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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Troll comments Oct 28-Nov 3

Bristol Palin is a **** for not letting Tripp Johnston attend his daddy's wedding

He didn't even tell her about the wedding. LOL You're dense and need a life. This whole passing of judgment lifestyle you're living is sad.

Somehow in the midst of a hurricane, Krusty still has time to visit SPHASH.

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  1. Anyone who believes that the Spawn of Satan didn't know about the wedding is delusional. Oh wait...never mind. The Wasilla gossip mill was firing that juicy tidbit to the Spawn with repeated toxic salvos over the intertubes. Not to mention, Levi shouldn't have to tell the Spawn why he wants a visit with his little boy. The SOS is a diseased, vindictive control freak just like her mentally ill mama. Two turds circling the drain.

    Now, Dope-On-A-Rope, before you waste your time spouting your own toxic hypocrisy, bear in mind that we have no respect for someone who so blindly supports nasty, vindictive, unChristian LIARS. In fact, your devotion is so far off track, your train is chugging through the sands of the Serengeti.


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