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Saturday, November 17, 2012

An open letter to Kristy aka Krusty Patullo


Why are you so obsessed with Sarah and Bristol Palin?

You have never met them and probably never will.  You live with your mother in Rhode Island and the Palins hate Easterners and highly unlikely they will ever visit the East Coast.  Since you are so mentally unstable you will probably never leave Rhode Island.

Did you meet Sarah at a campaign event or book signing?  If so that does not count.  You once said your only goal in life is to meet Bristol and Tripp.  Sorry not gonna happen!

You accuse me, other bloggers, and posters of judging people we do not know, being hateful, and having sad lives.  It's called projection.  You defend a family you do not know, bash people you do not know.

Also I see you posted Levi and Sunny's wedding pictures on your blog and criticized them.  You do not know them either, so STFU!

Speaking of your blog, the Palins have sent a C&D letter to you but you keep doing it anyway.  Why is that?   They want you to leave them alone.  Alone.  You are not helping their cause.

In one of your recent rants you said you were a product of rape.  Is that really true?  Is that why you are the way you are?   Did your parents divorce because of it because there was no mention of your mother in your dad's obit.  Sorry if I hit a nerve here but if that is the case you need therapy to get over it.

Your siblings say you have marketable skills and are very educated.  So why do you sit at home all day everyday defending the Palins?  Get a job, even a job at Wal-Mart is much more productive.  They don't want to have much to do with you either.  When your dad died all you did was sit at your computer while they were grieving and making final arrangements.  Sad.

Get a life Krusty.  I only pity you.



  1. Yep, just like a Palin (or supporter) they want the right to say lies but want to prevent you from having a point of view. Keep up the good work. Apparently, you are hitting a nerve because they don't like it. I live in the south and we sure are happy McCain lost. I know several people who couldn't vote for him because of Palin. Some joked they were afraid she find a way along with Pat Robinson to poison McCain to take over the country. But as crazy as Palin is I don't think she could pull it off. But we all got a laugh off of it.

  2. Seems like projection is a requirement to join the palinbot club. The hypocrisy and irony surrounding palinbots is astounding. Free speech is only for them. Everyone else must get in line or sit down and shut up.

    1. I see what you mean. It must be terrible to live in a town where you have to watch your back all the time. I wish the best for Levi and his wife. I think he has alot of them and if he is smart he will use it in his favor if Bristol starts getting out of line trying to take his son away from him. The big one we all are waiting for is the fake birth of Sarah child. She must think that people are stupid. It will come out. Once a power is waning the truth will come out. Someone will sell her out.

    2. He has a lot of what?

  3. I once went to her Facebook page and it was shocking to see over 3 million people supporting her as if she's a qualified politician and a wonderful wife and mother. It's disgusting.

    1. There a lot of observers there watching the train wreck.

    2. need some info pleaseNovember 17, 2012 at 10:18 PM

      Kristy has 3 million supporters? What office has she run for? What does that mean? What does this mean? I don't have Facebook, but maybe I need it. Things have been kind of lonely lately. Are there a lot of haters and ungodly there? I hope there is no sex type stuff either.

    3. I think anon @1:43 was talking about the Wasilla Wackadoodle. Dope-On-A-Rope isn't married.

  4. Can someone tell me how I can see Kristi's website? I would like to see how she thinks, how she gets thru life. Thanks.


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