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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Miss me yet?

No Dumbya we do not miss you.

Since you left the White House more people now have health insurance

The economy is recovering

The auto industry is thriving

The war in Iraq is over

Osama Bin Laden is dead



Sunday, July 29, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

Going on vacation for a while

I'm taking my annual vacation starting today. When I get back I'll post some pics. In the meantime I have posts scheduled for release while I'm gone.  And before I depart, I will leave Bristol a nickel's worth of advice:

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My theory on Mitt Romney's tax returns

As we all know Mitt Romney only released his tax returns from 2010 and 2011.  He did show his last 23 returns to John McCain back in 2008 which may or may not have prompted Gramps to pick Granny Grifter as his running mate, but the returns were pretty bad regardless.

Mitt's wife Ann told Robin Roberts on Good Morning America "We've given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation".  That is rich considering her father in law George set the precedent for releasing financial records and tax returns back in 1968 when he was running for president.

Mitt has even bragged about taking advantage of loopholes and tax money:

I think Mitt was still drawing a salary at Bain in 1999-2001 which would prove the lie he had retired from there, or he never filed at all.

If you are running for office and refuse to release any tax returns within the past 25 years, then you do not deserve to be president.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Penn State gets the hammer from the NCAA

Yesterday the NCAA announced that Penn State University will be banned from post season competition for four years, reduction of 20 scholarships a year for four years, $60 million fine which will go towards child abuse charities and programs, and all of Joe Paterno's wins from 1998-2011 vacated along with Tom Bradley's one victory while he was the interim coach, and five years probation.

Also the Big 10 Conference announced Penn State will not receive any bowl money that is divided between the schools and will be ineligible to play in the Big 10 Championship game while on probation.

On Sunday the statue of Joe Paterno in front of Beaver Stadium was removed as well.

Even though I preferred the Death Penalty for five years, this is a good start.  Penn State is being made an example of and it sends a message to all the other NCAA schools that this bullshit will not be tolerated.  Penn State football is broken for at least ten years, and the Penn State faithful can thank Graham Spanier, Tim Curley, Gary Schultz, Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky, and Mike McQueary for all this.

Of course the Paterno family had to whine about all this.  Here is what they (or son Jay) had to say about it:

Removing the statue:

“Tearing down the statue of Joe Paterno does not serve the victims of Jerry Sandusky’s horrible crimes or help heal the Penn State Community. We believe the only way to help the victims is to uncover the full truth. The Freeh report, though it has been accepted by the media as the definitive conclusion on the Sandusky scandal, is the equivalent of an indictment — a charging document written by a prosecutor — and an incomplete and unofficial one at that.
“To those who truly want to know the truth about Sandusky, it should matter that Joe Paterno has never had a hearing; that his legal counsel has never been able to interview key witnesses, all of whom are represented by lawyers and therefore unavailable; that there has never been an opportunity to review critical evidence which has not been made public; that selective evidence and the opinion of Mr Freeh is treated as the equivalent of a fair trial. Despite this obviously flawed and one-sided presentation, the University believes it must acquiesce and accept that Joe Paterno has been given a fair and complete hearing. We think the better course would have been for the University to take a strong stand in support of due process so that the complete truth can be uncovered.
“It is not the University’s responsibility to defend or protect Joe Paterno. But they at least should have acknowledged that important legal cases are still pending and that the record on Joe Paterno, the Board and other key players is far from complete.”
The sanctions:

“Sexual abuse is reprehensible, especially when it involves children, and no one starting with Joe Paterno condones or minimizes it. The horrific acts committed by Jerry Sandusky shock the conscience of every decent human being. How Sandusky was able to get away with his crimes for so long has yet to be fully understood, despite the claims and assertions of the Freeh report.
The release of the Freeh report has triggered an avalanche of vitriol, condemnation and posthumous punishment on Joe Paterno. The NCAA has now become the latest party to accept the report as the final word on the Sandusky scandal. The sanctions announced by the NCAA today defame the legacy and contributions of a great coach and educator without any input from our family or those who knew him best.
That the President, the Athletic Director and the Board of Trustees accepted this unprecedented action by the NCAA without requiring a full due process hearing before the Committee on Infractions is an abdication of their responsibilities and a breach of their fiduciary duties to the University and the 500,000 alumni. Punishing past, present and future students of the University because of Sandusky’s crimes does not serve justice. This is not a fair or thoughtful action; it is a panicked response to the public’s understandable revulsion at what Sandusky did.
The point of due process is to protect against this sort of reflexive action. Joe Paterno was never interviewed by the University or the Freeh Group. His counsel has not been able to interview key witnesses as they are represented by counsel related to ongoing litigation. We have had no access to the records reviewed by the Freeh group. The NCAA never contacted our family or our legal counsel. And the fact that several parties have pending trials that could produce evidence and testimony relevant to this matter has been totally discounted.
Unfortunately all of these facts have been ignored by the NCAA, the Freeh Group and the University.”
And here is MY response to the Paternos:

