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Friday, November 2, 2012

Stark contrast between a father and son

George Romney was Mitt's father and a Republican, but that is all they have in common.

George was a moderate Republican who had a passion for public service and volunteerism chairing the chaired the Cabinet Committee on Voluntary Action during the Nixon administration.

George was also the first presidential candidate to release his tax returns to the voting public.

While governor of Michigan he supported the Civil Rights Act even though the Mormon Church did not allow black people to be clergymen.  He also created Michigan's first civil rights commission, expanded state government, overhauled the tax code which turned a deficit into a surplus, and supported public education.

Mitt, on the other hand, is none of these things.

He cheats on his taxes, hates minorities, supports education vouchers, and ran Massachussets into the ground.

Mitt also has an older brother Scott who is a lawyer and two older sisters.  I don't think any of them have campaigned for him.  You hear very little about them.  Why is that?


  1. Mitt's siblings can't stand him.

  2. He will always be Mitt-the-Shit to them.

  3. I'm sure his family is ashamed of him except Queen Ann.

  4. Oh please. While George is not Mitt and Mitt is not George let's be careful history isn't being re written. All this shit about George is being served up by many of the same people serving up Mitt as a bipartisan reasonable person. Consider George Romney and the ERA.

    George Romney says the equal rights movement has attracted ‘moral perverts’ who want to undermine the very family the Mormon Church is striving to enrich.
    “At an international women’s year meeting,” said Romney, “lesbians and the homosexuals and moral perverts (cited) this amendment as a means of eliminating any basis of moral criticism.”

    ...Romney said he supported his church’s decision to excommunicate feminist Sonia Johnson who had campaigned for the ERA.

    Additional links.

    Miami Herald news story December 17, 1979
    "Romney: ERA home for 'moral perverts'",2787254

    Follow up report on additional George Romney letter to the editor
    where he stated: " “Surely this resolution [the ERA] and its supporting statements are designed to legitimize sex and social relationships other than those that form the basis of divinely ordained marriage, parenthood, family and home...",188174

    Equal pay for equal work, girl allowed to play sports, ALL SO GAY!

  5. Mitt has been corrupted both by his church and his never ending quest in the acquisition of wealth and power.

  6. I love how fast we can twist the news. The Daddy AHole was still a Mormon, still a woman hater, still a republican, still a gay hater, still a....let's not twist the facts.


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