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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day is upon us

Don't forget to vote for this guy:

Minnesota residents, send this lady back to the Senate.  She's the best Senator in the land right now

If you live in Minnesota District 1, Tim Walz is your guy
Mike Obermueller will represent Minnesota District 2 well
Minnesota District 3 can't go wrong with Brian Barnes

Betty McCollum has represented Minnesota District 4 well

The best thing about re-electing Keith Ellison in Minnesota District 5 is it will piss Crazy Shelly off

Residents of Minnesota District 6, vote Crazy Shelly out and vote Jim Graves in!

Minnesota District 7, say yes to Collin Peterson
Minnesota District 8, yes to Richard Nolan, no to Chip Craavack
Residents of Arizona District 2, piss Sarah Palin off and keep Ron Barber in Gabby Giffords old seat
Massachusetts voters Elizabeth Warren is your only logical choice

Missouri and Indiana please don't let us women down!  Re-elect Claire McCaskill and elect Joe Donnelly


  1. Wouldn't that be great if they dumped the Minnesota Cuckoo (Bachmann)? She and the Alaskan Dingbat could tour the country together giving conservative motivational speeches about nothing to nobody.

    1. As a Minnesotan who does not reside in Crazy Shelly's district, that is what I'm praying for!

  2. Tundra Turd is going to have a nervous breakdown if President Obama wins.


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