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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top stories of 2013

President Obama begins his second term

Boston bombing

Moore, OK tornado

Country goes off fiscal cliff

GOP clamps down on women and minorities rights

George Zimmerman off the hook for killing Trayon Martin

New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez arrested for murder

Paula Deen fired from Food Network in disgrace

Government shutdown

Navy Yard shooting

Capitol Hill shooting during shutdown

Nelson Mandela passes away

Monday, December 30, 2013

RIP in 2013

You can find a more complete list here. Conrad Bain 1/14/13

Stan Musial 1/19/13

Mindy McCready 2/17/13

Jerry Buss 2/18/13

Bonnie Franklin 3/1/13

Bobbie Smith (The Spinners) 3/16/13

Annette Funicello 4/13

Jack Pardee 4/1/13

Chuck Fairbanks 4/2/13

Roger Ebert 4/4/13

Jonathan Winters 4/11/13

Pat Summeral 4/16/13

George Jones 4/26/13

Chris Kelly (Kriss Kross) 5/1/13

Jeanne Cooper 5/8/13

Jean Stapleton 5/31/13

Flynn Robinson 5/26/13

Deacon Jones 6/3/13

Esther Williams 6/6/13

 James Gandolfini 6/19/13

Cory Monteith 7/13/13

Tom Clancy

Nelson Mandela 12/4/13

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sarah holds babies like a loaf of french bread

Remember when Andrea Friedman said Sarah holds Trig like a loaf of french bread?  She was spot on in her observation.

See above pic which Gryphen posted on IM.

No real mother would hold an infant like that.  This pic was taken in June of 2008.  Trig was 2 months old at the time.  His head and neck would be too unstable to be held like that.

Plus it looks damp in that pic.  Sarah should not have brought him out in the rain like that.

I think either Trig is drugged or that is a doll.  Sarah you are really reckless in trying to fake a pregnancy.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

My all time favorite sitcom is the Golden Girls.  Here is a Christmas episode back in 1986 season 2.  Enjoy!

Monday, December 23, 2013

An interesting blind item regarding our favorite grifter

From Crazy Days and Nights

This former A list politician/reality star could barely sit still at a recent book signing. So much twitching and that runny nose was out of control. What the world would love is a photo of her using coke. I dare say it would be worth millions.

Now who could that be?

It has to be Sarah.

Gee just look at her:



I am really concerned about her weight. If Todd, Sally, Chuckles, Chuckles Jr, or the kids don't stage an intervention soon she is going to end up like Karen Carpenter and I'm going to have to change the name of this blog to Sarah Palin HAD a Serpent's Heart

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Question for Todd and Sarah Palin

Sarah why have you not released Trig's birth certificate?

Todd have you ever been with or hung out with hookers in Anchorage?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sarah Palin is inciting violence again!

As you all know a Salvation Army Bell ringer was assaulted by a woman who was upset that she said Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.  The Salvation Army does not care what their bell ringers say as long as they are courteous and friendly.

Sarah definitely is to be blamed for this.  Remember she put up that crosshairs map that got several people killed.  She is a shameful person who does not care whether or not people get assaulted or killed as long as she makes a buck.

Sarah why are you so hateful?  Why do you hate Christmas.  Based upon your behavior you are.  Are you really an atheist?  So much projection Sarah. 

Of course the Palin camp knew they were going to get blamed so Brancy put up this pic.  Nice try bitch!

That picture has to be photoshopped.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

If Bristol is so broke why is she taking Tripp to Disneyland?

Recently Bristol took Joey and Tripp to Disneyland?  She also claims Levi owes over $60,000 in child support.  Obviously she is not hurting for money if she can take Tripp and Joey to Disneyland.

She also spent her Wife Swap money on a pontoon boat.

Another question-where is Joey's daughter?  Why didn't she get to go?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Just like her mother, Bristol's fans are racist and dumb too

From Bristol's ">Fecebook page:

 Roger Smallwood He's pretty much declared jihad on the American people. Wouldn't expect any thing less from a Kenyon.November 25 at 7:37pm via mobile · Like · 1..