Shut the fuck up!  You are acting like Joe is the only victim in this whole saga.  Joe had numerous opportunities between 1998-2011 to speak up and he didn't.  That is his own fault.  A week before he died he was asked by a reporter if he knew about the 1998 investigation and he lied saying he did not.  The proof is in the e-mails.  He also committed perjury in the grand jury investigation.  You should be glad he is dead so he would not have to face federal charges.

I think what is really pissing you off is that your dad/husband can no longer call the shots at PSU like he did for forty years.  And since he is gone your family is now persona non grata as it should be.  You even demanded access to the university jet, and a prime suite box at Beaver Stadium for 25 years.  And he got that deal months before the scandal broke.  No wonder the administration wants nothing to do with you.

And by the way, shut the fuck up!  I will enjoy watching Iowa kick PSU's ass for at least ten years.  At least Coach Ferentz had a winning record against JoePa.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Palin curse strikes Jeremy Lin

The New York Knicks decided not to keep Jeremy Lin so he was shipped off to the Houston Rockets.

Back in February when Linsanity was going on Sarah had to open her piehole and declare her love for Jeremy.  I thought she didn't like Asians.

Since then Jeremy's production went down, the Knicks decided to dump him and now he is a Rocket.

Way to go Sarah.  Once again you prove everything you touch turns to shit.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Troll comments July 15-21

Worst. Screenshot. of. Sarah. Palin. ever

Shallowest blog post ever. You can tell you're not a mature adult yet. Hope you're learning a lot in school.

Considering you're the only people who stalk them, I'd say you're the sad ones who can't help but "live" other people's lives.

Now it's time for you to get a life and stop pretending like you know people you've never met. Go get a job, follow Bristol's lead.

hahahaha Anonymous, you're funny. You're seriously ignoring the fact that all our political leaders are proven liars to further attack one you don't like. Typical liberal.

Sarah Palin has taught us that there are people in the world who sit around spreading hate and lies about people they know nothing about and will never meet. So much hate from "democrats." And all because you can't accept the FACT that you're President is a proven liar. Notice how for the most part, conservatives don't "run with" trashy rumors told about the Obamas. Those old divorce rumors that probably did exist knowing the business? Conservatives know that stuff doesn't matter and makes the gossipers look stupid.

Notice how when the dems didn't get their way in the Holder case, they acted like babies and walked out. Notice how when the GOP didn't get they way in HCR, they did not walk out.

Or as long as people like liberal bloggers continue to ignore truth and perpetuate myth.

Look at all the happy people doing what they love, with the family they love, in the state they love most. Jealous much?

What do YOU do for a living and do you thoroughly enjoy it? Why not be the liberal you probably profess to be and stop judging others. Or are you just a hypocritical hateful jerk?

Why doesn't everyone just let these kids live their lives. Just because you choose to live hatefully attacking strangers doesn't mean said strangers deserve your constant ignorant judgments. I mean, isn't life about finding what makes you happy and who makes you happy and living happily?
It appears a number of people need to learn that little lesson, unless being ignorant and a hater is what makes you eternally happy. If it is, I feel sorry for your parents.

Let's just hope Tripp didn't inherit his father's hotheadedness or ever throws his hockey equipment into a bonfire. He's just a typical toddler who fights punishment. I think the fact that Bristol had parents who were so strict wil help her gauge how to best parent when he's older and understand what he might be feeling.

dude, none of you know what you're talking about? While he didnt deserve the radical treatment, Wooten was no good guy. He admitted his mistakes remember. What's telling is, none of the Heath grandkids ever liked him.

Because he has ulterior motives, he's not a good source. People have moved on. Wasillans think of the Palins as just another normal valley family. I think it's high time the few public gawkers move on too.

Molly's son from her first marriage stuck up for Mike.  And Molly's kids with Mike complained about Aunt Sarah and Uncle Todd trashing their dad.  So which Heath grandkids didn't like Mike?

Sorry for the weirdly placed "?"

I was just trying to make clear that Alaskans generally are over 5 year old drama ( and older drama) None of this shit matters. What matter is, we have a President who disrespects private enterprise and only cares about keeping his far left base (for whatever weird reason.) We have an opponent who has so much baggage that he makes Obama look good. Not good all around.

