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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shots fired at Obama campaign headquarters in Denver

From NBC News

Denver police were looking for a person who shot at a campaign office for President Barack Obama on Friday, NBC station KUSA reported.

Police say there were people inside the office at the time of the 3 p.m. shooting, but no one was hit.

A single bullet struck the office and broke the window, Detective Raquel Lopez, Denver police spokesperson, told NBC News. But detectives could not confirm that the shot was fired with the intent to hit the office.

Detectives were still investigating the intent of the shot. They were looking into the possibility the shot was fired from a vehicle.

 Police were reviewing surveillance video for possible leads, KUSA reported. Investigators said they have a "vehicle of interest" and are interviewing witnesses.  A campaign official confirmed the incident but referred questions to the Denver police.

Has Sharron Angle been in Denver the past 24 hours?

Seriously though ever since President Obama took office, threats have at least doubled, and hate groups are forming at a rapid pace.  This is proof of that.

It's quite ironic because President Obama hasn't tried to ban guns.  Hell he even signed a law allowing people to take guns into national parks.

I'm sure Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and Sarah Palin approve of this.


  1. Obama has been receiving death threats since day one more than any American president. I'm sure that bitch Palin would celebrate if anything bad happens to him and his family.

  2. This is how it started for Gabby Giffords, too. Not surprised this happened in Right Wingnut HappyLand.


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