 Kristy Patullo This President is an absolute disgrace. Will continue to pray for Pastor Saeed, Bristol.

 Michael Ellis The most anti-Christian president in history.November 25 at 9:38am via mobile · Like · 7.. Liz Conner Muslim Outreach is Obama's Number 1 Priority!November 24 at 9:35pm · Like · 9.. Jeanette Slade Obama is an instrument of Satan as is Valerie Jarrett without whom he does not make a decision.

Ben Blissett Obama is repelled by decency like darkness is repelled by light.

 Robert Burch Obama despises Christians like the Muslim he is!November 24 at 10:27pm · Like · 5


 Jackie Ward He has a right to be angry. I am angry. BHO should have demanded his release, but he hates Christians, so he would never stand up for one. Saaed was there sharing the gospel of Jesus, trying to help the people there, and he was arrested for being a Christian, not for any other reason. If BHO was any kind of man he would be calling for his release, but since he is who he is he won't do anything.


 Irma Leija Searcy True , well said , Kathy Boyd Barnard , Obama HATES Christians Because HE HATES GOD , He Will Stand Before On The White Throne Judgement , GOD WILL Have The Last Laugh , Obama is just being used by SATAN , He Don't even know it !!

 Debbie Baker I cant stand OBAMMY!!! HE DONT CARE ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE!!!!! Or any one but himself and family for that matter!!! HE LIES!!!!!!! I PUKE everytime I hear his name!!!!!!!
 Evelyn Spaniel this president could care less about Christians because he is a muslim
This is just a sampling of Bristol's fans.
First of all Missy and your idiot fans President Obama is a Christian.  2nd of all Pastor Saeed is an IRANIAN CITIZEN!  Just because he is married to an American doesn't give him special rights. You and your ilk don't even like immigrants, so why should you give a fuck about Pastor Saeed?

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rest in peace o little ones-Update

Remembering the victims of the Sandy Hook Massacre.

One year has passed since that unspeakable tragedy and we still do not have adequate gun safety laws in this country.

Who is to blame for that?

The obstructionist Republicans (and a few Blue Dog Dems) in the Senate

You can see the list here:

Lamar AlexanderRTN
Kelly AyotteRNH
John BarrassoRWY
Max BaucusDMT
Mark BegichDAK
Roy BluntRMO
John BoozmanRAR
Richard M. BurrRNC
Saxby ChamblissRGA
Daniel CoatsRIN
Tom CoburnROK
Thad CochranRMS
Bob CorkerRTN
John CornynRTX
Michael D. CrapoRID
Ted CruzRTX
Michael B. EnziRWY
Deb FischerRNE
Jeff FlakeRAZ
Lindsey GrahamRSC
Charles E. GrassleyRIA
Orrin G. HatchRUT
Heidi HeitkampDND
Dean HellerRNV
John HoevenRND
James M. InhofeROK
Johnny IsaksonRGA
Mike JohannsRNE
Ron JohnsonRWI
Mike LeeRUT
Mitch McConnellRKY
Jerry MoranRKS
Lisa MurkowskiRAK
Rand PaulRKY
Rob PortmanROH
Mark PryorDAR
Harry ReidDNV
Jim RischRID
Pat RobertsRKS
Marco RubioRFL
Tim ScottRSC
Jeff SessionsRAL
Richard C. ShelbyRAL
John ThuneRSD
David VitterRLA
Roger WickerRMS

As you all know there was another school shooting in Colorado yesterday. Of course the Palinbots and conspiracy theorists are blaming Obama. Fuck you all. And I know the pansy Republicans will cave and not push for any leglislation for gun safety. And of course the NRA is gleeful over the shooting. To them everytime there is a shooting death an angel gets it wings.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Why hasn't the Wasilla Bible Church fire been resolved

Here is the original article regarding the fire five years ago today.

