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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Let's talk about gun control

I apologize for being tardy on this.  I was traveling on Friday the day the shooting occured and did not get home until late Sunday evening.  Then Monday and Tuesday I had errands and other things to take care of.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and anyone affected by it.  When I heard the news on the radio I was so upset I had to pull over for a few minutes and collect my thoughts.

This shit needs to stop.  Now.

For the record I am not against owning a gun.  I grew up in a house where there were guns.  They were only used for hunting, target shooting, and shooting vermin that were a pain in the ass.  My dad taught me that guns are not toys, but weapons which could injure or kill.

In addition to background checks a gun owner applicant should also supply three references who can vouch for their character and sanity.  If Adam Lanza who was a loner and had no friends had to do this no way would he be able to buy a gun.

Yes certain guns should be banned.  You do not need an assault rifle to hunt Bambi.  Also magazines should be banned too.  In fact there should be a limit on how many guns you can own.  All you really need is a handgun to defend yourself and a shotgun for hunting.  That's it.  Assault rifes belong in a war, not a school.

The other part of the problem is our attitude towards mental illness.  It's disgraceful the way we take care of the mentally ill.  Adam probably had no access to getting care.  If mental health treatment is not in the AHCA, then it needs to be added.

Since the shooting people like Ted Nugent, John McCain who has recieved more money from the NRA than any other Senator have chosen to remain silent and refused to go on the Sunday morning talk shows.

And then there are stupid people like Sarah Palin who can't keep her mouth shut.  Sarah you are part of the problem.  You glorify guns and blood.  And your actions caused the death of seven people in Tucson early last year.  Fuck you!

President Obama had to be the comforter in chief again.  More times than he probably cares to.  But he did a good job as always.

If a teacher can rush a shooter with an assault rifle, then a cowardly pussy like John McCain should say FUCK YOU to the NRA.


  1. There has been violence long before automatic weapons. ie bombings, obscure and infamous. The bombing in MI in the 20s killed more than the shooter in CT did.

    Without weaponry and the feeling of protection amongst the masses, tyrants would feel MORE powerful.

    The state of our mental health industry has always been in a bad way. There's such a stigma concerning those who need psych help. People misdiagnose, mock diagnoses byclaiming their enemies have so and so disorder when they just need a reason to dislike them. These behaviors hurt and belittle people who suffer daily from things most people experiences in different levels.

  2. Do we only count mass shootings when we speak of violence? Doesn't the fact that more than 10,000 people a year die of gunshot wounds in the US matter as much as 28 people dying in one episode? Who are these tyrants you speak of? The only people I can see being tyrannized are people dying from gun violence.

    Your response sounds like you need mental health treatment talking about mocking and false diagnoses and enemies and also mentioning needing the feeling of protection. Maybe you should find someone to talk to about this overriding fear you have. Normal people aren't afraid all the time. Normal people don't have enemies.

    And let's just go ahead an discuss the mental health problem. How do you suppose our mental health system became so broken? There wouldn't be a stigma if people could obtain services. Ronald Reagan shut down mental health facilities across the country. Every year money is cut from mental health funding forcing the shutdown of mental health services. Up til 4 years ago there were private mental health facilities where young people could be sent for treatment. Few insurance companies will pay for this kind of treatment. These facilities depended heavily on government assistance and that was cut off. Maybe with the implementation of Obamacare, we can get some of this back.

  3. LevidumpedthepalinsDecember 19, 2012 at 1:20 PM

    Sean Hannity says that the solution to school shootings is to have armed retired police officers in schools. It wasn't just a random idea he threw out, he kept on saying it, over and over again yesterday. He didn't say anything about paying them, or even hiring them as security guards. Like, his entire plan to prevent school shootings was for retired police officers to take a folding chair and a rifle to the nearest public school and sit in the hallway waiting for trouble.

    That´s why FOX and the GOP are in trouble. It boggles the minds of almost every parent. Instead of some gun control and a massive overhaul of mental health care in America, they would rather expose their children to firefights and turn the streets and hallways into war zones.

    No one cares what the NRA thinks.

    No one cares what the right wing thinks.

    This is about elementary school children.

    You simply do not fuck children.

    You do not stand in the way of anyone trying to help children.


    President Obama has carte blanche on this issue.

  4. no, he does not have carte blanche. lanza did not buy the guns. more rules and regulations could not have prevented this tragedy, banning all guns could not have prevented this tragedy...a responsible parent could have prevented it...a responsible gun owner could have prevented it, but THIS KID DID NOT BUY THE GUNS OR AMMO, HE WASNT OLD ENOUGH TO BUY THEM, AND HE SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD ACCESS TO THEM...every regulation proposed in the wake of this horrible tragedy does NOTHING to address the problem. NONE OF THESE REGULATIONS COULD HAVE PREVENTED THIS FROM HAPPENING! it goes back on the parents and the lack of responsibility of the gun owners by leaving their guns unattended and unlocked. i have a right to own weapons to protect myself not only against burglars etc. but also against tyrannical threats. it is going on all over the is kept at bay here because of guns, especially assault weapons. it is a balance of power having these weapons, not neccesarily that we need them to hunt. no one is saying that we 'need' them on a daily basis...they are a deterent. thats it. bleeding hearts, do yourself a favor, do some research on gun confiscation and mass genocide. happens all over the world and has happened over and over again. for me and many more millions of brave can ban or try to take our weapons all you will NEVER take mine! we are the reason this nation is great! we are the reason this nation is FREE! we didnt negotiate our independende from britain, we TOOK it! by force...WITH GUNS! we have since maintained this way of life by way of GUNS! it is not just our military that prevents serious threats to our is the MILLIONS of guns and gun owners. NOBODY looks forward to testing america on our own soil and this is due to GUNS, GUNS, ASSAULT RIFLES AND MORE GUNS! LAW ABIDING CITIZENS THAT OWN GUNS LEGALLY DO NOT COMMIT MASS MURDER! ASSAULT WEAPONS CAUSED UNDER 400 DEATHS LAST YEAR!! CRIMINALS DO NOT ABIDE BY REGULATIONS AND BANS! WHY ARE WE EVEN DISCUSSING THIS? LAW ABIDING, LEGAL GUN OWNERS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM PEOPLE!!!! GUNS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM!!! CRAZY, EVIL PEOPLE WILL EXACT EVIL WITH THEIR BARE HANDS IF LEFT WITH ONLY THAT OPTION!!! YOU WILL NEVER STOP EVIL AND VIOLENCE......EVER!! you need to protect yourself, arm yourself, realize that the world is full of crazy and evil people that wish to do you harm. cherish your freedom, your loved ones, your property and your life and protect them BY ALL MEANS NECCESARY! be aware and be prepared. be honest and responsible.
    but be realistic, YOU WILL NEVER BAN OR CONFISCATE OUR WEAPONS. the 2nd ammendment is clear! just look at drugs...we have 'banned' cocaine, heroin, meth-amphetamines, etc. ARE THEY UNDER CONTROL???
    HAD MAKING THESE DRUGS ILLEGAL MADE ANY DIFFERENCE? law abiding people dont go to the corner and buy heroin. criminals do...low lifes do. you guys just dont get it. WE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM!!!

    1. WOW...7:09AM! You might want to lay off the coffee...or energy drinks! That rant was as coherent as Baldy Palin and everybody knows Baldy hasn't been coherent since 1998!

      I hope you live alone in the woods by're SCARY!


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