

  3. I see Krazy Kristy Patullo has been busy over here. We missed her at IM. We love to make her dance over there! LOL

    1. I think the comments from the Sarah Palin hates children post were from a Heath/Palin. But yeah Kristy found this site and has made frequent comments.

    2. IMHO, Wildebeast is the one who suggests the more vulgar "Go Jack off", etc.

      Krusty is all about "How SAD you are", "Be nice", "People you don't know"...

  4. I caught up on the info dump in the past month about Kristy Patullo both here and on IM, and always found her comments funny at IM - bashing us for obsessively posting on a blog while she was doing the exact same thing. Accusing us of being unhappy while her posts clearly betray her unhappiness.

    What jumped out at me though was that her father passed away last year. Know who else had a father pass away last year? MeAgain from IM. Probably just a coincidence, but an interesting one. That is if MeAgain ever actually existed.

  5. The dates do not match up. I am the one who posted the "info dump" on Patullo and her father died much earlier than MeAgain's father.

    As a scholastic and diagnostic linguist, I can say that MeAgain was likely educated, past middle age, and very astute when it came to expressing herself in the written word.

    Patullo is ill-spoken and extremely inarticulate. Were it not for the words "mature", "haters", "bias", and "libel", the woman wouldn't be able to string a sentence together. Her writing is so poor, I'm practically offended on poor old MeAgain's behalf for the comparison!

    For the record, I think the Palin machine "got to" MeAgain. She was so outspoken, so brave about speaking the truth on all things Palin- but I think they threatened harm to someone she loved or cared for.

    I really think it must have been something horrible done to her or threatened to her- or God forbid, SHE passed away after her father did. If she's still among the living, I hope she re-emerges one day, guns of truth blazing at Palin's bald pointy head!

  6. OP here -

    You are absolutely correct that Kristy and MeAgain's writing styles and general tone are/were totally different, no offense to MeAgain intended. My thought was that maybe MeAgain was someone who was somehow associated with Patullo.

    Thank you for your detective work on this, it is nice to put a face to the troll.


  7. OP- I can imagine MeAgain might have thought Kristy WAS Bristol (as I did very strongly at first) but I'm not sure there is any other connection. I spoke with more than one of Kristy's siblings (not from a desire to 'shame' her- but because after watching her for a certain amount of time and seeing her posts time stamped regularly around the clock, I was worried this was someone who needed legitimate mental health intervention) and they don't have family in Alaska or have any idea why Kristy has attached herself to the Palins in such a delusional and all consuming way.

    It was very sad to hear her family talk about how they were all reaching out to one another in the wake of their patriarch's sudden and devastated passing- and Kristy was off on the sideline, trolling the blogs on her phone. They said if someone doesn't extoll the every move, word, and deed of Sarah and Bristol, Kristy will literally excise them from her life completely.

    It really says a lot about her that the Palins have sent Kristy a cease and desist as well as blocked them from their personal/private facebook pages- and instead of stopping as they wished, she doubled her efforts.

  8. Nyah,

    That's scary. kinda has a Selena feel to it. The Palins are smart to cut her off, as soon as they do something that legitimately disappoints her, she could become dangerous.


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