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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Once again President Obama kicked Mitt the Shit's ass

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From America Blog

@glennbeck: I am glad to know that mitt agrees with Obama so much. No, really. Why vote?
Yikes, even more proof – Coulter is pissed at Romney (she’s talking about Obama):
@AnnCoulter: I highly approve of Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the retard.
Ari Fleischer said, after the debate, that the debate won’t matter – that means he thinks Romney lost.
RT @GregMitch: Fox admits it dial turners reached highest joy point at “horses and bayonets.”
Chris Matthews to Obama campaign deputy, Cutter: “I think you guys won tonight.”
@keithboykin: CBS poll: 53% say Obama won debate. Only 23% say Romney.
RT @ppppolls We have a post-debate poll running in the swing states & Obama was the clear winner
Chuck Todd says Romney acted “a little meek.”
The Washington Post ‏@washingtonpost Our lead story: “Obama keeps Romney on his heels” #debates
.@PoliticalWire: “The third & final presidential debate was @BarackObama’s best moment in the campaign so far.”
Jonathan Alter ‏@jonathanalter Romney was betting that he could change his positions and no one would catch up to it. But everyone’s watched now and he got busted.
Brian Fung @b_fung Obama did what he came to do tonight: defend his record and reveal Romney’s shiftiness. Romney came… and that was about it.
Jonathan Alter ‏@jonathanalter Romney essentially conceded that Obama doing decently on foreign policy, which with strong Obama performancd means Obama won debates 2-1.
Zach Green ‏@140elect 3.6 times more tweets after the debate say “Obama won” than say “Romney won”
Jim Heath ‏@JimHeath10TV Over 1,000 votes cast in our @10TV instant Debate Poll: Obama 58%, Romney 42%.
“@keithboykin: CNN says more Republicans watched the debate than Democrats, and yet Obama still won.”
Seven out of eight members of CNN’s focus group say Obama won the debate, the eight thinks it was a tie. No one thinks Romney won.

“@CNBC: Survey Results: Who do you think won the debate? Obama: 67%, Romney: 30%, Neither: 3% (Track:”
“@ppppolls: We went into the field in NV as soon as the debate ended for a poll that will be released Wednesday and voters there say Obama won big too”
RT @ReutersPolitics Obama made the stronger arguments during the debate: 63% Obama, 33% Romney
@BuzzFeedAndrew: CNN post-debate poll says Obama won the debate 48%-40%.
@GregMitch: CNN poll: Obama won debate 48%-40%–& again they admit the sample skewed GOP. Was 8% skewed in previous polls.
RT @ppppolls: Swing state voters say Obama won the debate 53-42, and are planning to vote for him 51-45
Cillizza from the Washington Post calls it for Obama:


* President Obama: Obama controlled the third presidential debate in a way not all that dissimilar from the way Romney controlled the first one. Obama clearly came loaded for bear, attacking Romney from the jump for a lack of clarity when it came to his vision (or lack thereof) on foreign policy. If you are looking for moments — and remember that the media coverage over the next few days will focus on just that — Obama had two with his line about “the 1980s calling” in regards to Romney’s foreign policy and his reference to “horses and bayonets” to call into question his rival’s understanding of the modern military. It’s possible that Obama came off too hot/not presidential in some of his attacks but Democrats will take a little too much heat following Obama’s cold-as-ice performance in the first debate. Obama came across as the more confident and commanding presence — by a lot.
* Mitt Romney: Romney clearly decided to play it safe in this debate — whether because he thought he was ahead and will win if he doesn’t screw up or because he knows that foreign policy isn’t his strong suit. But, as NFL teams (re)learn every year, playing the prevent defense almost never works. Romney was constantly trying to parry Obama attacks; he knocked some down but plenty go through too. Romney also struggled to differentiate how his foreign policy would offer a break with what Obama has pursued over the past four years. And, he seemed uninterested in attacking Obama on Libya, a baffling strategic decision. Romney was, not surprisingly, at his best when talking about how the economic uncertainty in this country led to uncertainty for the country more broadly but he just didn’t do enough of it to win.
And here’s your LOL:
RT @chrisgeidner: “I think it’s unequivocal, Romney won.” – Charles Krauthammer


  1. Good person who doesnt approve of juvenile hypocritesOctober 23, 2012 at 3:21 AM

    Anytime a mentally balanced person hears a legal adult using these kindsof juvenile nicknames, the speaker's credibility and seriousness goes out the window. Time to grow up and act like an adult SPHASH. Then how about taking an objective standpoint on politics like practical people do. There's way too much coddling and pedestal bowing. Politicians aren't saviors, they people humans with nothing greater inside them than anyone else. The double standards must stop.

    1. Sadly, I think he did prep as much as he could.

    2. WTF? Why don't you toddle on over to IM and read some facts about how the country thrives under Democrats and dives under Republicans? Your blind ignorance is astounding. The article you are looking for is from Forbes, you know, that highly respected financial magazine. Poor Dopey. Still clueless after all these years. LOL

    3.'re better than me...I couldn't understand none of the shit Krusty wrote @ 1:21AM...all those grammatical mistakes and pedestal bowing?? WTF does that mean? I just don't speak enough stupid and troll to understand what she says sometimes! LOL!

  2. Dear "Good person" @1:21 AM a.k.a. Kristy the Palin troll, you aren't fooling anyone so STFU already, thanks!

  3. Romney was sweating more than Nixon did. Guess he should have prepped more instead of tossing coins at a flag football game....

  4. Sorry, the "prep" comment was meant for Anon 4:20.

  5. Mama Grizzly opened her piehole today and spoke out against Obama's performance and praised Mitt the Shit as usual. She's so pissed off because Obama kicked Romeny's rich ass.


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