All Sarah is doing is living privately, occasionally going on Fox to talk to 200 people, hanging out with their racer friends, and giving to random charities that are affiliated with the military and racing. She is over and her stalkers need to move on if they want to see good change in this country.

You know very well petite little Sarah Palin has no say in national govt. Whats weird is, in AK govt, Parnell makes Palin look benevolent, says informed Shannyn Moore. The fact that AK bloggers are still obsessing over a woman who doesnt hold a candle to Seanny P is sad for the whole state. Perspective.

It's time to grow up bloggers and stop creating your little biased/fictional rants.

All of you are disgusting and need to get lives. Her life is NONE of your business! Shame on all of you. And watch out because karma is a bitch!

Thoughts on the Aurora CO shooting

DaleinSanAngelo July 21, 2012 12:22 PM
You couldn't just leave it at your prayers and thoughts. You had to link this tragedy to Palin. There is a time and place for showing Palin's hypocrisy, this is not it. Your just as bad as the congressman from Texas using this tragedy to further his warped Christian ideas. Take a step back and look at what you did, Palin did the same thing after Congressman Giffords was shot. Sorry buy you lowered yourself to her standards with this post.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thoughts on the Aurora CO shooting

My prayers and thoughts go out to the victims, their families, the shooter, and his family in Friday's shooting at a movie theater in Aurora CO.  It kind of hit home for me as I have family and friends in the Denver area.

Once again this nation proves that is lacks in providing decent mental health care  The shooter obviously had issues as he paraded around after the shooting claiming to be the Joker.  You can thank St. Ronnie for that as during his regime he cut funding for mental health care.

When will this country learn?

Now my thoughts on guns.

I support gun ownership.  I grew up in a household that had guns.  But my dad taught my siblings and me that guns were weapons, not toys and can kill someone.  Unfortunately a lot of people out there are not responsible like my dad.  That's why I favor background checks and also mental health check for anyone buying a gun.

We all know Sarah Palin loves guns

And she is a big supporter of the NRA and the 2nd amendment.

What IF Shawn Christy or Kristy Patullo made their way to Alaska and shot Sarah, paralyzing her
from the neck down.  Would she love guns as much?

Or if a deranged gunman walked into a movie theater and shot Track, Bristol, Willow, and/or Piper?

Remember she is a hypocrite when it comes to abstinence, earmarks, spending, and abortion.

Friday, July 20, 2012

What's Mike Wooten up to now?

So what is Mike Wooten doing now?

Is he still a Trooper?

Are the Palins and Heaths still harassing him?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Levi Johnston's Facebook page

Recently I  "liked" Levi Johnson's Facebook page.  A recent post states he will be fighting for Tripp:

 Did anyone else's mother ever teach them not to believe everything they see on TV? Do people not realize anymore how easy it is to set someone up, cut things out, retake a scene to make it look like something its not? Do people not realize that you only have to get my voice mail ONE time and replay it over and over to make it look like I dont answer my phone? Just to reassure everyone that has been asking.. I LOVE MY SON AND WANT HIM HERE EVERYDAY! Just be patient people, the truth about this will be out very soon and there will be no questioning for anyone if I try to be in Tripp's life or not.

Levi better hurry up, now Tripp is using gay slurs:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sarah Pac's latest report

 Here is the report

To her credit Sarah raised more money during the 2nd quarter than the first.

Did Krusty send her any money?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words

Yep says it all.  This pic was taken in 2004.

But then we don't need the Palin women wearing t-shirts saying they are Valley Trash.  Their words and actions confirm it.

Poor Piper holding that shirt up and she has no idea what it means cuz she probably can't read yet.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Troll comments July 8-14

Back to Willow's birthday or...Why does Sarah have to lie about everything?

 Alaskanloveforever July 9, 2012 11:19 AM
What are you talking about? And that's a pretty misleading pseudonym.

There are women who run half marathons at 8 months pregnant. My friend Kara's mom ran up until she delivered. But this is a woman who came in 8th in the Boston Marathon. I have a dancer friend who danced up until she gave birth. I'm sure there are women who do things like canoeing and kayaking on lakes just as pregnant. Women used to have babies then get up and go back to working hard labor.

Kayaking doesn't have to take loads of energy, esp on a lake. You sit there and paddle. In that picture of them kayaking, Bristol looks about 4, the age shed have been when Willow was born.

Then why does courtview say her birthday is July 5th and why do all her friends think it's July 5th? Newspapers aren't always accurate.

Exactly. So stop lying.

You're all despicable people and are the reasons too many young girls hate themselves. Funnily, Willow is not one of these girls. She is the type to call you out to your face though. Good girl.

