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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bristol Palin should be thanking President Obama and the Democrats for the reduction in abortions

From Brancy's blog

When I got pregnant, I was only 17 and pretty scared. In other words, I feel compassion for people who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies and who are dealing with issues they’ve never had to consider. I wrote about the moment I realized I was pregnant in my book “Not Afraid of Life:”

Of course, you know the rest of the story. I know I did the right thing in having Tripp, and it looks like many other people are deciding to have their babies too!

On Wednesday, the CDC announced that abortion rates have decline 5%. What a wonderful development – it was a great thing to find out during Thanksgiving Week!

How convenient of you Bristol to leave out the part that the CDC credits sex education and access to birth control as the reason for the abortion rates going down.  I for one am glad too the abortion rates are going down.  Abortions go down when there is a pro-choice presidential administration.  President Obama respects a women's right to choose and wants women to have access to birth control so they will not have to have an abortion.

He also agrees abstinence only education does not work, which leads to more abortions.  If anything President Obama is one of the most pro-life presidents I have ever seen.

Speaking of abstinence, you and your family have no right to talk about it.

Chuckles and Sally were in the family way before marriage

Sarah and Todd were in the family way before marriage

You had Tripp out of wedlock

Molly and Mike were in the family way before marriage

Track and Britta were in the family way before marriage

Willow has had at least one pregnancy scare

Chuckles Jr's divorce was finalized in May 2011 then him and his new wife had a baby November 2011. Just learned about that on IM.

Bristol you have been underneath more men than a toilet in a public restroom.  Let's see the count:

Johnny Chandler

Dylan Klovig

Levi Johnston

Ben Barber

Kyle Massey

Gino Paoletti

Joey Junker

So shut the fuck up!


  1. Countdown to our resident palinbot telling us which of these young men Bristol was only friends with. But of course, our resident troll won't address "Brisol's" misconception (ha!) about the statistics on abortion.

    More girls are choosing to have their babies? Even if that was true, why would that be something to cheer about.

    Not every girl has so many grifting opportunities or are willing or able to exploit their child over and over again for a ton of cash.

    Of course, "Bristol" wouldn't come out in favor of birth control. Neither would Bristol, herself, because despite her true feelings, she can't say anything that would suggest she isn't on Team Fetus Fetish.

  2. Nancy French obviously missed the part about Bristol wanting to get pregnant, exposed by the Johnson family. She is as much of a liar as her mother. I think that the Palins have no idea how everything anyone does can be googled, or at least talked about by others. What happens in Alaska does NOT stay in Alaska. Bristles was on DWTS last night, showing that she STILL can't dance, just wiggle her butt and boobs, and raise one arm in the air. Pathetic. Did not see her mother, maybe DWTS requested that she stay away?

    1. Yes, that't the shameful secret. Bristol Palin had a planned pregnancy.

  3. Oprah Grills Bristol Palin on Abstinence -

  4. She'll do anything so people don't think she's Slutty McSlutterson- and doesn't know it's too late. Seriously. No decent man would want her. She'll wind up married to some fourth-rate heavy drinker who wants to laze around the house and live off Sarah's alleged wealth. She'll have three or four more kids. And she'll never learn anything- when she finally breaks up with Fourth-rate she'll move downmarket to fifth-rate. Because she's losing her marketability.

    That's kind of the trouble with giving away so many free samples. People are able to judge them and walk away.

    1. Puhleeze. I've slept with more men than I can count on my fingers and toes -- and plenty of "decent men want" me. Let's stop with the slut shaming, shall we?

      A sane man would avoid Bristol, however, because her family is a magnet for toxic and corrosive drama. It and its members appear to engage in zero self-evaluation or self-inventory.

      The Palins seem eternally on attack mode, unwilling to give an inch no matter how wrong they've been proven or how much their stubbornness will harm them or those around them.

      I have a lot of sympathy for Bristol, but she'd be best advised to step out of the spotlight and focus on improving her mind and career choices. She has opportunities that most women her age -- with or without a tall toddler -- will never have. Watching the Palins throw away those opportunities is agonizing for those of us who would do something with them other than just squeeze the fast cash out.

    2. guess it depends on your definition of a decent man.
      certainly goes against her(palin) perported christian ethic.

  5. That's a lot of trial husbands for anybody, even a Palin. They must not have Until Death Do Us Part in trial marriages or Bristol must have reincarnated several times.

  6. Who would be interested in spending his life with a slut like Brisket who slept with so many men ever since she was 17?

