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Thursday, November 15, 2012

I wasn't going to talk about Mitt the Shit anymore but after seeing this I had no choice


Mitt is blaming President Obama for offering gifts to voters?  WTF?  First you have Karl Rove blaming voter suppression, then Rush Limbaugh blaming Hurricane Sandy now this.

Mitt I can give you several reasons why you lost

1.You tried to be everything to everybody

2.You insult 47% of the population

3.You are condescending to women and want to control their bodies

4.You flip flop more often than I change my underwear

5.You admit you like to fire people

6.You lie constantly

7.You turned Hurricane Sandy into a political event

8.Your wife is a self-entitled bitch

9.You are a self-entitled asshole

10.You refused to release your tax records

Your running mate Paul Ryan even said President Obama won fair and square.  Why can't you admit that?  Bobby Jindal rejected your comments.

You have two options...act like John McCain who was upbeat the day after the election, or be like Sarah Palin, who pouts and mopes around and accuses Obama of cheating.  I guess you want to act like a middle school child.


  1. You missed a major cause of his loss. He is in a WHACK ASS CULT!

    The WHACK ASS CULT used to engage in fucking and stealing and marrying the neighbor's wife and daughters under the label of polygamy and 'divine revelation' (or whatever the hell they called that crap to get the cultists to believe it.)

    The WHACK ASS CULT did the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Not sure what that 'revelation' was, but there must have been a particularly violent and powerful one to kill not only men but women and children. The stealing was kind of incidental after all the murdering. The WHACK ASS CULT is still covering up that one.

    More recently their so called 'prophets' had some new 'revelations' from Kolob or some such imaginary place that reversed the steal and fuck and marry your neighbor's wife and daughters 'revelations'. So only the zealots and true believers still admit to doing this kind of stuff now.

    There were some additional recent 'revelations' about the WHACK ASS CULT'S racist as shit beliefs. Right about the time the NBA Utah Jazz decided to move to Salt Lake City, the WHACK ASS CULT decided that "mud people" (official racist MORmON WHACK ASS CULT term for everyone but the whites) could be priests after all. They weren't in a real hurry to have this new revelation, they had the ABA Utah Stars from 1970 to 1976 in SLC with out needing the new "mud people" 'revelation'.

    The WHACK ASS CULT acts like a normal religion, but it actually turns all it's followers into entitled assholes like Willard and Angry Ann Antoinette who don't like all us "You People". Rafalca flies across the deep blue sea? Hell YES! Health care for sick people? OH HELL NO!

    The WHACK ASS CULT also makes the drooling dullard sons think they should take a swing at the President, but they are no doubt nutless wonders who would go home and hit their wives and children before having the balls to take a swing at a man. After all, they were "serving the country" by trying to satisfy the White Horse Prophecy. Call the Knacker! That horse is foundered.

    The other problem with the WHACK ASS CULT is that people not in it are starting to realize JUST HOW WHACK THAT SHIT IS! Kind of like realizing that your dumbfuck neighbor puts their dog on top of the car for a cross country trip.

    The WHACK ASS CULT also sends people around to knock on your doors and bother you when you are out mowing the yard. People are catching on, soon the WHACK ASS CULT will be viewed as favorably as the Moonies or the Manson Family.

    Some of the important people in the WHACK ASS CULT like to play jokes, like shoving their child's face in the butter plate. Another funny thing to do is give forced haircuts. This is not so funny now since a recent 'revelation' occured when their COUSIN IN WHACK ASS CULTERY Samuel J. Mullet Sr of Bergholz, Ohio was convicted for some illegal forced hair cutting, and faces 20 to life for the WHACK ASS SHIT HE DID with his little whack ass cult. (As an Amish cultist he'll never own a Multi Billion Dollar Mall like the 'non profit' MORmON WHACK ASS CULT does.

    The landscapers and maids had better watch out, all these mad people will be taking out their frustrations on those who have to take their shit. Losing is someone's fault and it shore as hell isn't THEIR fault! Mitt's Shit don't stink any more than his MAGIC UNDERWEAR! Any complaints and they will be self deporting themselves just after MITT fires them. Firing people works even better than Viagra for some kinds of 'guys' I've heard. Angry Ann had better hide!

    The rMONEY family membership in the WHACK ASS CULT is reason #11 for his FAILURE TO SATISFY THE WHACK ASS CULT'S White (and NOT black!)Horse PROPHECY.

  2. SPHASH,
    I don't think she hold back and try to be tactful. Tell us what you really think! LOL
    I think the Romneys were shocked that their magic underwear didn't deliver the White House to their doorstepl

  3. People like Romney and his family look down on people who aren't rich and white. You can feel the bitterness in his words after he thought that he won the election and he had the nerve for not thanking his aides who helped throughout the campaign and then cancelled their credit cards. I'd like to see a movie based on him similar to Game Change which exposed that bitch Sarah and showed the world who she really is.

  4. Sarah is a ding-a-lingNovember 15, 2012 at 6:16 PM

    Romney reflects on his loss in call with campaign donors:

    “The president’s campaign,” he said, “focused on giving targeted groups a big gift — so he made a big effort on small things. Those small things, by the way, add up to trillions of dollars.”

    He's basically saying "yeah that 47% video I actually agree with everything I said". I did not expect this pathetic of a response from Romney on why he lost the election.



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