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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What the Palins found underneath the Christmas tree yesterday


Washcloths and condoms


Red Bull, some fashion sense


Dancing lessons, a man




an education


Parents who love him


soap to wash out his mouth with, quality time with his daddy


  1. What? no cans for Sarah to throw at the frig???

  2. Sarah: Santa forgot the great wigs of the 1970's collection that I requested in my letter.

  3. Santa forgot to get Sarah a brain and class.

  4. Things Sarah Palin has that SPHASH does not:
    -a wonderful immediate and extended family who knows what matters and that's togetherness and love

    -friends she's had for decades who lets her grow and have her own life without feeling she's leaving them behind (some people couldn't handle it so they put their hate masks on and slandered her)
    -kids who are down to earth, love each other, know family is #1
    -a lovable little 4 yr old boy who lights up a room, who the entire family loves until the end of time
    -a lovely grandson who everyone instantly falls in love with, who calls babies "his baby", who calls girls "his girl", who's mature and smart, who's a good helper, who is adventurous and never without laughs

    she also has ignorant haters, who would call a pine needle placed in front of their faces purple, who hear one thing and imagine another out of hate, who will never be able to accept truth because they're so focused on perpetuating the lies they dream up.

    1. Shut up Krusty! Baldy is done! And so is Beefy's dumbass! Soon your pitiful defense of this stupid ass family will be over. So send the last of your SSI check to Baldy and Co. They're going to need it for the lawyers! LOL!

  5. Bristol, your 5 going on 6 year old should be mature enough to not call his Aunt 'FAGGOT'. Sure he calls babies his, because he is much older than they are. Sarah's 'FRIENDS' should be thankful for Sarah appointing them to Jobs that they were Unqualified for and her Pimp Husband should be Thankful that she did not 'SPILL THE BEANS' about his Sex Trafficking. You Palins are the HATERS, because your GRIFTING days are over. You have used up SARAHPAC and have misled her following.

  6. OK, I'll put all kidding and sarcasm aside In the famous video where Tripp calls someone a "faggot" he truly looks and sounds like he is about 5 years old. Now according to the Palin counting system, he will be 4 this coming January. He simply IS NOT that young and the Palin fudge factor is more than a few months. For anyone who still has an interest in this issue-- Bristol's "convention pregnancy" was very "unconventional."

  7. Bristol is a simple, saintly lady who is easily pleased. Bristol is happiest while eating cheese. That is why under the Palin Christmas tree there were six identical, beautifully wrapped, blocks of Velveeta.

    Shows how much you know.


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