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Thursday, November 1, 2012

2nd annual SPHASH Turkey Award nominees-Update

Newt Gingrich
Mitt Romney
Rick Perry
Rick Santorum
Ron Paul
Michele Bachmann
Sarah Palin
Paul Ryan
Ann Romney
Rush Limbaugh
Todd Akin
Richard Mourdock

George Zimmerman
Hurricane Sandy
James Holmes (Aurora CO shooter)
Ex Penn State president Graham Spanier 

Bobby Brown
Donald Trump
Whoever made the decision to let Bristol Palin back on DWTS
Bristol Palin
Ted Nugent
Clint Eastwood
The Duggar family 

New Orleans Saints players and coaches who participated in Bountygate
Ex Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino for lying about his affair which got him fired
New York Jets QB Tim Tebow
Ex Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky
Baseball player Delmon Young
Cyclist Lance Armstrong

Update-list your choices in the comment section.  One vote per categor.  Write ins are fine too.


  1. Hi SPHASH! My nominee for this year's Turkey Award is no other than dumbass $arah; after all, she does have a pronounced turkey waddle! However, may I add a suggestion? Dumbass $arah should be re-classified under "Entertainment", where she belongs with that simple spawn of hers. Remember, she QUIT her elected position to seek fortune as a fame whore and abandoned her responsibilities to the Alaskan electorate! Categorizing $arah under "politics" is an oxymoron and misnomer - she is a "politician" in her own twisted mind and I'm a fuckin' brain surgeon!

    1. Yes. Sarah proves every year that she's the biggest turkey in town.

      (I wouldn't include Sandusky on this list. He's a criminal, not a "turkey.")

  2. I think this year's politics turkey is Ann Romney. Anyone who thinks dismantling the Department of Education and privatizing it is a good idea in our highly mobile society is completely out of touch AND a turkey douche. She should be thrown into the same rain barrel with the Tundra Turd and her Spawn of Satan.

  3. Could you please give us the voting criteria that we are supposed to follow?

    I guess we're supposed to pick the biggest turkey, but somehow I feel like I need more direction before casting my ballot. Maybe the candidates could run some ads here, and tell us about their qualifications for the job. Also, how long do we have to make our decision? It's obviously not a secret ballot, as WakeUpAmerica has already made an excellent choice.

    1. Pick one person per category, you may list your reasons for that person as well.

      I also added a few more names. The Duggar family in Entertainment (for endorsing Todd Akin, trying for #20 after Michelle's miscarriage and Michelle making Jubilee's death all about her)

      Graham Spanier in the Newsmakers section. Charges of perjury and obstruction of justice have just been filed against him regarding the Penn State sex abuse scandal.

    2. Thanks for the update.
      Here's my pick. My would-be Senator, the abortion clinic protester and harasser himself, superstar of the House Committee on Science, ladies and gentlemen...Mr. Todd Akin!

      This turkey turned a ten point lead in the polling to a 10 point deficit overnight, with one sentence!

      As big of turkeys as those others are, I don't think any of them can match up with Todd, at least not this year.

  4. LevidumpedthepalinsNovember 1, 2012 at 11:05 AM

    Politics: Paul Ryan. If Paul had worn a dress and high heels, he would have stood a fighting chance in the debate. Instead, Ryan had to feign thirst to get a break from VP Biden´s relentless tea-bagging.

    Newsmakers: Hurricane Sandy. Sandy revealed President Obama as the title holder, Gov. Christie as the real contender, and Romney as a mere pretender.

    Entertainment: My write-in candidate is Bristol Palin. Bristol stole the spotlight from Sarah this year and did the impossible: She became more unlikable than Sarah.

    Sports: Obviously Sandusky tops this category, but Lance Armstrong is a close second. Neither have admitted wrong-doing to date.

  5. I suppose Krusty needs her very own category...

    1. She needs help. Modeling her hero Sarah, she realizes there is always a new low place to go.

  6. All the rMONEY sons should be nominated as a group for their lame and stunningly dishonest attempts to serve their country by getting their father elected.

  7. In politics: Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and the Republican party.

    In entertainment: All the trashy, untalented and fake TV reality stars (Bristol Palin, the Kardashians, Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, etc.)


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