Willow has Todd's exact facial features and face shape. The internet needs no more lies. Good people have already been slandered ie Curtis.

You sound like a jealous little girl. Cosmetology is a popular choice of career among Alaskans I've noticed. Willow's pretty popular everywhere she goes, including her new school. Why don't you not judge people? Hmmm?

She has teen daughters. Is it a huge stretch for them all to share clothing? Bristol borrows Sarah's things. Willow borrows Bristol's. PIper borrows WIllows. Vicious cycle of a household with mostly women. I've also seen Bristol wear Glennallen bball sweatshirts. Todd's?

Families share clothes. Is this really something you want to attack these people for?

This is random and rude, not to mention ignorant and just malicious.

Willow was born on July 5th. I have no idea why things say July 7th. Before Coutview changed their format, her birthdate is listed as the 5th.

Sunny Oglesby is being slandered on Rip Off Report

That writeup is nearly identical to one posted later. It sounds like an automated one, but from a computer with a virus. lol

Well Sunny, you wanted to be famous given your grift interviews. Now you're am F list celeb too. I wonder if Sadie will get more than 5k for the pics than she did for Tripp.
Losers. Now they know what it feels like to be slandered. Just desserts. Though today even Levi wouldn't be recognized on the street easily. Only maybe 30o people know who Sunny is. If I were her, I'd keep it that way. Levi made a name for himself as a famewhoring deadbeat back in 2009. There's no changing that. If he pursues fame again, it reverts back to that persona.

To everyone, stay in Alaska.

Oh, puh-lease, you people make my anus itch. Judging from these comments, you´d think Governor Palin was the only middle-aged person hiding her bald spot with a ballcap.

Anonymous July 12, 2012 12:01 PM
Honestly, who gives a shit?

What do you have against clothes? They're not wearing clown outfits. They're out and about walking around in a place much different from Alaska.

AnonymousJuly 12, 2012 7:42 PM
Way to help the country steer away from the superficial SPHASH. This post is pointless and just adds to stupidity.

Anonymous July 12, 2012 7:45 PM
Their home isn't bare. The walls are now a warm yellow/creme and the furniture has always been tasteful. The decor as always been pictures and some crosses, since back when. Why are you judging people based on such things? It doesn't stop their house from being a place that is always busy.

She actually is starting to look like Willow. They were twins as babies and small children. And share widow's peak feature. There's a Palin cousin PIper resembles. Track looks like Todd's sister's son. Bristol's lil miss native girl.

Friday, July 13, 2012

The NCAA needs to give Penn State the death penalty

For those who do not know when the NCAA gives a college athletic team the death penalty it means the team is barred from competition for at least a year.  The last time a major college football team got the death penalty was Southern Methodist University in 1987 for repeated violations which included boosters giving money to athletes.

That is what the NCAA needs to do.  To Penn State that is.

Covering up a child sex abuse is much worse than a booster giving money to an athlete.  Or an employee committing academic fraud so a basketball player can stay eligible, which happened at the University of Minnesota during the mid 1990's.  Or lack of institutional control at Miami.

Federal law requires that an educational institution report any sexual assaults on campus.  Obviously the 2001 incident where Mike McQueary caught Jerry Sandusky raping a boy in the shower never got reported.  That should be worthy of the NCAA's attention.

As a college sports fan I never liked the NCAA.  Brian Bosworth as big as an ass he was at Oklahoma was right.  The NCAA and it's member schools makes millions off these student athletes (or should I say athlete-students) yet will penalize a student if they transfer or someone buys them a burger.  If Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz was sitting in his office eating a pizza and QB James Vandenberg walks into his office and Coach offers him a slice, it would be a violation.

The NCAA needs to grow a pair and slap Penn State with the biggest penalty possible.  If they don't then they are just as big a pussy las Joe Paterno, Tim Curley, Gary Schultz, Graham Spanier, and Mike McQueary

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mitt Romney made some of his fortune from an abortion disposal company

From Mother Jones

Earlier this year, Mitt Romney nearly landed in a politically perilous controversy when the Huffington Post reported that in 1999 the GOP presidential candidate had been part of an investment group that invested $75 million in Stericycle, a medical-waste disposal firm that has been attacked by anti-abortion groups for disposing aborted fetuses collected from family planning clinics. Coming during the heat of the GOP primaries, as Romney tried to sell South Carolina Republicans on his pro-life bona fides, the revelation had the potential to damage the candidate's reputation among values voters already suspicious of his shifting position on abortion.

