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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Troll comments Sept 23-29

Tonight Bristol Palin will roll around on the floor, shake her tits and dry hump Mark Ballas 

Anonymous September 24, 2012 5:21 AM
Bristol was one of the few people (I wont say star because she doesn't see herself as one and doesn't care about hollywood) who didn't act like the typical overthetop skimpy dancer. Though she has been working out so maybe she's gained the confidence to really dance. Who knows. Dancing's hard.

The producers have no say in who stays. This is one show that is a popularity contest. The judges really don't even have a say in the end. Thing is, unlike like last time, Bristol's fellow competitors are THEIR seasons faves and half are winners. Last time, most of her seasons stars were boring or had no real fanbases. It won't be shocking if she leaves tonight or next week.

And all the stars' fans are already creating their accounts to vote. Can the bots outdo them? Each person has diehards. It will be interesting. Who knows whether Kelly M has the fans, or if Pamela Lee can do better than season 10, or if things are different for Sabrina (her last elimination was dwts most shocking event EVER to date). We shall see. It truly is a tossup and that is why these specific people were selected.

Like Kirstie says, "eff my hate trolls. They're just people who need to get laid." She's right. They are the people who desperately need lives. A sane person doesn't spend their precious time hating on strangers.

I bet Sarah, Todd and Tripp were spotted around at offroad races the past weekend because they're coming to the show tonight. 

Do you have a life? Do you have a heart? I suggest you grow up.It's never too late.

-Sending you nice thoughts to soothe your hateful life


(And yes, those are my thoughts, posted by Anon. It wouldn't let me post any other way.

Reesa aka Kristy or Bristol/Willow/Sarah I have my blog set up to where Anons can post.  You should know that by now.

I love how in your attempts to attack her, you insult a number of other people on dwts and in general. Probably a good thing you're too cowardly to use your real name, as it would suck for you to be branded the nasty human being you illustrate yourself to be daily.

You've got a ton of growing up to do. I know you're young, but here's some advice. Mature adults don't trash, slander, or hate on people for differences of opinions of for any other reason. 

At least you have the capability of recognizing hateful posts an immaturity. Now if youll just do some self-reflection and label yourself a hater/nasty person, you can move on and be happy.

Meanwhile, Bristol's out with her friends, having girls night with her dwts pals, and you're being a bully

The fact that ANYONE believes this athlete is a virgin boggles my mind. I have seen him at parties around FL before I moved to the midwest. One of my best friends hangs with him consistently.

But It's definitely within SPHASH's character to use him to trash people she doesn't know.

I think everyone with a working brain can tell SPHASH is a bully and jealous ahole who was raised by wolves, but the immaturity in this post really set a new low even for her. Good thing the subjects sphash attacks know whats real, have people who know them, love them and doesn't attack people to feel good.

Haters never learn and their subjects only get stronger by remaining above the fray and hate.

Krusty wants Timmy T for herself.  Here are the cover photos she has on her Facebook:


You're making a huge judgment call without knowing the specifics regarding any of those cases. It's typical of small communities to WANT to start families young. There are people who only aspire to being parents, with hobbies or parttime work on the side. Don't attack a specific town when that behavior you're ridiculing isn't uncommon. Don't attack one person or one behavior until you've met those types of people. There's no wrong way to live. The only bad thing would be for people to live lives untrue to whom they are. I personally know of no one in that camp. I hope you don't either. 

Regarding Alaska since you brought it up, also keep in mind that the people there go to bat for each other and it's one big community. Look at that outreach to help the parents of that little girl was died tragically at daycare. Or the case last winter when Willow's boyfriend Andy and his friend got lost snowmachining. They were out almost a full day and when Willow wrote on facebook about it, tons of the boys peers started a search because the troopers stopped looking. A group of boys found them. Parnell honored the rescuers. THAT is Alaska and how it should be. There are far too many complainers (mostly democrats from where I stand) and not enough doers. There's no reason every single person in this country can't have everything they desire. there are reasons why people from other countries become US citizens.

It's sad foreigners continue to value the country yet some Americans cannot. It's sad we have a President who disrespects small business owners.

Oh well, just keep living YOUR life with no regrets and you shall have nothing to complain about. We all fight daily battles only we understand. Time to stop making things difficult for people just because of petty disagreements.


  1. Wow! That last one is so full of grammatical errors, hypocrisy, and huge piles of steaming moose shit that one might think it was written by a Palin. Talk about cognitive disonance! Dope-On-A-Rope seems to have out-done herself that time. I wonder if you will be receiving a stern email from her like Blade did at Sarah's Scandals. OH NOES!!! As I said there, her descent into the hell of mental illness is nearly complete.