    1. Actually its not so bad. Bristol started as early as 16 that we know of. So her yearly average for sex partners drops some percentage points.

  7. I hope Bristol lets her vagina recuperate between her encounters. That's a little too much for a small town Christian girl.

    1. Is there anybody left in town to hook up with?

    2. You mean is there anyone left in Alaska she hasn't fucked yet!

    3. But if she was an inner city negro squeezing out 10 kids with 9 different daddy's when she can't afford one that would be ok right?. You people need a life

    4. AnonymousDecember 12, 2012 1:41 PM your dirty white sheet is showing! You have GOT to be a Palin! Uh Wallow...get your fat ass off the net and go take care of that squalling ass tramp!


  8. LevidumpedthepalinsNovember 28, 2012 at 2:14 PM

    How often do the Palin gals bathe?

    I say Bristol and Willow bathe once a week.

    Piper once a month (she wipes her face daily with a wet wash rag).

    Sarah twice a year.

    I am as serious as a cardiac arrest.

  9. This is a disgusting web site full of Obama cocksuckers.

    1. Ewww...why are you fantisizing about the President's junk? Is that YOU Baldy? Er...don't you have some milk to clean up! You're bald headed idiot...totally fucked! Ain't life grand Quitter! LOL!!!

  10. Well now, let me see - Just where would us guys be with out the gals
    that are more than willing to: " BARE IT AND SHARE IT " Thanks to all
    you teases out there for absolutely nothings. Hard to get is not
    always worth having.

    1. that you mean Section 9? What's wrong dawg...can't get a woman to look in your direction? Maybe if you didn't worship that bald headed idiot from the swamps of Wasilla you could have relations with a woman without having to pay for it! LOL!

      Now...scurry back over to Crazies4Palin...didn't you hear the news? mean ChuckJr has some news for you! LOL!!!

  11. yone who hates on the palins is a jealous ho. Sarah IS America's only liberalemmings are filthy disgusting mentally disturbed people. If patton were alive he'd smack you all silly.

    1. "ho"...did you say "ho"? Oh dear...I wouldn't use THAT particular word troll in the same sentence as a Palin! Don't you know that Toad "the broke down" Pimp with the teeny tiny two tone penis has told the Palin NEVER...EVER...EVER...EVER mention "ho" when referring to the Palin mean women! Now you're gonna get it!

      *speaking in my Soup Nazi voice*

      NO "postage" for YOU!

      LOL! Dumbass trolls...y'all so damn stupid!

  12. Why would anyone care what the Palins do or dont do? Jealousy is a mean s.o.b., get on with life

    1. What up Krusty? Why you and your crazy minions hanging out on this thread? Did some kind of crazy bot call go out from Beefy's trampy ass? You're on the WRONG thread dummy! Get your lazy ass to the newest SPHASH post! LOL!!!

  13. Excuse me Anon, I loathe the Palins and I'm a 63 y/o grandmother. SP is a one trick phenom; she is a has been who exists for sheer voyeuristic pleasure. Palin and Todd have too many skeletons in their proverbial closet to ever be in politics again.
    From your entry I'm guessing you are lowly educated and badly spoken, like the Pales.

  14. Yeah, so what - I had three husbands, a daughter out from my guy and the second husband left me for it. I am with God and in peace. Not so for the gays that want to marry. Who says that is right?

  15. Jesus was poor. He had very little to work with. He was asked about a woman caught in adultry and He started writing in the sand, seemingly uninterested, as if to say "mind your own business".
    Bristol said she was terrified of disappointing her family after she decided to have our baby. She did the right thing and should be commended for it.
    "Darklady" November 29, 2012 at 1:17 PM "Puhleeze. I've slept with more men than I can count on my fingers and toes -- and plenty of "decent men want" me. Let's stop with the slut shaming, shall we? A sane man would avoid Bristol, however, because her family is a magnet for toxic and corrosive drama. It and its members appear to engage in zero self-evaluation or self-inventory."
    Umm Darklady you sound like shit, pardon the pun. You feel the need to magnetically be toxic and corrosive toward people in the political arena, though they weren't very long. The fact is Sarah Palin did such a good honest job at a lot less than her criminal bought out predecessors she is so much loved in Alaska...I feel she could never fit in US politics.
    As far as Obama, though I voted for him before I knew he was directly responsible for so much an assassination attempt on our son that it took a miracle and brought fire from the sky. As I have often complained to Obama why side with white supremists darkmeat?
    I guess so when you put on your hood you will feel like you are an equal and finally no-one will judge you for being black.
    I had been telling people black is beautiful but I stand corrected.


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