But Bain Capital, the private equity firm Romney founded, tamped down the controversy. The company said Romney left the firm in February 1999 to run the troubled 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and likely had nothing to with the deal. The matter never became a campaign issue. But documents filed by Bain and Stericycle with the Securities and Exchange Commission—and obtained by Mother Jones—list Romney as an active participant in the investment. And this deal helped Stericycle, a company with a poor safety record, grow, while yielding tens of millions of dollars in profits for Romney and his partners. The documents—one of which was signed by Romney—also contradict the official account of Romney's exit from Bain.
The Stericycle deal—the abortion connection aside—is relevant because of questions regarding the timing of Romney's departure from the private equity firm he founded. Responding to a recent Washington Post story reporting that Bain-acquired companies outsourced jobs, the Romney campaign insisted that Romney exited Bain in February 1999, a month or more before Bain took over two of the companies named in the Post's article. The SEC documents undercut that defense, indicating that Romney still played a role in Bain investments until at least the end of 1999.

Here's what happened with Stericycle. In November 1999, Bain Capital and Madison Dearborn Partners, a Chicago-based private equity firm, filed with the SEC a Schedule 13D, which lists owners of publicly traded companies, noting that they had jointly purchased $75 million worth of shares in Stericycle, a fast-growing player in the medical-waste industry. (That April, Stericycle had announced plans to buy the medical-waste businesses of Browning Ferris Industries and Allied Waste Industries.) The SEC filing lists assorted Bain-related entities that were part of the deal, including Bain Capital (BCI), Bain Capital Partners VI (BCP VI), Sankaty High Yield Asset Investors (a Bermuda-based Bain affiliate), and Brookside Capital Investors (a Bain offshoot). And it notes that Romney was the "sole shareholder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of BCI, BCP VI Inc., Brookside Inc. and Sankaty Ltd."
The document also states that Romney "may be deemed to share voting and dispositive power with respect to" 2,116,588 shares of common stock in Stericycle "in his capacity as sole shareholder" of the Bain entities that invested in the company. That was about 11 percent of the outstanding shares of common stock. (The whole $75 million investment won Bain, Romney, and their partners 22.64 percent of the firm's stock—the largest bloc among the firm's owners.) The original copy of the filing was signed by Romney.

Another SEC document filed November 30, 1999, by Stericycle also names Romney as an individual who holds "voting and dispositive power" with respect to the stock owned by Bain. If Romney had fully retired from the private equity firm he founded, why would he be the only Bain executive named as the person in control of this large amount of Stericycle stock?

 Stericycle was a lucrative investment for Romney and Bain. The company had entered the medical-waste business a decade earlier, when it took over a food irradiation plant in Arkansas and began zapping medical waste, rather than strawberries, with radiation. The company subsequently replaced irradiation with a technology that used low-frequency radio waves to sterilize medical waste—gowns, masks, gloves, and other medical equipment—before it was transported to an incinerator. By mid-1997, Stericycle was the second-largest medical-waste disposal business in the nation. Two years later, it was the largest. With 240,000 customers, its operations spanned the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Fortune ranked it No. 10 on its list of the 100 fastest growing companies in the nation.

But the company had its woes, accumulating a troubling safety record along the way. In 1991, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited its Arkansas operation for 11 workplace safety violations. The facility had not provided employees with sufficient protective gear, and it had kept body parts, fetuses, and dead experimental animals in unmarked storage containers, placing workers at risk. In 1995, Stericycle was fined $3.3 million—later decreased to $800,000—by Rhode Island for knowingly exposing workers to life-threatening diseases at its medical-waste treatment facility in Woonsocket. Two years later, workers at another of its medical-waste processing plants in Morton, Washington, were exposed to tuberculosis. In 2002 and 2003—after Bain and its partners had bought their major interest in the firm—Stericycle reached settlements with the attorneys general in Arizona and Utah after it was accused of violating antitrust laws. It paid Arizona $320,000 in civil penalties and lawyers' fees, and paid Utah $580,000.

Despite the firm's regulatory run-ins, the deal worked out well for Bain. In 2001, the Bain-Madison Dearborn partnership that had invested in the company sold 40 percent of its holdings in Stericycle for about $88 million—marking a hefty profit on its original investment of $75 million. The Bain-related group sold the rest of its holdings by 2004. By that point it had earned $49.5 million. It was not until six years later that anti-abortion activists would target Stericycle for collecting medical waste at abortion clinics. This campaign has compared Stericycle to German firms that provided assistance to the Nazis during the Holocaust. A Stericycle official told Huffington Post that its abortion clinics business constitutes a "small" portion of its total operations. (Stericycle declined a request for comment from Mother Jones.)