Gov. Sarah Palin's home church was badly damaged by arson, leading the governor to apologize if the fire was connected to "undeserved negative attention" from her failed campaign as the Republican vice presidential nominee.

Damage to the Wasilla Bible Church was estimated at $1 million, authorities said Saturday. The fire was set Friday night while a handful of people, including two children, were inside, according to Central Mat-Su Fire Chief James Steele. No one was injured.

He said the blaze was being investigated as arson but didn't know of any recent threats to the church. Authorities didn't know whether Palin's connection to the church was related to the apparent arson or not, Steele said.

"It's hard to say at this point. Everything is just speculation," he said. "We have no information on intent or motive."

Steele would not comment on the means used to set the fire.

Pastor Larry Kroon declined to say whether the church had received any recent threats.

"There are so many variables," he said. "I don't want to comment in that direction."

Palin, who was not at the church at the time of the fire, stopped by Saturday. Her spokesman, Bill McAllister, said in a statement that Palin told an assistant pastor she was sorry if the fire was connected to the "undeserved negative attention" the church has received since she became the vice presidential candidate Aug. 29.

"Whatever the motives of the arsonist, the governor has faith in the scriptural passage that what was intended for evil will in some way be used for good," McAllister said.

The 1,000-member evangelical church was the subject of intense scrutiny after Palin was named John McCain's running mate. Early in Palin's campaign, the church was criticized for promoting in a Sunday bulletin a Focus on the Family "Love Won Out Conference" in Anchorage. The conference promised to "help men and women dissatisfied with living homosexually understand that same-sex attractions can be overcome."

The fire was set at the entrance of the church and moved inward as a small group of women were working on crafts, Steele said. The group was alerted to the blaze by a fire alarm.

Outside temperatures were minus 20 as firefighters battled the blaze.

Steele said a multi-agency task force was being assembled to investigate the fire.

Wasilla, the governor's hometown, is 40 miles north of Anchorage.

So who committed this heinous crime?  It's being stonewalled because most of Palin's lackeys are still in positions of higher up, like Sean Parnell.  And most people in Wasilla are too afraid of the Palins to speak out.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tomorrow is the deadline for Sarah to respond to the FEC regarding their concern about NRA travel expenses

What do you think will happen?

I anticipate a fine as she now has a new reality show so you know she is desperate for cash.

This is not an Onion story: Sarah Palin is returning to the airways to host her own outdoors show.
The program, called "Amazing America," will start on the Sportsman Channel in April. According to a statement by the network, the show is part of something called its "Red, Wild, & Blue" programming and will feature personal stories and interviews that reflect the outdoor lifestyle.
In case you were wondering, the Sportsman Channel reaches just 32 million homes -- less than a third of American households with televisions -- and is basically a one-stop-spot for all your hunting, shooting and fishing needs. Palin will join fellow loudmouth Ted Nugent, who hosts a show on Sportsman called, "Wanted Ted or Alive." It's a match made in conservative heaven, as the two have bonded in the past over their mutual love for rifles. Sportsman also counts the National Rifle Association as one of its major advertisers, airing a daily show called "NRA News, Cam & Co."

I'm happy for Palin, who seems to have finally figured out exactly where she belongs: shooting defenseless animals in front of a minimal audience while ostensibly staying as far away from politics as possible. Unfortunately, given her tendency to turn everything from Passover to NASCAR into a soapbox, I can't imagine it'll be long until she's holding up a freshly caught fish as a viable alternative to food stamps.

For what it's worth, Sportsman Chief Executive Officer Gavin Harvey maintains that Palin was hired for her celebrity, not politics.

"It's not our intention at Sportsman to take any political position," he said, per the Associated Press. 

