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Saturday, December 22, 2012

If you can read this two things happened

1. The Rapture did not happen and the world is intact

2. The Rapture did happen and you were not called to heaven.  Now you are stuck here for five more months.


  1. Five more months to put up with the brain-dead? Not gonna happen. NOT gonna happen.

  2. If the NRA has its way, none of will be alive in five months. We'll all die from machine gun shots from their members. Because we know the Founders really meant to write: And the great Christian God has endowed all white men with guns that will kill elephants, a nd enough ammunition to kill every soul on Earth. These rights must never be infringed upon by any other man. White men are superior to all others, and must use that power wisely. But if provoked, I the God of all white men, proclaim that they should kill their adversaries, no matter how small.

    Check out the NRA Board of Directors (from IM): John Bolton, George W. Bush's pugnacious Ambassador to the U.N.
    Grover Norquist, anti-tax fetishist and the man currently holding the GOP hostage.
    Chuck Norris, ex-martial arts superstar and current advocate for putting Bibles in school classrooms.
    Oliver North, disgraced in the Iran-Contra affair during Ronald Reagan's second term.
    Ted Nugent, old "poopy pants" himself.
    Larry "wide stance" Craig
    Wayne Anthony Ross, Sarah Palin's ex-attorney and the first person in Alaska history to be refused confirmation as Attorney General.
    Rep. Don Young, Alaska's lone Congressman and an individual who once used the term "There will come a day when those who will bite will be killed too, and I'm very good at that!"

    How do these morons sleep at night on top of all those guns? Oh right...they all have armed bodyguards on duty at all times, because we now live in Hitler's Germany.

    1. I'm sure you meant, " White, CHRISTIAN men," right?

    2. I'd be happy if the "rapture" did happen, because maybe Paylin and her crew of grifters would be gone, and they could start working on grifting from angels and saints up in heaven.

      Ditto for John Bolton for War Crimes

      Ditto GRover Norquist for blackmail and lying

      Ditto Chuck Norris for Christian supremacist doctrine

      Ditto Oliver North for treason, perjury, and gun running

      Ditto Ted Nugent for draft dodging, and having sex with
      underage girls

      Ditto Larry Craig for lying to Congress

      Ditto Wayne Ross for being hateful gay basher. He compared his distaste for homosexuals to his distaste for lima beans

      Ditto Don young for 30 years of grifting, ethical lapses, and gay bashing

      Best of all we'd no longer be subject to the superannuated Granny Paylin screeching her hatred for anyone not a white Christian protestant gun totin' redneck

    3. All these men are on the Board of Directors of the NRA.

  3. LevidumpedthepalinsDecember 22, 2012 at 7:04 PM

    Rapture is not juvenile fantasy for some.

    Sarah Palin: I hate pooping, do I gotta poop in heaven?

    Pastor Muthee: You don't have to do anything you do not want to do in Heaven! To offset this, people in Hell have to poop twice as much.

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