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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dave Parker of the Anchorage APD is retiring at the end of the year

From the Anchorage Daily News

From Kyle Hopkins in Anchorage --
Some Alaskans see this guy on TV more often than they see their own parents. His name has appeared in nearly 600 Daily News stories since 2008 -- Sarah Palin territory. One time he Tasered a bear.

Omnipresent Anchorage police spokesman Lt. Dave Parker said Friday he’s retiring at the end of the year. “I put in my papers today,” he said.

Parker is an ordained preacher and, unlike spokespeople at many police departments, a badge-carrying cop. His last day will be Dec. 31.

If I worked at a local TV station, I’d be piecing that blooper reel together now.

As you all should know Parker helped sweep Todd's involvement with the hooker ring under the rug.  He had a hand in harassing Shailey Tripp who has spoken out against the Palins.

Now with Sean Parnell turning up the heat on sex trafficking in Alaska, Parker must have decided to bail out now.

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  1. Things must be getting a little "hot" in the kitchen, eh, Dave? You can sweat for a while for what you did to Shailey Tripp and for allowing Todd Palin to continue his sex trafficking ring.

  2. The Palins are above the law which makes them look like some kind of Alaskan Mafia. It's strange how three lawsuits filed by the Massey brothers, Hank Stevenson and Levi against Bristol have been rejected.

  3. You can run from the investigation but you can't hide, Dave, and you'd better hope acting as a Palin patsy and a bully is the extent of your involvement in Todd's pimping activity.

  4. Judjemental much here? The randomm person on the streets knows that there is much more money to be made in the religion industry than the police industry. There is so much sinning in Alaska that more religion is clearly the solution.

    1. I dislike him even more now that I know he's a preacher! At least it all makes sense now because those religious types neither can tell the truth nor recognize it even when it bites them in the ass!

    2. Not just an average preacher either.

      He's a CALVINIST!

  5. When it was speculated that Sarah Palin was being investigated by the FBI a funny thing happened... Palin's attorney, Van Flein, was threatened to sue anyone who republished rumors of any federal investigation. Other reports tell of FBI Special Agent Eric Gonzalez making a favorable statement on a week end for Palin. That is typical FBI protocol? Special Agent Gonzalez has since been promoted to FBI Chief Division Counsel, Anchorage Field Office.
    Thomas van Flein

    The corruption appears to be much more entrenced than the APD. If Lt. Dave Parker could speak unhampered it would be awesome. I don't think any agency in Alaska is likely to investigate anything Palin or Heath. Diana Palin was caught red handed and that was pretty well taken care of. Nothing at all like the way Sherry Johnston's situation was handled.
    The Wasilla Church Arson December 12, 2008
    What did happen to the outrage? Why did pals of Church and Sarah drop it so fast? "We are told the FBI and the ATF are involved with the investigation"
    As I recall it was the FBI and/or ATF that were going to keep everyone updated on their Wasilla Church arson investigation. What happened?

    Sherry Johnston and the FBI is more egregeous. The FBI doesn't bother with small time, small town drug deals so it is truly alarming they would go to any bother with Sarah Palin's prospective in-law in December 2008. A few days before the due date for the baby Bristol Palin was to be carrying at the infamous RNC convention that introduced the Palin family and Levi Johnston to the nation. Far too many odd occurances and coincidence to go into but the FBI and other agencies deserves to be scruntinzed on that sting and arrest.



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