"This lifestyle, coast to coast, crosses every type of political spectrum," which would be believable but for the fact that Palin is among the more geographically polarizing voices and has taken care time and again remind us that only part of the country can be considered true patriots.
Interestingly, Sportsman is owned by a private-equity firm run by Leo Hindery Jr., former CEO of the YES Network and one of the nation's biggest Democratic fundraisers. In March, when his company was vying to acquire another network specializing in outdoor programming, Hindery found himself at the center of a conspiracy theory held by conservatives who thought him to be "consolidating all of America’s leading gun-culture media outlets and stripping them down to virtual destruction."

Looks like Mama Grizzly joined Sportsman just in time to save "real American" programming.

You know I do not have a problem with hunting, for food, not sport that is.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Even the International Media thinks Sarah is a traitor

From Politicususa

Sarah Palin has made it to the big time; she’s been called out by international media. Three years ago, the Russian newspaper Pravda (this same paper has been quoted in numerous Right Wing publications when it criticized President Obama, and was considered a paper of merit at such time) eviscerated Sarah Palin for her unrelenting attacks upon the democratically elected President, at a time when America needs to stand together, united. When members of the International Press call Sarah Palin out for her lack of American patriotism, it’s time for the American Press to pay attention. It’s about time someone did.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey wrote in Pravda:

 By attacking the democratically elected President of the United States of America at a sensitive time in her country’s history, she shows the tact of a boorish drunkard bawling obscenities at a funeral….
And now she turns not only against the fibre and backbone of her country, but against its democratically elected President, accusing him of being incompetent for not stopping Wikileaks. Where was she and where was her GOP before and during the 9/11 attacks? She accuses President Obama of not taking “steps” to assure the leaks were not published. What “steps”?……
If anything is a threat to the national security of the United States of America, it is this screaming, unrefined oaf with as much class as a searing release of flatulence followed by hysterical giggling at a state banquet. Is this what the people of the USA deserve?
To attack the President of the country at a time when the USA needs to close ranks and stand together to consolidate the enormous strides his (President Obama’s) intelligent and respectful approach has achieved in building bridges, when her party’s period in government bombed them, Spankin’ Sarah Palin comes across as a pitifully inadequate anachronism from the times of the Far West.” 

Bancroft-Hinchey has been proven correct by the way MSNBC handled Martin Bashir. Palin was engaging in more treasonous talk when she compared the national debt to slavery. Her comments were more of Palin reminding everyone that the president is black, and in her view that is a very bad thing.
Bashir saw through her latest barrage of hate speech gibberish, and called her out in the most graphic way possible. The media responded by bowing to the imaginary power, and very real privilege of Sarah Palin.

The American Press won’t say what the International Press will for a variety of reasons, but suffice it to say that there are many agendas at play here, causing truth to take a back-seat to dollars. As a noted US media critic once said, “everything to sell and nothing to tell.” And what a shame, because this isn’t about partisanship or even elitism; it’s about patriotism and who better to cover this issue than our domestic press?

Ms Palin cloaks her myth in her flag, but one has to question just what that symbol represents to Ms Palin, given that she won’t stop attacking this country’s sitting President during each crisis that presents itself. The word patriotism derives from the Greek patriōtēs meaning “fellow countryman”; that would include all of us, even President Obama. I’m afraid Ms Palin and her followers conflate their false community of nationalism with patriotism, and under the guise of said nationalism, justify harming America’s standing in the world along with the very unity of our nation. One can’t help but question Ms Palin’s true motives, along with her jingoistic, tabloid-driven patriotism, since she beats this drum of division in each public appearance she makes.

One wonders, can Sarah Palin can see what the Russians see: a shrill, desperate demagogue more interested in making money and getting famous than in the best interests of her country; a woman so jealous of a sitting President that she takes every blow her country faces and exploits it, turning it into an even more negative, frightening moment while distracting from the real work – never once stepping into the debate to lead, to soothe, to unite.

Never once has Ms Palin shown her love for this great country by standing by it and her President in a time of need. Instead, she views each crisis as a cynical opportunity to sow the seeds of division among fellow countrymen. During the oil spill crisis, she took to Fox News to spew nonsense about the Dutch not getting their phone calls received, claiming she knew how to fix the leak if only the President had called on her. Of course, since she was on Fox News, no one bothered to ask her why, then, she did nothing to stop the oil spills that took place during her brief tenure as Governor of Alaska.

