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Friday, October 26, 2012

Sarah Palin slams the president once again, refers him to the sex act Glen Rice performed on her, then uses Piper as a human shield

When she realized that "shuck and jive" wasn't the smartest thing to say, she throws Piper and Native Alaskans under the bus:

 For the record, there was nothing remotely racist in my use of the phrase "shuck and jive" – a phrase which many people have used, including Chris Matthews, Andrew Cuomo, and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney to name a few off the top of my head. In fact, Andrew Cuomo also used the phrase in reference to Barack Obama, and the fact that Mr. Cuomo and I used the phrase in relation to President
Obama signifies nothing out of the ordinary. I would have used the exact same expression if I had been writing about President Carter, whose foreign policy rivaled Obama’s in its ineptitude, or about the Nixon administration, which was also famously rocked by a cover-up.

I’ve been known to use the phrase most often when chastising my daughter Piper to stop procrastinating and do her homework. As she is part Yup’ik Eskimo, I’m not sure if this term would be deemed offensive when it’s directed at her or if it would be considered benign as in the case of Chris Matthews’ use of it in reference to Rachel Maddow. Just to be careful, from now on I’ll avoid using it with Piper, and I would appreciate it if the media refrained from using words and phrases like igloo, Eskimo Pie, and “when hell freezes over,” as they might be considered offensive by my extended Alaska Native family.

The outrageously outraged reaction to this expression from perennial hypocrites like Chris Matthews has only made me laugh. Mr. Matthews, let me share with you my favorite Irish toast: “May we always be happy, and may our enemies always know it.”

- Sarah Palin

She is going to get worse until FOX News pulls the plug on her.  I have a feeling when it is time for her last appearance on FOX, she is going to drop the n-bomb.  Seriously.

Sarah why haven't you shown disgust over Ann Coulter's use of the r-word when describing the President?  Oh that's right.  IOIYAR.


  1. That vile woman is desperate because she knows Fox is going to terminate her contract and that means no more cash flow, and the best way to vent her anger against Barack Obama is to use racial slurs and crass language. It's obvious the Quitter has issues with African Americans and hates them with a passion and like the Tea Party, she's upset to see a Black man as the president that's why she verbally attacks him and the First Lady. It's also funny how she scolds Piper for not doing her homework and never said a word to Willow about dropping out of school at the age of 17. Now that's called hypocrisy the Palin way.

  2. She's just ridiculous. "Igloo" is a racial slur now? And "when hell freezes over" is a racial slur as well? Puhleeeze! And Ann Coulter's and Rush Limpball's use of "retard" is ok because they are Rethuglicans? She is either the stupidest or the most mentally ill person in America at the moment. Skeleta has totally lost her two brain cells. There are no synapses happening in that pumpkin head. What a moron (or perhaps she prefers retard)!

    1. Apparently in Sarah's world, it's ok to call the president a retard and say he (a Black man) was shucking and jiving, but it's not ok to use the phrase "when hell freezes over" because THAT'S offensive and racist.

      Yeah, that sounds about right in Sarah's twisted little world.

  3. Palin is doing what she's always been paid to do - attack the president in every way possible to deflect from any good that he's done while in office.

    Fox news doesn't give a crap about her. She's nothing more than a prop in their ridiculous format - when she joined the ranks of glen beck, rush limpball, hannity and the others, it was only to step up the hatefest.

    It's comical whenever she does an "interview"...haha....her face looks like it's melting, the hair thing - well, I have no words for that one......her skeletal body - totally over medicated and abusing the prescription for sure. Her screechy voice, the juvenile lip gloss that is so annoying..

    It's obvious that beefy thinks her mother is "hot" which is so sad and pathetic. It amazes me that they're all so delusional when it comes to scary skeleton - she is a mess. Nothing attractive, smart or appealing about her.

    When she goes on a rant, it looks like she's about to jump out of her chair - she goes on and on and then suddenly and unexpectantly she ends her comment on an abrupt note, juts out her jaw and you're suddenly looing at this insane woman with her lips pressed together breathing heavily - and the look on her face indicates that she thinks she just said something really smart! hahahaha

    1. You described her perfectly!!!!! She is the Fox News political prostitute and get paid well to do the job they hired her for... screech the hate & stir the pot!

  4. Soooo, what's your comment about the other media commentators who've also used the phrase? It's just funny that democrats can throw racism as an excuse in our faces when it's not relevant (just because they need an excuse to continue living in denial about how pathetic their PResident is)

    It's a shame you're so hypocritical.

    1. "It's a shame you're so hypocritical." says the Queen of Hypocrisy. Says the woman who oozes hypocrisy from her pores and spews it like fecal matter from a hippo's butt (see Jon Stewart for graphic). I bet Krazy Kristy claims she is a Christian as well. Bwaahaahaahaahaa.

    2. Why hasn't Sarah said anything about Coulters "retard" comment??? Talk about hypocritical, oh that's right it came out of the mouth from someone on Sarah's hateful side of the fence so it's Okey Dokey!!

    3. Why don´t you fulfill your only goal in life?

      You remember, ¨My only goal in life is to meet Bristol, Gino and Tripp,¨ don´t you?

      And why didn´t you donate to SarahPAC. After all, you have a ¨five million dollar portfolio,¨ don´t you?

    4. There's no hypocrisy.

      Sarah Palin used the phrase to directly characterize the behavior of a Black person. The others didn't. And Cuomo (who came closest to that) apologized with no uncertain terms. He was taken to task for the comment.

      Sarah Palin has not really apologized and has used this to double down on her hatred and ignorance.

    5. Why can't you admit that your idol is a person full of hate and jealousy and even Repulicans like Romany and Ryan don't want her to be near them because she's a joke? You're just a hypocrite for siding with the Palins who are the Alaskan Kardashians and their 15 minutes are over.

  5. which phrase - "I'm not prejudiced because I fucked a niggar!"

    that one?

    6:54 is a moran

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