In response to questions from Mother Jones, a spokeswoman for Bain maintained that Romney was not involved in the Stericycle deal in 1999, saying that he had "resigned" months before the stock purchase was negotiated. The spokeswoman noted that following his resignation Romney remained only "a signatory on certain documents," until his separation agreement with Bain was finalized in 2002. And Bain issued this statement: "Mitt Romney retired from Bain Capital in February 1999. He has had no involvement in the management or investment activities of Bain Capital, or with any of its portfolio companies since that time." (The Romney presidential campaign did not respond to requests for comment.)

But the document Romney signed related to the Stericycle deal did identify him as a participant in that particular deal and the person in charge of several Bain entities. (Did Bain and Romney file a document with the SEC that was not accurate?) Moreover, in 1999, Bain and Romney both described his departure from Bain not as a resignation and far from absolute. On February 12, 1999, the Boston Herald reported, "Romney said he will stay on as a part-timer with Bain, providing input on investment and key personnel decisions." And a Bain press release issued on July 19, 1999, noted that Romney was "currently on a part-time leave of absence"—and quoted Romney speaking for Bain Capital. In 2001 and 2002, Romney filed Massachusetts state disclosure forms noting he was the 100 percent owner of Bain Capital NY, Inc.—a Bain outfit that was incorporated in Delaware on April 13, 1999—two months after Romney's supposed retirement from the firm. A May 2001 filing with the SEC identified Romney as "a member of the Management Committee" of two Bain entities. And in 2007, the Washington Post reported that R. Bradford Malt, a Bain lawyer, said Romney took a "leave of absence" when he assumed the Olympics post and retained sole ownership of the firm for two more years.

All of this undermines Bain's contention that Romney, though he maintained an ownership interest in the firm and its funds, had nothing to do with the firm's activities after February 1999. The Stericycle deal may raise red flags for anti-abortion activists. But it also raises questions about the true timing of Romney's departure from Bain and casts doubt on claims by the company and the Romney campaign that he had nothing to do with Bain business after February 1999.

Mitt will do anything for a buck.  And you can take that to the bank.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sunny Oglesby is being slandered on Rip off Report

From Rip-Off Report

Sunny Oglesby who is from Wasilla, Alaska is in fact a clear Racist, Bigot and Discriminator who deserves to be exposed for her prejudicial ways against those who are not like her. The racism of Sunny Oglesby involves her closedmindedness towards those who are opposite of her racial/ethnic composition.

Sunny Oglesby's thinking is backward when it comes to being against others who are of a different skin composition in comparison to hers and of course racism always involve a great measure of backward thinking.  This backward thinking is reflected in her narrow minded biased choices against those who not similar to her in skin content.

Those who are narrow minded in this way will of course only demonstrate clear prejudicial or discriminatory tendencies which are indeed manifested or shown outwardly from Sunny Oglesby's own actions and ways.

Sunny Oglesby's closedminded and narrowminded biased thinking which is based on discriminatory prejudice deserves to be highlighted and revealed and such is the purpose of this report being written as a way of highlighting and revealing the discriminatory prejudice that Sunny Oglesby without a doubt functions most definitely in.

It may be cold up there in Alaska but it is definitely cold in the heart of Sunny Oglesby when it comes to other races and her bias against them.

Knock it off Bristol, Sarah, and/or Willow!

I know this has to be written by a Palin.  Look at the word salad.  Also the writer does not give any clear examples of how Sunny is allegedly racist.

The time and place stamp is Los Angeles CA, apparently a Palin has been in the area.  Perhaps for business related to Todd's unreality show.

Bristol you need to give it up.  Levi  is no no longer interested in you.  Move on.  He has.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Back to Willow's birthday or...Why does Sarah have to lie about everything?

Last week I posted that Willow celebrated her 18th birthday on July 5.  You can re-read that post here
However very astute readers pointed out that her birthday is really on July 7, not July 5, even though Bristol wished her a happy birthday on the 5th as well.

Sarah alluded in Going Rogue that the day before Willow's birthday (July 4) she went kayaking in hopes of inducing labor so Willow would be born on Independence Day.  Obviously it did not work or Sarah is lying cuz Willow was born a few days later.

Sarah didn't even wish Willow a Happy Birthday on Facebook or Twitter.  I guess she did not want to bring attention to this lie.

It's pretty sad Sarah has to lie about everything.   Is she that jealous of President Obama because his daughter was born on Independence Day?  Sarah and Todd had been married for over 5 years at that point so fudging Willow's b-day shouldn't have happened.  Unless Todd is not Willow's dad.

America dodged a HUGE bullet when McCain lost.  If Sarah will lie about things like her daughters birthday or how her son came to be, she will lie about everything.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Troll Comments July 1-July 7

Happy 4th birthday Trig Palin!

