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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Troll comments Nov 11-Nov 17

Thank you Bristol Palin for letting Tripp meet his new baby sister

Tripp has always resembled Heath relatives. When he was around 1, he looked just like Heather, who looks like her father. And Todd's family has traces of blue eyes (Jim and Todd). Tripp also looks a lot like his cousin Kyla, who is fairer, though she has hazel eyes (Track was fairer, and Tripp also kind of looks like Track at points in his life. I will say that even though Levi was fairer headed, he was never white blond like Tripp is. Genetics are amazing.
Eye color changes constantly in some people, as does hair. I would imagine Tripp will have darker hair once he's a preteen. I had white blond hair and now have extremely dark/slightly red hair.
I see Bristol's eye shape and lips in Tripp, and Levi's facial shape.

Why do a bunch of stranger who don't know these people even care? It's not like outsider ignorant opinion changes anything about another person's life.

He certainly loves babies. Every picture I've seen of him holding one he's beaming. Like mother, like son. I think Bristol was finishing up AZ business, like selling the car she bought down there earlier, before she headed back to Alaska. Trust me, she was desperate to get back, if not just to meet her cousin's new born, born in mid October. 

He certainly loves babies. Every picture I've seen of him holding one he's beaming. Bristol's probably loving being home, if not just so she can see her cousin's newborn everyday (born mid October). I think she was waiting to sell the car she bought down south. 


    Is it possible to block Kristy's comments just to ignore her stupidity and her love for the Palins?

  2. Blah, blah, blah blah blah, blah blah blah
    Totally predictable, Troll. Get some new material for your routine.


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