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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Final thoughts on the 2012 Election and campaign

Voters in Minnesota District 6 may be starting to wake up a bit.  Michele Bachmann was re-elected by the skin of her teeth.  Washington County which is in District 6 even voted for Obama and Anoka County voted for Romney 50%-48%

Mitt Romney is so arrogant he never even wrote up a concession speech.   He thought he was appointed by God to be president.  Newsflash Mitty...God chose Barack Obama the alleged Kenyan Muslim instead.

I would have loved to have be a fly on the wall when Mitt got back to one of his mansions today.

Sarah Palin was a non-factor in this election.  Most of the people she endorsed with the exception of Debbie Fischer lost. 

Speaking of Sarah Palin, the Tea Party is officially dead.

The Rape Team is officially dead as well.  Aikin, Mourdock,West, Rivard, and King all got their asses handed to them.  Paul Ryan still kept his house seat but at least he won't be in the White House.

Best part of the whole campaign:

Even in Minnesota the Democrats got the majority back in the legislature.  The voters remembered the debacle of 2011.  Unfortunately my state senator was re-elected.  He is backed by his daddy's big business buddies.  Grrr.

Marriage amendments went pretty well to.  Here in Minnesota the amendment to define marriage as one man one woman failed.  Even better was the voter ID amendment which failed.  While requiring an ID to vote looks good on paper, many people like the elderly don't have a license.  The state would pay for ID cards but to get one you would need your birth certificate which costs money.

2016 Election is four years away but it's never too early to talk about it.  Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden have mentioned as possible contenders, but I do not see that happening.  I think Hillary is done after 2013.  Not many people serve as Secretary of State for more than one term, the exception being Cordell Hull who was FDR's SOS from 1933-1944.  The job is stressful and requires a lot of traveling.  While I love Joe to death, I'm not sure if I could support him.  Joe will be 73 years old by January 20, 2017 and I remember making an issue of John McCain being 72 back in 2008.  I think of Ronald Reagan and all the goofy stuff he did while in office.  He was in his 70's all of his presidency.  Even his son has admitted that Reagan had Alzheimers while in office.

I like a Brian Schweitzer-Martin O'Malley ticket.  Brian would appeal to Blue Dog Democrats and independent conservatives as he is a rancher and farmer from Montana and opposes gun control.  He is also the father of a special needs son and favors single payer health care.  O'Malley being from Maryland would appeal to the Eastern Liberal contingent.  He favors same-sex marriage even though he is Catholic.  Schweitzer/O'Malley or O'Malley/Schweitzer would be good, but I may change my mind a few years from now, so we'll see what happens.

Other possible contenders:

Elizabeth Warren.  I don't see her being a contender in 2016.  Not much experience and she would only be in her first term as a senator. 

Amy Klobuchar.  Amy has done a terrific job representing Minnesota as a Senator.  But she is not well known outside of the state and most of her bills have been consumer-related and nothing meaty like taxes and foreign policy.  She has proven that she can reach across the aisle, which would help her.  There was talk about her being a possible Supreme Court judge back in 2009.

Andrew Cuomo.  Andrew has executive experience being governor like Schweitzer and O'Malley.  He also has name recognition.  How he handles the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy will be a big test for him.

As for the GOP, they are a mess.  A hot, huge, mess.  If there is a standard bearer now it would have to be Chris Christie.  Romney has burned his bridges left and right and Ryan will never get the stench of Romney off of him.  I can see Christie being the Republican nominee 4 years from now and Rick Santorum his running mate.


  1. Ooooh, not Santorum. I mean, speaking of stench. I seriously doubt that Chris Christie would have any respect for Ricky-boy or even give him the time of day.

  2. Sarah is a ding-a-lingNovember 8, 2012 at 9:51 AM

    Between the 47% video and that interview with the conservative radio host who tried to paint him as a Bad Mormon, there was a lot of data for what the Real Romney was like. He was a perfectly normal emotional human being, who put an overwhelming majority of his personality on lockdown for interacting with The Greater Public, because he was terrified they wouldn't like him. And since he wasn't a great actor, it rang false.

    Such is the fate for he who tries to be all things to all men.

    I am torn. Part of me is glad that the billions of dollars spent on the Romney campaign was in naught. However, I can't seem to forget how much good that billion could have done had it been spent on food and medication for anyone that needed it. Then I look at the source of the money; this was never going to happen anyway.

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz will be the next POTUS.

  3. Fox should look at this election and question the depth of their influence. Between Fox and the billion dollars spent on the Romney election, they still couldn't squeeze out a win.

    Fox even has a higher viewership than the next 4 major cable news outlets combined. They have a loyal crowd that seems to hang on their every word, but that isn't enough now. And that is a bit relieving.

    1. Sarah is a ding-a-lingNovember 8, 2012 at 10:44 AM

      I think it is important that everyone basically, completely understand what Fox News is to the bulk of those followers that you note with "hanging on every word". It isn't exactly some propaganda machine that actually "convinces" many towards those views.

      It is comforting, entertaining, world-view affirming. Oh, and some pretty ladies. I have been astounded at how in brief conversation I have even got my Fox-loving, Obama-hating relatives to basically admit they recognize Fox is flawed and incorrigibly biased. The reason they watch it is they know when they turn it on they won't find anything particularly disconcerting or challenging in it. Indeed, they will feel better about being true 1950's style Americans and such.

      I mean the evidential case that Fox News is so utterly, incorrigibly biased is so strong on so many levels that anyone with some degree of intelligence and investigation knows it. Some just continue to like it for those very reasons/support it.

      Laugh at Fox News infrequently and just encourage as many people to use their Internet time semi-productively as possible instead of lamenting it tbqh, it isn't going to go anywhere in anyway I can imagine.

  4. Obama's re-election was like a slap in the face for those Romney/Ryan supporters and the Tea Baggers including Sarah. They're still in denial and the look on their faces was priceless. Even that clown Donald Trump was pissed off and he's not a politician, just a rich guy who doesn't care about the 99%.

  5. There are just about no more moderates in the national GOP. They've all been hunted to extinction via Senate and House primaries or retirements (g'bye, Olympia Snowe!). There is a solid chance that Jim DeMint is going to be the Senate minority leader or at least the NRSC head or some other leadership position. And Jim DeMint is fucking crazy.

    The most fucked up part about this is that Citizens United has accelerated this trend. The Koch brothers pretty much purchased the Kansas legislature, ousting all of the somewhat sane conservative voices with their own extremist choices by dumping barrels of cash into primary races that had typically been penniless ordeals.

  6. Sarah is a ding-a-lingNovember 8, 2012 at 12:54 PM

    I just watched the daily show and rachel maddow for today and it's really sinking in what a crushing, brutal defeat this was for the conservative party. A billion dollars. A senate supermajority. God Damn. The next four years are gonna own.

    Rush is having another meltdown. Bwahahahahhahahhah!


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