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Friday, October 19, 2012

I think Mitt Romney's sons hate him

Seriously I do.

They told on him about putting Seamus on the roof of the car, Mitt trying to trip his daughter in law in a race, how Mitt has to be the first one in line at family buffet dinners, and they did not want Mitt to run because of his tax returns.

Now Tagg says his dad is terrified to debate President Obama.

When asked if his father gets nervous before the debates, he responded: "Absolutely, are you kidding? He's terrified before he gets out there!"

Tagg also wanted to punch President Obama when he called Mitt a liar.  So much for being a peaceful Mormon.


  1. I always believed that Romney's sons were passively aggressively trying to tell the world that their father is a bastard. Of course, that bastard is leaving them BIG money. . . .so.

  2. annette, I think you nailed it. Even Ann has a lot of anger, and though she tries to direct it at the President, I think she is angry at Mitt. Their kiss after the debate looked more staged than passionate or even friendly. She WANTS the WHite House as another notch on her belt...kind of like I gave five sons, suffered through being First Lady of MA while you were running off to 'save' the Olympics, I have MS and thought I had breast cancer and what do you do? Buy me horses and tell me to make sure everyone knows how much you support women. Make me go on the View and pretend you didn;t call them 'sharp-tongued.'I deserve to be FLOTUS, damn it. And you are going to mess it up for me.
    Meanwhile, if you can find tape of last night's NYC dinner event, watch when President Obama enters. He greets Mitt with a handsake and a smile, and totally ignores Queen Ann, who looks like she was slapped...she is standing near Mitt, with her fake smile plastered on, and the President walks right by her to his seat.

    1. love your comment! I noticed Ann was shocked that PBO didn't acknowledge her. She looked at first like she was all "hey mr president, hi how are ya? What a great dinner this is" or something & then, nothing. She reminded me of Sarah being ignored.

    2. Mitt Romney is afraid of Whoopi Goldberg.I find that amazing.All the right wingers are screaming now about how the View is such a bad show and I agree but I'm not twisted about it.My tv has a remote control and I use it to tune out shows I don't want to watch.Simple no yelling no hypertension.I wish everything in life were that simple.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Is there a link anywhere so I can watch that pre dinner entrance? I thought it sounded like a Sarah Palin moment too.

  3. Tagg is an asshole like his dad.

    1. LevidumpedthepalinsOctober 19, 2012 at 3:30 PM

      If Tagg tried to rush the stage to ¨punch¨ President Obama, Michelle would have close-lined tackled him before the Secret Service knew what happened.

      (SPHASH has me believing Mitt´s sons hate him. Think about it.)

  4. It boggles the mind why anonymous onlookers feel they can ever speak about things relating to another person's life that they couldn't know about. Anonymity is a truth killer. That has been proven decade after decade. The FEW times it's helped don't erase or weigh more than the millions of times it's hurt.

    Though, at the crux of it all, I will never understand people who obsess over others' lives, especially in a hateful manner.

    Life is short. You obviously haven't learned that the hard way, but it is. Go live it. Stop hating. Stop judging. Stop stalking those youll never meet and those who don't know you exist.

    1. You wrote a comment when you obviously intended to write a diary entry:

      "Anonymous October 19, 2012 8:36 AM
      It boggles the mind why anonymous onlookers feel they can ever speak..."

    2. AnonymousOctober 19, 2012 8:36 AM

      What is this nonsense you are writing here? You're making my head hurt with your nonsensical ramblings Krusty? Did you read the post?

      Apparently not...because you launched into a dreamy fan letter that you probably send to Beefy which is why she is "TERRIFIED" of you! Get some help...stalker! LOL!

  5. I think it is love/hate, and the boys would have to spit out their silver spoons in order to get away.

    US election 2012: Mitt Romney 'pushed sons' faces into plates of butter'

    "Mitt Romney's sons have described their father's taste for aggressive horseplay, explaining how he enjoyed pushing their heads into plates of butter and wrestling them as children... uncomfortable echo of earlier allegations that Mr Romney had been a bully while at prep school and has a long history of uncaring behaviour.

    Matt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor's second son, told how his father would present his children with a stick of butter, telling them "it's so rotten you have to smell it". When they leaned down he would gleefully shove their faces into the plate.

    Mr Romney apparently repeated the trick recently with one of his grandsons, pushing the shocked child's head into a platter of whipped cream.

    Fun is one thing, hard work is something else.

    “We’ll be working on telling the Mitt Romney story, and certainly a big part of the Mitt Romney story is his family,” said Russ Schriefer, a senior Romney strategist. “One of the real organizing principles of his life is his relationship with Ann and with the boys.”

    In the Romney home, Saturdays were for chores; Mr. Romney grew up weeding his father’s garden, and his own children spent Saturday mornings scrubbing floors, doing yard work or helping their mother clean bathrooms, though the family could have easily hired help.

    “Whether it was digging a hole and filling it back in the next week, he’d find stuff to keep us busy,” Josh Romney said. “But he’d work right along next to us, and then when he’d say, ‘You can leave,’ he’d still be out there, and you’d be inside eating lunch and watching your dad outside working, and you’d feel guilty.”

    Sundays were for church. When Tagg Romney, then 14, was invited to a birthday party on a Sunday, his parents frowned at the idea. “We said: ‘No. This is where you’re supposed to be, at church, not birthday parties,’ ” Ann Romney said in an interview. But she and her husband also left it to Tagg to make his own decision. He chose to go to the party.

    “When I got home he didn’t say, ‘What did you think?’ ” the younger Mr. Romney recalled of his father. “But I remember feeling, ‘This was a mistake, this wasn’t a typical Sunday.’ ”

    Dysfunctional families perpetuate their problems from one generation to the next. Let's let another one (Bush also) into the White House.

    1. Mitt not only cannot relate to 99% of the country, he obviously didn't know how to relate to his own sons. Where are the nice stories? All I've heard are very disturbing tales of Mitt being unable to interact with his children as most fathers would. Pushing someone's face into a butter dish or a plate full of whipped cream and then laughing about it? Does it remind anyone of another dysfunctional family? A family whose mother laughed at the same type of aggressive behavior?

    2. I can't remember who actually did it. Who was the victim? I know it happened in the Palin house (not a home- a house).

    3. My dad used to do that trick with us (does this cream cheese smell funny to you?), but it was always just a gentle little touch on the nose. My dad was/is the farthest thing from a bully as you can get.

      One gets the feeling those kids got their whole face shoved into the plate and Mitt had a history and a pattern of angry, aggressive, bullying behavior.

      Wow! That sounds like what goes on in the Palin house with birthday cakes.

  6. And let's not forget during the first debate when he said live in front of almost 70M viewers that he's used to being lied to since he has five sons.

  7. Passive aggressive behavior is the only option for children who do not have the option to question authority.


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