When she went to Hong Kong for a speaking engagement, Ms. Palin attacked her President on foreign soil during a time of war. On her first book tour, Palin and her entourage of hit men (aka, her father, et al) attacked the Commander in Chief on military bases. In times of major decisions regarding the war in Afghanistan, Palin has mocked the President when he followed the course of action recommended by his Generals. On 9/11, Palin bashed the President. In her speeches, Ms Palin is sure to remind her followers that Obama’s foreign policy is weakening America while she accuses the President of not loving his country. During the WikiLeaks crisis, Palin blamed the President instead of calling for a united front for our country.

Ms Palin and her followers justify this unpatriotic behavior by claiming the President is “un-American”. We all know what that’s about but if we’re left with any doubt, we have only to listen to Ms Palin assure her listeners that they have every right to ask for the President’s birth certificate:
And here she is just weeks ago suggesting that the failure to vet the President and his associations has harmed our democracy. Talk about projection.

Ms Palin’s heavily moderated Facebook page was just months ago full of comments calling for the death of our President, sedition, and the overthrowing of the Obama administration as being God’s will. Those comments were left standing while comments questioning Ms Palin in any way were scrubbed. Ms Palin stands for a level of vitriolic, simmering revulsion so steeped in delusions of self-righteousness, it’s tough to swim to sanity once you’ve been washed in the blood of her particular lamb.

We are at war, facing a global economic crisis, still reeling from a devastating oil spill and now facing the challenges brought on by the WikiLeaks dump. Yet, on every issue of importance, Palin has inserted herself with jarring accusations against the President, offering nothing but malicious hate fueled by a failure to understand what she doesn’t understand.

Ms Palin’s particular brand of tabloid patriotism leaves out anyone who disagrees with her, beats her in a contest, dares to question her, or has the temerity to actually read and debate important issues. She’s become an international embarrassment:

“If Sarah Palin is not some kind of a massive political joke in the USA, wheeled out to liven up the political scene from time to time with nonsensical and pastiche (one hopes) displays of sheer and utter ignorance, then it is worrying.”

Sarah Palin is the figurehead for an unpatriotic movement here in the United States of America. A movement so bereft of love for this country that they would go to any means to see it fail, in order to elevate themselves into power. A movement which just yesterday met with the democratically elected President of this fine country and then immediately stabbed him in the back in their post-game press conference.

And nestled into this web of traitors is one particularly odious senator, Senator John McCain, upon whose shoulders the blame for this national embarrassment rests. Ms Palin is the front-runner of this group for Presidential candidate in 2012 according to polls. This makes sense, given the Republican Party’s current gamesmanship of our political system, wherein their only goal is to destroy the President – not to lead, not to govern – but to destroy. At any cost necessary.

When the Russians are calling you out for failing to support your country in a time of need, for attempting to bring her to her knees with petty attacks on the President, you have seriously jumped the patriotism shark. Sarah Palin is the traitorous figurehead of the GOP, whose only purpose seems to be to assist them in their goal to bring down President Barack Obama.

So while a scant few of them (Rove, Scarborough, and a few of the “elites” who are not elected officials; the elected officials are quivering in the corner rather than standing up to the myth of Palin lest they alienate what little remains of the Republican Party base) make the rounds distancing themselves from her now, do not forget how they set her into motion in 2008 to do exactly what she’s doing now. And do not forget that even as they take a slight step away from the noxious whiff of disgust that follows in Ms Palin’s wake, they’re not silencing her; they’re not calling her out for her attacks on the President. No, the most they can muster from their cowardly bunkers of fear from which they wage their war on America is mild outrage that she would insult the Bushes or Reagan.

