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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

If Eleanor Roosevelt were alive today

Eleanor is one of my heroes. She championed women's rights and social justice. You could say she was the Hillary Clinton of her time. Eleanor and her husband President Franklin Roosevelt were the most powerful political couple in history.

Eleanor died 50 years ago today, I wish she was still with us as she could provide wisdom.

Eleanor would have protested along with the OWS protestors

Eleanor would have stumped for health care reform (like her husband and Uncle Teddy did)

More than likely she would have supported gay marriage, since some of her closest friends were lesbians.

Eleanor would have been in lock step with Cher and Kathy Griffin


  1. She'd be another target of $arah's verbal attacks like Michelle Obama.

  2. Thank God that we have such a beautiful family full of intelligence and grace in the White House! Can you even picture a McCain White House with him calling his wife a cunt and the gum-chomping, gun-totin', hump-everything-in-sight Wasilla-billies by his side? Oy! It makes me angry every time I think about how that stupid man let those uneducated, low-class, narcissistic vermin get so close to the White House. What a douche!

    1. Or those spoiled rich Mormons with their huge litter of kids.

      I love the Obamas.


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