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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Troll comments December 2-8

I found the perfect soulmate for Kristy Patullo

Is that your twin SPHASH? She has your temperament and maturity level

Bristol Palin posted this picture of Tripp on her blog

She probably just likes that picture.

I pick out old pictures of my kids all the time to use for various things.
To a parent, the child is every age it's ever been.

This is so ironic, because I loathe anything Palin, but your blog comments are the only ones that actually have me defending them on occasion.

Go figure.

Anonymous, do you ever use common sense and stop thinking with your black heart and brainless head?

All the Heaths always get together each holiday. They all alternate who opens their home for the extended family and friends. Last year, tgiving was at Heathers and xmas was at Sarahs.

And before you scream "stalker", remember, there are hate bloggers who actually stalk and send people to take pictures and hire PIs. I simple gauge things from technically public pictures. I also do not make judgments about things based on outsider opinion and rumor. That is far creepier than anything SPHASH has ignorantly posted.

Wow, Tripp looks a lot like Heath. And where's Heather's youngest son, the one who lived with Molly for a year and she begged him to stay the following year? Why are you commenting on who's holding Trig? Im not shocked at all she's holding him. Well, im a little shocked W's not, but Piper loves the babies. At cousin's bday, she was the one holding her 1 week old second cousin. They're all just loving people.

Are you around kids? Tripp doesn't look like he's 5 now. When he was playing with one of Willow's school friends, who's also 3, they looked like the same age. Tripp's even shorter. This post is weird considering you've never actually met Tripp nor seen how tall he is in person.

I'm around kids all the time. My daughter is six and in first grade. One of her best friends is five. The school playground is full of five year olds. My nephew is four.

You, on the other hand, are obviously not around kids...and that's probably a good thing.

"What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally".


  1. SPHASH how do you know it isn't krusty? Sounds like her?

  2. I usually post comments that I think come from Krusty or a Palin/Heath. The word salad is atrocious.

  3. kills me when people infer that height is the sole indication of a child's age. We who have been around kids (yes! shocking!) know it's a combination of the maturity of their face, how it changes from round and pinchable to having more distinction. Hell, my son JUST turned two and is in the 95th percentile for height. Which means that he's just as tall as some 5 year olds. But some people who are not around kids often assume he's about the same age as these other kids. because of his height. So no, trolls, when we're saying Tripp and/or Trig look older than their supposed age, we're not relying soley on height to make that assessment.


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