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Friday, November 30, 2012

A gracious winner, President Obama had Mitt Romney over to the White House for lunch yesterday

Unfortunately we will never know what they talked about, because no media was allowed.

I have to admit President Obama is a much more gracious winner than I would ever be.  That's why I admire him so.

I do hope President Obama gets in a few digs, but I know it will not happen.

Dumbya Bush never invited John Kerry to the WH after 2004.  Guess he felt pangs of guilt for stealing the election from him.

And I cannot see Sarah Palin doing that either.  Or John McCain.

Speaking of Granny Grifter, I wonder when she will have a Fecebook post up asking why she didn't get invited to lunch in 2008.


  1. "Speaking of Granny Grifter, I wonder when she will have a Fecebook post up asking why she didn't get invited to lunch in 2008."

    ROFLMAO!! Undoubtedly, she is stewing in her own juices over the injustice of it. The Witch of Wasilla is probably on the shore of a dead lake stirring a large cauldron over a campfire as she conjures up a curse and a spell to punish that black man in HER White House. Several voodoo dolls with pins in eyes, ears, and abdomens are scattered on the ground . The crazy, matted wig on her head yawns, stretches, jumps down, and scampers off into the forest. "Taaawwwd!! Grab another ferret out of the cage for me!! My head is cold!!"

    I could go on.

  2. I think this is pretty funny. After having him FOR lunch on Nov. 6, the President then asks him TO lunch yesterday. Bet Queen Ann was ticked that Michelle didn't invite HER to the WH. I mean, it was 'her turn' to be First Lady, after all. Of course, the voters decided that one must be a lady FIRST, and Ann showed very little in the way of lady attributes, such as graciousness, humility, and caring for those who were not born into the mansions of America. Hey, Romneys, we outnumber you! And we saw right through your schtick. Don't you two have a barn to oversee, or a horse to ride off into the sunset? And what was Ann doing at DWTS while hubby was in DC? I thought they were inseparable. Just glad that now, finally, we can get on with moving forward and not have to listen to these two tell us what the rich think is best.

  3. I came up with the following caption for the picture:

    Romney: Nice place you have here.

    President Obama: Yeah. I just got a 4-year renewal on the lease.

  4. Romney couln't refuse the president without causing a huge PR blow back for the GOP. So he had to take one for the team and eat some crow. Romney was driven to the side door of the White House in a black Lincoln Navigator, but he opened his own car door and stepped out alone.

    President Obama dined on white turkey chili and Southwestern grilled chicken salad.

    Romney ate crow chili and Southwestern grilled crow salad.

    1. And for dessert, you guessed it...humble pie!

    2. Ha. Romney was never humble in his life. I'm sure he just feels cheated and angry, and is probably plotting his revenge. Good thing the President has short hair already...Michelle had better protect her locks, though.

  5. Is Romney going to invite Obama over to his house as well?

    1. Which house? He owns something like 8..and they ain't 'houses' if you know what I mean..

    2. I still wonder if the Romneys did absentee ballots for seven of those states, and then did one on election day in MA. I mean, without a national data base (denied by the GOP) how do we know what these multi-state people are doing before election day?


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