  2. I can't believe I am going to say this, but Poor Bristol. How frightening can it be to know there is a middle-aged lunatic woman charting your every move, those of your acquaintances, your menstrual cycle, etc.? Bristol brings a lot of negativity on herself, but nobody deserves to be stalked like that. It looks like Kristy Patullo is fixating on Tim Tebow now, too. A few defrauding photos notwithstanding, Tebow is not really my cup of tea, but he seems like an OK guy. He annoys me but is a far cry from the deception, trashiness, and famewhoring at all costs that characterizes the Palins.


    2. 8:21 AM

      Thanks for that link! Now I'm trying to figure out if Krusty wants to marry Beefy or Tim Tebow?? LOL!!!

    3. Kristy Patullo´s ¨only goal in life is to meet Bristol, Gino and Tripp...¨

      Sad or Frightening? Both.


      Are you Kristy? If so, suck on this:

      ¨Actress Rebecca Schaeffer had a starring role in the sitcom My Sister Sam and a bright future ahead of her. But all that promise came to a devastating halt when a deranged fan, Robert Bardo, began writing letters and stalking the young woman. Bardo, who had also targeted other fresh-faced young entertainers, tracked Schaeffer to her apartment, rang her door and shot her to death. Bardo got her address through the Department of Motor Vehicles. Following her death, the Screen Actors Guild got the DMV to restrict access to records in hopes of preventing further such incidents.¨

      Now you know why you are an embarrassment to your family, Kristy, and why the Palins find you ¨alarming.¨

  3. Everybody get ready your DVRs ready for an awesome performance of a lifetime. On the next DWTS All Stars, dancing sensation All Star Bristol who was awarded the title of Most Improved performer will dance to her favorite song. According to Mark, Bristol is very excited and enthusiastic so I'm expecting Bristol to have one of the top two judges score for that week.

    Mark Ballas:
    This week we are dancing to her favorite song. It's been a bit of a challenge for me because I've never danced quickstep to this genre of music, but I've never seen her so excited and enthusiastic about dancing. She is loving it and that's all that matters!

    We also did something extra special this week to help get into the spirit of the dance and it was a blast. .. Put it this way: I hit the bull's-eye quite often, and did it in true Houston fashion!

    Well I'm looking forward to sharing this quickstep with y'all, and am pretty sure you're gonna enjoy it.

  4. You naysayers can say what you want to say about Bristol Palin's dancing ability but think about.

    DWTS is in their 15th season so lets say they average 10 dancers per season that means out of at least 150 dancers, Bristol is one of the top 12 elite dancers chosen to compete among the best!

    Yes I know that there are 13 dancers this year, but there were only 12 All Stars handpicked by the DWTS producers to entertain the world this season... to be on this All Star season and Bristol was one of them. Sabrina was picked by America.

    Now that they got rid of the dead wood (Pamela Anderson) Let The Games BEGIN!!!

    1. AnonymousSeptember 30, 2012 1:51 PM
      You naysayers can say what you want to say about Bristol Palin's dancing ability but think about.

      Don't you mean "neighsayers" Krusty? You are talking about horse face Beefy aren't you? You poor pathetic one will be watching Beefy stomp her "hooves"...uh...I mean shoes on the dance floor tomorrow night...haven't you heard...the ratings for DWTS is "failing" and "failing" fast!

      The Palin curse is in effect! The parasites (Baldy...Toad...Beefy) have attached themselves to the host (DWTS) and will be taking them down shortly! LOL!!!

    2. I'll have to hear it in the comment section of the blogs, Dope-On-A-Rope. Unlike you and your kinky obsession, I have a life, a family, a real job, and a healthy psyche. I won't be watching Bitchtol having her fat ass dragged around the floor. Quick step? ROFLMAO!!

  5. "Or the case last winter when Willow's boyfriend Andy and his friend got lost snowmachining"

    Did anybody bother to check Sarah Palin's bed for Willow and Andy? That would of been my first choice.

    Then I would of done a dorm room to dorm room search at the University of Alaska looking for Willow.

    Last choice would of been looking for Willow at the liquor stores and and then look for Bristol's canvas tent at the local campsites to see if Willow is entertaining.

    1. Not to mention Target parking lot.

  6. Meanwhile, Bristol's out with her friends, having girls night with her dwts pals?

    Everybody knows that this years DWTS cast hates Bristol and wants to know who did Bristol or Sarah screw to get Bristol on the All Star show.

    Bristol doesn't have any close friends on DWTS or in Wasilla. A few days after meeting Bristol, you can tell that she is no one you want to associate with. When Bristol goes out with the girls on DWTS, Bristol is like the third wheel. Nobody trusts her and don't like the way Bristol or her mother are working the Tea Party to vote for Bristol.

    1. Bristol may act like she is your friend but there is her other side that was revealed on Life's A Rip. Just ask Kyle Masey and his family.

      Bristol told Willow that mom said that they can't trust nobody.

      Karma is a bitch Bristol because nobody trusts a Palin.

  7. This troll is truly mentally ill. She says the same tired lines over and over. What a sick, demented person. And SO immature!!!! :)


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