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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Troll comments November 18-Dec 1

Lisa Demer of the Anchorage Daily News is my new hero

This is such old info, I had to double check the post date to see if an old post accidentally showed up on Gryphen's blog roll.

You call her your "new" hero. Is this new info to you?

Do you have something new to add to the old story?

She apparently hasn't done anything more since 2008 so I'm not sure why you say she's your "new" hero.

Call me confused

Seems I started a bit of a controversy

Wow. This post is even worse that that other one. You literally just wrote all the most outrageous pieces of slander in one place. The most bizarre point in your list is that she actually had control over people's dating lives. Note to SPHASH: people do not break up because a third party wants it. People break up because the relationship wasn't working. Trust wasn't there. That is evident in B and L just using eyes and common sense. Cheating was the foundation of their HS relationship. You really can't grow past that. Distrust will always be there.

Other than that, this post is despicable.

Harassed her ex-brother in law and disparaged him in front of his kids. Todd did the same. (You have no idea what you're talking about & know no real inside facts and people's feelings. Note that that man wasn't liked by the family and he ALSO said some pretty false and nasty things. There are TWO sides to EVERYTHING)

Tried to force rape victims to pay for their rape kits. (That wasn't instituted by HER.)

Correction: when Levi was busy pursuing Tank's selfish dream, Bristol was living quietly and maturely working at a normal job. She took opportunities LATER when they arose because, let's face it, after so much slander was said about her via blogs, she deserved it.)

You are singlehandedly ensuring the blog world will never be taken seriously. Most people already think it's a joke unless the blogs are personal or a how-to topic. Congrats!

Re: Tucson shooting victims. (this is subjective. You couldn't possible know what she feels. If I were to judge YOU superficially, I'd call you a callous robot devoid of human emotion and honesty)

Re:Gabby Giffords (Apologize for what? The psychopath who was obsessed with her (gabby) dating back to 2007 and possibly earlier? No one is responsible for psychopathic actions besides the psychopath)

Re:Trig (your weird perception. He is her son and he traveled/s with her when he can. There's no harm in that. People love him and beg to see him.)

Re: President Obama's children. (Attack? I've NEVER read a personal attack on ANY of the Obamas. Bristol pointed out the weirdness in someone changing their mind just because of what 2 people casually said, when he initially gave a specific reason he was anti-Gay marriage. She didn't attack the girls. This distortion needs to stop. Sarah herself has even called O's family nice. Keep in mind that calling out his lies is NOT personally attacking him. I doubt she has a personal problem with him. She doesn't know him. Her problem is many people's. Obama says disrespectful things about large groups of people (small business owners, while having no perspective on what they really do for a living)

Re: under the bus (under the bus? HUH? She's likes McCain; how was Stein thrown under the bus? She ran against him. How is that different from Obama asked Hillary to be his mentor when he became a Senator and THEN running against her? Steve is a pompous ass, says everyone and we don't know what that was actually like. And Nicholle had no problems throughout the campaign with anything, evidenced by glowing smiles and good rapport between the Wallaces and Sarah. She then capitalized via a fictional novel later on. Why judge situations you don't have firsthand insight on though? It's weird and people don't care about ignorant opinions. People judge others for themselves)

Re: Curtis Menard Jr. (uncalled for. His whole family is close to hers. Her nephew's middle name is Curtis. These lies need to stop.They would hurt lots of people)

Bullied her neighbors. ( which is why she's friends with most of them. I met a woman who lived next to her in the 90s/early 00s. Loves the family and S and T. Also just met a young man whose family was extremely close to the Palins during that same time. They loved/love them. And why would you plurialize something when you're ignorant on the matter? Again, you're so young and weirdly judgmental, it's sad.)
Re: health care reform legislation, Legislation which will save thousands of lives. (First off, Canada has a BAAAAD HC system because of socialism, people die because of it. And Dude, you're an idiot who obviously has no idea what the measure could do to business. If my parents and myself still had our businesses, HCR would have fucked us over costwise. And she didnt do it singlehandedly. I personally had been hearing about those "death panel" type things since that summer, months before her post. Again, your ignorance is showing.

Why make judgment calls stemming from lies you started? Your lies stem from other blog lies. And you wonder why there's so much fiction on the internet in general. I feel sorry for you. Deeply.


  1. Oh the hypocrisy and irony just burns, doesn't it? I exempt the first one, though, as I don't think that is a troll comment at all, just an observation.

  2. sounds like they are all from the same person.

    nothing to back up the troll's claims...just more hearsay and gossip.

    the only difference is, this troll is in love with the Palins. Probably hoping for cash.


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