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Friday, November 9, 2012

Now that the election is over...back to the Palins!

After Mitt the shit was officially nominated for president, I cut back quite a bit on Palin bashing and focused on Mitty bashing cuz he was the biggest threat to President Obama.

Now the election is over I'm focusing back on the Palins.

Let's see, Bristol supposedly has a new boyfriend.  Joey Junker what a name.  He looks like a pothead.

Bristol is also making hell for Levi and Sunny.   She resents Sunny cuz Sunny has two things Bristol will never have, Levi, and a ring on her left hand.

Bristol also sold her car.  I wonder if the DWTS baby was conceived in it.

The Creepy Chuck's book tour was a total failure.

Sarah was a non factor in the presidential election.  She even gave a token amount to the Romney campaign.

Sarah made a complete ass out of herself the night of the election on FAUX.

Anything else I missed?


  1. Are the Palins STILL peddaling reality shows for their talentless family? When will the IRS get around to investigating SarahPac? Is it legal for private citizens to beg for money under false pretenses?

  2. read that Gov. Parnell is investigating sex trafficking in AK! That should be good news for Todd Palin. Let's see how good an investigation it is.

  3. Exactly what do the Palins have to be proud of? Nothing. What do they have to be ashamed about? Plenty.

  4. Welcome back! Between your list, and the comments, that looks like eight or so pretty good posts.

    And Sarah thought you'd forgotten all about her.

  5. Sarah wishes we'd forget about her crimes and misdemeanors. And lies. And fake photos. And fake births. And real deaths. And drugs. And prostitutes. And mouthy children. And the list will grow....

  6. I wish the Palins would just vanish and stop writing books and appearing on TV for good. Too bad they still have Twitter and Facebook accounts to spew their garbage every once in a while especially Sarah.

  7. I just feel that with the election being over, that Palin has suddenly been pulled into ancient history.
    She never should have been relevant, but now she is completely passé.
    She is the failed VP candidate from TWO elections ago, rather than the most recent.

    I used to care intensely about the Trig Fake Pregnancy being completely exposed , but now I am happy to simply never think about her and her trashy brood again. As a matter of fact, the only thing nice I can find to say about Paul Ryan is that we weren't sucked into a personal spectacle like we were with the Palins.

  8. Well, there's a new failed Republican VP candidate in town, so Sarah Palin is obsolete. Roger Ailes told her at the time of the RNC that he won't be renewing her Faux contract, so she's out of a job by President Obama's second inauguration. Folks are speculating that Dishonorable Dischargee Allen West (R-Unemployed) will be taking her slot, which ought to give Alan Grayson a chuckle.

    Bristol lost Levi forever; now, no matter how nasty she is to Levi he can always find comfort in the love of his beautiful wife and baby girl (and his future children) and the life they're building. Bristol will continue finding new guys for Tripp to call Daddy but as usual none of them will hang around for long because she's completely self-absorbed, humorless and dull. She needs another unwed pregnancy soon, or she'll have to work for a living.

  9. Sarah is a ding-a-lingNovember 9, 2012 at 10:58 PM

    When a normal human being suffers the consequences of lying, their thought is "gee, I better be truthful in the future."

    When the GOP suffers the consequences of lying (this election loss after people were fact-checking them in real time) their thought is "how can we lie more effectively in the twitter age?"

    They've literally taken nothing of value from this experience.

    Embracing elements like Sarah Palin only ensures defeat in 2016.


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