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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Todd hooked David Chaney up (pun intended) with hookers

From Malia Litman's blog

Shailey Tripp pled “no contest” to the charge of running a house of prostitution in Anchorage.Ms. Tripp has written a book disclosing graphic details of her business relationship with Todd Palin as her pimp, complete with a description of Todd’s unusual anatomy.

The secret service agent assigned to guard Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign was David Chaney.

David Chaney has resigned from the Secret Service as a result of his involvement with prostitutes in Columbia.  Shailey Tripp has given me permission to report to you today that David Chaney was referred to her by Todd Palin for sexual services, which she DID provide. It seems that there is a culture, at least among some agents, of use and abuse of women. In an effort to make this information known to people within the Secret Service, I contacted Paula Reid, both yesterday and today, the office in D.C. in charge of the Colombia investigation both yesterday and today, and was ultimately referred to the Secret Service Office in Dallas. Agent Holloway in Dallas indicated he would look into the complaint. When I didn’t hear back from him, I contacted him again today and he indicated he would contact me within the next two hours. After three hours passed I called Agent Holloway back, and he then referred me to his supervisor, Agent Peek. Agent Peek advised me that unless I had audio or video tape of the encounter he would not be interested.

When I explained that I did not have either, but had a witness statement, he hung-up the phone on me. It was as if he simply wanted confirmation that there would be no recording featured on the news that he would have to explain. There was no indication of an interest in uncovering the truth about a culture of corruption within the Secret Service.

While testifying before a Senate Judiciary Committee, Janet Napolitano said that she felt the Colombia incident was an “isolated case.”

She said the agency’s office of professional responsibility had never received previous complaints in the past 2 ½ years.  “If the misconduct is part of a pattern, Napolitano added, “That would be a surprise to me.”
Surprise! If anyone bothered to talk to Shailey Tripp, she would confirm that Todd Palin and David Chaney had been hanging out with Hookers. I have filed a complaint with the office of Homeland Security so the period of being “complaint free” has just ended. Please help me bring media focus to this story. Shailey Tripp has done her part by disclosing this painful part of her life, and it is our turn to demand that somebody take notice. It is interesting that the Secret Service agent who caused this scandal to come to light refused to pay the woman who provided the sexual services requested, and according to Shailey Tripp’s book, Todd Palin stopped paying her for services provided to him. It appears there is no honor among thieves.   We might expect Palin’s attorney to ask the Secret Service to issue a press release to the National Enquirer, indicating that there is not one “scintilla” of evidence, in their possession, that they have reviewed, implicating David Chaney in the scandal involving Todd Palin or Shailey Tripp.  If they refuse to take the statement of Shailey Tripp, Todd Palin, or David Chaney, there would be no evidence to review.

Thank you for keeping up on this Malia.  Much appreciated!


  1. I have sent this info via Twitter to all of the major news organizations. Have been doing that for some time now. Lets hope that others do the same and the media will have to put someone on this story. Sad if it does not come out to the public. But we shall continue. I have sent it on to Media Matters also as they have been very instrumental in the Stop Rush Limbaugh pursuit of sponsors.

  2. One of the major "news" outlets, I think it was CBS, stated that one SS agent was shopping for a book deal. I am hoping it will be Chaney, but who would make a bet that it will ever see the light of day? McCain's people more than likely knew about this, too. Todd probably had dreams about doing business in DC, with high class "ladies" It is pretty pathetic when the "brains" of the family is a pimp, isn't it?

    1. Three of the 12 Secret Service agents involved in the Colombia prostitution scandal refused to take a polygraph test, Rep. King says.

  3. So sick of the palins, the prostitution, the lies, the ethics violations, the pregnancies, grifting and trashy behavior. I don't know why this hasn't been addressed but I will continue to hound those that should be doing something about the pimp breaking the law.

    The wasilla skank should be mortified that the whole world knows her pimp husband paid for sex, pimped out vunerable women, had his grandchild named after a prostitue - WTF?? How can she face herself in the morning for gods sake. Any woman that has self respect and dignity would have kicked this creep to the curb a long time ago.

    But they're both trash and I guess that makes it work for them. God, how i wish the media would stop giving them attention. Everyone is beyond sick of hearing and reading about them.


    Shailey Tripp has made no formal accusation to the Anchorage Police Department or any other law enforcement agency. They are NOT actively investigating Todd Palin or any other high-profile individuals in connection with Shailey Tripp, dba “Caring Needs”, “Blue Hands”, “All About You Medical Spa” and the two hair salons that she worked at in Wasilla.