Trig is Trig palin, Sarahs son. NO ONE elses. Be nice! Sarah is an amazing politition, great mother and wife, and has a huge heart. So keep on hating haters but your just jealous of her amazing life and family. Sarah Palin and family you are truly a huge inspiration to me!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sarah Palin panty-sniffer Ted Nugent is a traitor


Worried about the legacy of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, Ted Nugent is now pondering whether the world would have been better off had the Confederate States, which fought to sever the union, been victorious in the Civil War.

The Detroit-born rocker and outspoken conservative activist writes in a new op-ed for The Washington Times of his fundamental fear of what he calls "Fedzilla," or a government with a social safety net. Triggered by Chief Justice John Roberts voting to uphold President Obama's Affordable Care Act -- but calling the mandate to buy insurance a tax instead of a penalty -- Nugent says, "Because our legislative, judicial and executive branches of government hold the 10th Amendment in contempt, I’m beginning to wonder if it would have been best had the South won the Civil War. Our Founding Fathers’ concept of limited government is dead."

 A longtime critic of the president -- he received a visit from the Secret Service after making allusions to beheading Obama and members of his administration while at an NRA convention in April -- Nugent blasts Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid as parts of what he calls a full-on socialist state.
"Our entitlement programs have bankrupted America," Nugent writes. "We have dug a financial crater so deep that many doubt we can ever climb out. With his vote, Chief Justice Roberts didn’t give Fedzilla an even bigger shovel, he gave Fedzilla an earth mover with which to dig bigger financial holes."
He then adds, "The president should have Chief Justice Roberts over for dinner, give him a ride on Air Force One and apologize for not voting for him during his confirmation hearings. It’s the least the community-organizer-in-chief can do for the turncoat chief justice who saved the president’s socialist health care program."

Nugent endorsed Rick Perry for the GOP nomination for president this winter, before later throwing his support to Mitt Romney.

Ted if you don't like it here move to IRAN!  Very conservative form of government over there which is based on Sharia law a faith based form.  Women have no rights and gays are executed which is what you want anyway.

John Roberts should be apologizing to President Obama for siding with Citizens United and flubbing up the oath at the inauguration, not the other way around.  And Ted you should be pissed off at George Dumbya Bush for appointing Roberts to the Supreme Court.

Ted and Sarah are such vile, hateful, disgusting people it makes me wonder if Bristol and Willow are Ted's bastard love children.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Willow turned 18 yesterday so now she is fair game-Update

Yesterday was Willow's 18th birthday.  No word on how she celebrated but I wouldn't be surprised if wine coolers, a tent, an empty house, and a 55 gallon drum with coke lines on top of it were involved.

Now Willow is a legal adult which means she can go to adult prison, get married, vote, and join the military, although she will probably only succeed in doing one of them.  People who drop out of high school are more likely to go to prison you know.

Since Willow is appearing in reality shows and is an adult, then she should be fair game for the paparazzi.  Wonder if Playboy would make her an offer.  Nah.  I think even Hef has better taste than that.

I bet it busts Sarah's chops knowing that President Obama's daughter was born on the 4th of July and Willow was a day late.  Sorry Sarah but rowing a boat does not induce labor.

Update-OK Willow's birthday is July 7.  I regret the error.  However I googled her birthday and there are several sites where it is reported at July 5.  Even Bristol's blog wished her a happy birthday on July 5.

Some even report her being born in 1995.  One even has her birthday listed as Jan 21.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sen Lieberman's response to my e-mail

Thank you for contacting me with your concerns regarding the misconduct of U.S. Secret Service (USSS) personnel in Cartagena, Colombia.  As Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (HSGAC), I appreciate your comments and welcome the opportunity to respond to you on this issue.
As you may know, I chaired a hearing on May 23, 2012, titled “Secret Service on the Line:  Restoring Trust and Confidence” to raise questions about the level and potential culture of misconduct among Secret Service personnel.   Given the importance of the Secret Service's mission, Ranking Member Susan Collins (R-ME) and I asked the top officials responsible for looking into the Cartagena incident, USSS Director Mark Sullivan and U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Acting Inspector General (IG) Charles Edwards, to testify before the Committee.  While both officials assured HSGAC Members that this incident is being examined thoroughly, going forward I do not believe we can afford to watch an agency with a mission as important as the Secret Service's be compromised.  That is why I am committed to finding out not only what happened in Colombia, but why it happened. You can review that hearing at
The agents and officers within the Secret Service must be held to the highest standards.  Displays of misconduct akin to the Cartagena episode potentially jeopardize the President's immediate safety or could create long-term, exploitable gaps in his security.  For that reason, a culture which turns a blind eye to this kind of behavior is simply unacceptable.  I believe it is particularly important that supervisors in charge of agents lead by example and maintain the highest code of conduct and continue to demonstrate the selfless and highly skilled traditions we have come to expect of the agency. 
Thank you again for sharing your views and concerns with me.  I hope you will continue to visit, and the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs website at, for updated news about my work on behalf of Connecticut and the nation.
Please contact me if you have any additional questions or comments about our work in Congress.


