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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Val Chmerkovskiy wanted to be paired with Bristol Palin for only one reason

 From the Examiner

According to Wetpaint on Dec. 4, third-place finisher Valentin Chmerkovskiy originally wanted to be paired with Bristol Palin instead of Kelly Monaco, but not for the reason you might think.

Val, a relative newcomer to DWTS, wasn't too successful coming into Season 15, the all-star season. He had been paired up with Elisabetta Canalis and Sherri Shepherd for his first two seasons. He really had high hopes for Sherri Shepherd, but they were eliminated in the third week. So Val decided he would set things up the way he liked them for the all-stars.

"Going into [Season 15] I had very different views and my imagination was taking me in a different way," Val revealed to Entertainment Tonight. "My expectations were very, very different. I was really happy to the idea of Bristol Palin, only because I was so discouraged with my last two seasons that I was like, look, I'm going into the all-stars season, which is definitely going to be the most competitive, and the last two seasons I've been eliminated in [Week] 2, 3. ... I was like, Bristol? At least I'll have an excuse. At least they'll be a reason and I'll be like 'Well, I did my best.'"
Something more was in the cards for Val, though. He was paired with Kelly Monaco, the Season 1 winner, and it sparked an enchanting season of dancing and intense chemistry which took them all the way to the finals. Both Val and Kelly claim an incredible friendship has resulted from the pairing.
It will be interesting to see what Season 16 brings to the younger Chmerkovskiy. He made it to third place this season. Could Season 16 bring him his own mirror ball trophy?

All I can say is this-BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


  1. What do we know about Bristol? Not good at dancing, relationships, raising a child or continuing her education.

    A real catch if you ask Sarah.

  2. Well at. Least bristolxis an American!


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