    Perhaps they should. They need a complaint. The salons in Wasilla are under the jurisdiction of Wasilla/Matanuska-Susitna Borough. Shailey should call up and swear out a complaint with the Wasilla Police Department and the Alaska State Troopers.
    The medical spa and her massage therapy/computer business are in Anchorage, so she should call up APD and make a complaint that the medical spa is engaging in solicitation and that Todd Palin and others are prostitution clients. It’s THAT simple.

    It is not fair or reasonable to presuppose that they will not respond appropriately. Because this hasn’t happened. Assume that they WILL investigate the complaint, if one is made. Because that’s how it works.

    Based soley on what Shailey has reported, neither APD nor the judicial system has been provided an appropriate mechanism to respond the way Shailey wants them to.

    Shailey’s statement is NOT “evidence.” It IS the basis of a formal complaint and subsequent investigation. If she possesses material evidence that substantiates her statement, she would provide that. Which has not yet happened.

    If we want our neighbor investigated, arrested, and charged with a crime, we have to file a formal complaint with an appropriate authority. Our statement is NOT proof of their misdeed or guilt.

    No police department, law enforcement officer, federal agent, legal authority, officer of the court, etc., can investigate me, check into my business matters, track my movements, inquire into my activities, gain access to my records and bank accounts, or even simply question anyone about me, without CAUSE.
    “Cause” is formal and MUST be defensible – it’s not random. Then there’s “due process,” which EVERYONE is entitled to, regardless of how much you dislike them. [And thank God for that.]

    The fact is that Shailey's arrest didn’t involve Todd Palin, materially or circumstantially. Todd Palin was not present (as far as we know), nor was he named as party to these circumstances.
    If he should have been prosecuted as an accessory to this crime and this arrest, then there’s just one solution: Shailey and Kashawn Thomas need to go to the Prosecutor’s office and tell what they know. Immediately.

    Same thing here. If David Chaney solicited sex services from Shailey Tripp - and Shailey Tripp provided sex in exchange for money - then she needs to call the Alaska State Troopers.

    She's mounted an intensive year-long media campaign to get her name in the papers, angling for a book and movie deal. But she has NOT taken even a single action that would put this in "investigation" mode.

    Sorry, I don't see a cover-up of epic proportion - all for the single purpose of protecting Todd Palin. WTF?

    I see somebody with a questionable story and not a single piece of evidence or documentation to go with it. In a year's time, she cannot unearth a single piece of evidence in any form to confirm her story. Nothing. No cell phone records, etc. etc., nothing.
    She's been given the benefit of a doubt by many different people and organizations. She herself claims multiple attorneys working on her behalf.
    I give up.

    1. I did make a formal complain with the Alaska State Troopers, The Govenor,The Anchorage Police Department, The Anchorage Police Department Internal Affairs Division, The Anchorage FBI office, The Georgia FBI Office, Alaska's Omsbudsman's Office, and the Alaska Bar Association. They all refused to investigate. Therefore no formal complaint will be filed. I have sent documents, phone records, pictures, witnesses, and other information. They simply will not investigate. I even contacted the DMV and instead of the DMV writing me I got a letter from the Govenor's office. I believe Malia Litman has also had the same experiences. Lastly I have contacted Homeland security, the IRS, and the Secret Service. These agencies have hung up on me numerous times and also refuse to take a formal statement.I have proof to document that I have done these things. Many of these agencies have told me in writing they refuse to even file a complaint and they also refuse to look at any evidence I have.

    2. Don't give up Shay. We are all trying to get the story out to major media, etc. If Chaney writes a book, you should give your side of the story to any news media that is interested in Chaney. Maybe you can piggy back on his story.

    3. I believe a hair shop was also mentioned. Has a complaint been filed for that?

    4. Shay, Karma is a bitch and the Palins will get theirs.

      May not be today, may not be tomorrow, but their day will come!

      We will all laugh when they are marched into prison.

    5. Ms. Tripp. You didn't. But you should.

      You might find that you get exactly what you want.

  5. It makes you wonder how many others Todd provided these services for? How high up it went? Maybe that is why there is such a blackout on this subject.

  6. Here is an article I had read last few days about the guy that stiffed the prostitute:

    I didn't see a pic of this SS agent Huntington but perhaps Shailey would know him if there was a pic.

  7. Eeew. What's in your pockets Toad?


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