Joseph I. Lieberman

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to Malia Obama!

From Christian Post The Obama family has two reasons to celebrate the Fourth of July with the traditional Independence Day festivities as well as President Barack Obama's daughter Malia's birthday. The eldest daughter of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will turn 14-year-old Wednesday as Americans everywhere celebrate the birthday of the Unites States. The Obamas are scheduled to host a Fourth of July barbecue for military personnel and their families at the White House Wednesday. However, the First family has been at Camp David since Saturday, and it is uncertain if Malia will attend the barbecue. The special barbecue on the South Lawn today is expected to include a performance by country music star Brad Paisley as well as a fireworks display.  

Happy Birthday young lady! You are a fine upstanding young lady and you make your parents proud. I'm impressed with the way the President and First Lady have raised their kids in the White House. You don't see them on reality shows, doing drugs, vandalizing school buses, and breaking into houses. They also attend school on a regular basis too.

Happy 4th of July and awesome news

Hope you are all having a safe and happy Independence Day.  Here is the late and great Whitney Houston singing our national anthem



Yesterday I found out I passed the TAP test so now I'm offically a travel school gradudate! Next step finding a job. I've been looking online and a lot of agencies want experienced travel agents which sucks for me because I will be entry level. Maybe I will just start my own agency.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tonights episode of "Life's not a Tripp" has been bumped from primetime

From Hollywood Gossip

Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp is so unpopular, it can't even beat a RERUN of Dance Moms on Lifetime. So it's been pushed to 11 p.m., according to reports.

Lifetime will now be airing a new Dance Moms episode at 9 p.m. Tuesdays, followed by a repeat at 10 p.m. in Bristol's old slot, then Palin afterward.

The season premiere of Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp aired June 19 to abysmal ratings and worse reception from critics. It may be the worst show ever.

It eked out a total audience of 726,000 viewers, many of whom probably hated it pretty bad, and a meager 0.2 rating in the key 18-49 demographic.

The show follows the daughter of former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin as she lives in an L.A. mansion and volunteers for charity.

Bristol Palin also rides a mechanical bull and so forth.

She brings along little Tripp, of course, her son by Levi Johnston, who turned down money to appear on the show because it's too bad for even him.

What's more, Kyle Massey, Bristol's former friend and DWTS co-star, is suing Lifetime claiming he created the idea and was screwed out of the project.

You might not want to claim credit for this debacle, K.

I have to agree with the author of this article, the Masseys may not want credit for this shit show.  Why ruin your careers over a Palin?  The show is so bad that people would rather watch reruns of old shows.

I predict this show will be cancelled after the 5th episode.

Today is Independence Day in Alaska

A great day for Alaskans!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Troll Comments June 24-June 30

 The Palins and traffic tickets

A couple of minor traffic violations per person is a "shitload"? Hmmmm

Willow got a ticket for colored HIDs and speeding.

And considering their age, Sarah and Todd have few citations in this area

 On tonight's episode of Life's a Tripp, Bristol and Willow Palin commit child abuse

 Anonymous June 26, 2012 11:16 AM
There isn't video at your link. Just a nice article that makes the show and Bristol sound not too bad.

 Life's a Tripp bombs again!

"In addition, Sherrie, Sunny and Aunt Sadie will provide excellent female role models for Tripp."

A drug dealer, an unwed mother, and an unemployed Playboy chick are excellent role models? Sherrie raised the bummy Levi, that does not reflect well on her. Levi is no better than the Palins, or else he wouldn't have wanted Bristol.

AnonymousJune 28, 2012 12:52 PM
"Sherrie is a far better role model than Sarah. Sunny is a far better role model than flabby aremed Bristol. And Aunt Sadie is a babe."

Sherrie is no better than Sarah, no matter how you protest. Look at her kids, they are no better than Sarah's (do they have jobs?). Spin it all you want, birds of a feather, you know. Sunny wants to be famous, which is why she shacked up with a guy like Levi. Sadie is a babe--for Alaska. That is like saying Sarah Palin is smart, for Alaska. Maybe I have higher standards for attractiveness? Sadie looks like a dude. Bristol looks like Octomom's sister. They are all white trash. I won't suck Levi's dick just because it was in a Palin, like some of you are wont to do.