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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Congrats to Levi Johnston and Sunny Oglesby!

From US Weekly

 Levi Johnston and his love Sunny Oglesby are bringing a whole new meaning to the term "shotgun wedding."
In early September, the couple welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Breeze Beretta -- after the Italian firearms manufacturer.

Now the Wasilla, Alaska native and his 20-year-old teacher fiancee are headed down the aisle. Johnston and Oglesby are set to wed over the weekend, a source in Wasilla confirms exclusively to Us Weekly.
"They've been together for about a year and a quarter," the insider tells Us.

Though his baby girl is likely to be front and center, there's no word yet on whether Johnston's 4-year-old son Tripp (with ex-fiancee Bristol Palin) will take part in the ceremony.

The rest of the Palin clan will definitely not be showing up to support the former Playgirl model as he moves forward with his new love.

 In the past, Johnston, now 22, has accused the Palins of keeping his son from him, ever since his bitter 2010 split from Bristol. Earlier this year he spoke to The Insider, admitting it's tough feel connected to his first-born when his time with the tot is so restricted.

When asked if Johnston blames Bristol's mother Sarah for keeping him from his son, Johnston says he's convinced the former Alaskan governor "plays a big role" in daughter Bristol's decision-making.

That's a family," Johnston told host Brook Anderson. "I know I listen to my family, so I'm sure [Sarah] does have some part in [keeping Tripp away]."

This spring, Sarah and her "first dude" Todd denied that they've ever tried to keep their grandson from his dad in an impassioned statement to TMZ.
"We have never hidden Tripp from Levi or discouraged Levi from spending time with him," the pair wrote. "Any suggestion that we have is false and contrary to our core beliefs."

Congratultions Levi and Sunny!

Word of advice, wait several years before giving Tripp and Breeze a new sibling.  As you are aware, kids are expensive.

I hope Bristol can get over her bitterness and let Tripp be a ring bearer at the wedding, but I doubt she will, not that Gino has left the coop.


  1. Replies
    1. Yep...that's the first thing that stood out to me too! And Krusty before you get here with all your stupid gobbly gook...let me be the first to tell you....STFU Stalker! LOL!!

    2. Come on. This is a red-herring. He is SUPPOSED to be 4 in two months. Of course they would refer to him as a four year old this close to his birthday. If a child is closer to 4 than to 3 1/2, you refer to him as 4. Levi probably said "almost 4" and the author of the article wrote "four."

      HOWEVER, we all suspect that he wasn't born at the end of December in 2008. That's the real issue.

    3. Two months out, I wouldn't refer to my child as the next age. No way.

      But, I do suspect this was probably an error on the part of the reporter. Of course, it COULD be an error on the part of Levi (error in that he mistakenly told them Tripp's real age).

      I can't see any way that boy is still only 3 years old.

  2. This was inevitable. Sunny is clearly a keeper.

    Bristol was not.

    Congrats to both.

  3. yeap - 4 years old and looks it

    will he be five in January? possibly...

    Congrats to Sunny and Levi, their new home, their new baby, and their newly wedded life.

  4. I'm happy for Levi and Sunny. Levi has a job to support his family. They are clearly happy with each other. They have stability.

    Bitchtol, on the other hand, has her dysfunctional family, money, and a shitty, entitled attitude. She's living proof that money can't buy happiness.

    I don't know what happened to Gino, but I'm fairly sure that he ran screaming into the night as soon as he escaped from the Spawn of Satan.

    1. Let's face it when you have a relationship with the Palin girls the mother will be right there with them and yes just like an albatross. There will always be 3 that anyone of the girls relationships. Daughter, boyfriend and mother. I don't think there will be any men in those girls life unless they move away from the albatross or they will never be happy. Ask the police officer who was married to a Palin.

    2. The trooper was married to a Heath, Sarah's sister-think her name is Molly. Funny the extended Palin family doesn't have much to do with the Todd and Sarah Palin family.

  5. When will Sarah release Trig's birth certificate and let the world know who is his biological mother?

    1. Everyone knows the bio mother of Trig and also of Kyla Grace. B has 3 kids, one of which she gets to advertise as her own.

  6. Surprisingly Bristol has been keeping an open welcoming heart and mind. At her blog the latest post is titled "Perfect Love". I think this is her way of calling attention to the happy marriage.
    She and her writers are moving on, and expanding into other areas after she was robbed by some organized voting group on Dancing With the Stars.

    Educational reform and voter advocacy here she comes! See next most previous Bristol Blog post- "Vote Vote Vote." Next thing you know the haters will be accusing Bristol of Shucking and Jiving while Waiting for Superman at Harlem Prep.

      Snort! Snicker!
      You're a hoot. Dumbass for sure, but still a hoot!


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