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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Troll comments

Willow Palin really is going to hair school?

You're all making some pretty lofty judgments considering your ignorance on such matters. 1. All the kids have had jobs since they were on legal age to work. 2. Track attended school normally, with slight interruption senior year in regards to hockey. Bristol was a good student who homeschooled her senior year. Theres also no reason to think Bristol won't become what she ONCE said. She is friends with her boss's family (his daughter is Tripp's "girlfriend.") She definitely is grounded and started creating a stable path since her son's birth. Taking a couple LA opportunities doesn't interrupt that in a major way, not when Tripp is always surrounded byt he same people and all those people love him (ie dwts friends, AZ friends...) Willow chose to homeschool with a friend in the middle of her Jr year. Piper is attending school normally and is engaged in normal activities like sports and instruments. Keep in mind event the oldest Palin is still young. They could change their mind like we all do. Why not lose the judgment and the stalker tendencies and let people live their lives. I don't understand why you think you know people just from reading a few rag article. True, this family's People interviews typically come/are true so you know a bit about them, but it's like you aren't treating them like normal people who change their mind.

Keep in mind that homeschooling in Alaska is common just because of school ridiculousness. More and more people wish to graduate early to start working. Remember, Willow ditched her first ever boyfriend this year because he was holding her back, though she's still friends with his family, who love her. Also, it isi mportant to remember that when you're famous in a high school, kids are even more catty and will try to bring you down with the most elaborate, nasty rumors and lies spread. That is not just a Palin thing. I saw it firsthand in my high school. Kids are jealous and perceive these people differently. And when you have media people walking around handing out large sums of money for a quote on certain people, it creates an even worse place to be and even more lies and exaggerated stories.

Comparing people is stupid and if YOU compare yourself to others and measure your happiness based on that, you will be unhappy in the end. I have an AA in business and have a portfolio worth about 5 million. If I would have followed in my classmates footsteps and become a PhD snob like everyone's parents because it's the "thing" to do where i grew up, I would probably have been unhappy. But who knows. I don't begrudge anyone for doing what makes them happy. I disapprove of people who are so judgmental (and hypocritical) that they perpetuate elitism and copycat careers.

You know nothing about anyone other than yourself and your family, and most of the time, you probably don't know the deep thoughts of even your own family.

Remember that before you judge. Remember that the next time you wish to put someone in a tiny box.
The above is true. Accept or not, but it is accurate. I don't play games, nor do I create my personal fictional mythologies like certain anti-palin critics. I learn things from the horse's mouth.

Also keep in mind that when Bristol gave that intouch interview in late 2011(?), Willow had already applied to Penrose and has just taken her senior pictures. Then, in March this year, she and her parents went on that Nascar excursion in what now appears to have been a grad present. One month after that, she started at Penrose.

^I am not claiming to be an omnipresent being who knows all details of people'slives. I can just put 2 and 2 together and read the subject's own words, not to mention observe the many public pictures at public events. It's easy to see truth in my comments when you think objectively and put things together. You just have to lose the blind hate.

And a stranger making ignorant comments about people she's never met is LESS creepy?
It's JUST AS CREEPY if not more.

Get a life SPHASH and anonymous. 

 Kaleigh Shepherd October 22, 2012 11:16 AM

Keep in mind these are Alaskans and they are no different from anyone else who either forgoes (for the time being) higher education in the traditional (whatever that means) sense to pursue something that will enable them to live in Alaska. You can have all the advanced degrees in the world, but living in Alaska, most of them wouldn't help you to live the most prosperous life possible. Why do you think there are so many dental hygiene students, cosmetology students, and slope/pipeline workers? Unless you work for the state in some capacity, which many teens and 20somethings do, you need PRACTICAL skills and common sense. You all talk like you're these highly accomplished, not-a-care-in-the-world, perfect specimens of man - when you literally seem to be forever at your cmputer passing judgment on people you have no idea how to understand, let alone know.

It's highly amusing how outsiders have no idea how to survive in Alaska, but it's good more and more people are learning and loving our state. Anchorage (sort of), Wasilla, Homer, Eagle River... are all wonderful places when all is said and done.

Strangers to this state need to not judge its people and land. I don't judge the lower 48's infamous cities and their stereotypes. Alaska, Wasilla and even native villages aren't different from your hometown. They all consist of people who work to survive. 

Once again President Obama kicked Mitt the Shit's ass

Good person who doesnt approve of juvenile hypocritesOctober 23, 2012 1:21 AM
Anytime a mentally balanced person hears a legal adult using these kindsof juvenile nicknames, the speaker's credibility and seriousness goes out the window. Time to grow up and act like an adult SPHASH. Then how about taking an objective standpoint on politics like practical people do. There's way too much coddling and pedestal bowing. Politicians aren't saviors, they people humans with nothing greater inside them than anyone else. The double standards must stop.

Hey look, you're totally wrong! Imagine that!

Soooo, what's your comment about the other media commentators who've also used the phrase? It's just funny that democrats can throw racism as an excuse in our faces when it's not relevant (just because they need an excuse to continue living in denial about how pathetic their PResident is)

It's a shame you're so hypocritical.


  1. Keep up the good work, SPHASH! You obviously irritate the hell out of our sanctimonious, hypocrite troll. She's a hoot! Boy, talk about someone who projects!

  2. Poor Kristy, she worships the Palins. ;)

    1. Yes, it is really rather sad when a person has such low self-esteem she has to live her life through someone else. Her hero-worshipping of people with poor character helps her pump herself up. Then, her constant hypocritical chastising of others here makes her feel worthy of the mythical Palin gratitude for her efforts. Very sad.


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