Nary a word about her outrageously destructive actions toward our current President. And why is that? Because Ms Palin is doing the dirty work for the Republican weaklings; sowing seeds of division, suspicion, hatred, and rage against a sitting President.

And those, my friends, are not the actions of a patriot. True Glasnost has arrived when the International Press says what the American Press will not. Sarah Palin is no patriot.

The Koch brothers and their allies have bought the media.  That's why it is more imperative than ever to get the word out about rightwingers such as Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann, etc.

Like I said the other day, if the likes of Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell won't do it, then it's up to people like to me to step up to the plate.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sarah's book tour comes to an end

Now that her tour is over, she can go back to Arizona and hide.
This has to be my new fav pic of Sarah. She looks like a whore and her pimp standing by her along with her fellow whore. This was also my favorite editorial on the whole train wreck: It has become an annual tradition as predictable as Black Friday discounts, and nearly as profitable. Every year, conservative talk show hosts work themselves into a frenzy and authors hit the road with books about a “war on Christmas,” where government Grinches hide under beds in an attempt to end religious freedom in ’Merica. The war on that war visited the Mall of America Friday in the guise of Sarah Palin, whose new book, “Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas,” works that familiar terrain harder than an elf on the Furby production line. Palin’s theme (besides “show me the money”) might be something like this: “The war on Christmas is the tip of the spear in a larger battle to secularize our culture and make true religious freedom a thing of the past.” Really? Someone is killing Christmas? I decided to investigate. I wasn’t 10 feet into the mall when I noticed something I hadn’t seen last time: four shiny trees framing the hallway. They looked suspiciously like something we used to call “Christmas trees.” I decided to press on. I stopped next at Great American Cookies and asked if they had any Christmas cookies. They did not. “Might as well call it Great American Atheist Cookies,” I grumbled. Speaking of atheists, one of my favorite lines from Palin’s book is: “An angry atheist with a lawyer is one of the most powerful persons in America.” It’s a concept I find ludicrous, unless, of course, the lawyer is Joe Friedberg. Another favorite book quote: “Atheism’s track record makes the Spanish Inquisition look like Disneyland by comparison,” Palin wrote. I guess I missed the Disney ride It’s a Small, Brutal, Bloody World. Anyway, down the hall I spotted Love From Minnesota, and my heart lifted. Prominently displayed in the entry were piles of sweaters. Christmas sweaters. They actually used the feared word on their sign. Love indeed. More hope came from Caribou Coffee, which featured something called a Ho Ho Mint Mocha. Well, at least it’s Christmas-like. Down the way a woman at Ragstock was decorating the place in colors that suggested they might be celebrating something. A huge sign said: “Ugly Christmas Sweaters.” The place was jammed with red-and-white doodads. I told the woman Palin was warning against the death of Christmas. She laughed. “Not exactly a shortage of tinsel in here,” she said. “Ridiculous.” As I approached the rotunda, where perhaps 30 people had lined up early to get Palin’s book signed, I couldn’t help but notice two trees that soared three stories above the stage. Several security guards stood nearby. A line from Palin’s book came to me: “You don’t have to be intimidated by the political correctness police.” These must be the PC cops, I thought. I decided to take a chance, certain they would throw me to the ground and cuff me for using the forbidden word. “How long have the Christmas trees been up?” I asked. “Oh, about two weeks,” said a guard. Determined to find this war on Christmas, I went to the line where people waited for Palin, who suggests in the book that we need to return to the “traditions and true meaning” of the holiday. There was a long list of “guidelines” for her visit. No “personalized” signatures. No blankets or chairs. No tampering with wristbands. No leaving the line. No photos. The only pictures allowed would be the ones taken by Palin’s photographer, which people could then buy for $15.99 and $29.99, you know, in the true spirit of the season. Then I turned around and saw it. A store perhaps 20 feet away. In the window was a sign that said Callister’s Christmas. The store was packed with Christmas angels and Christmas wreaths and Christmas stars and Christmas crosses and even a manger, complete with Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. Someone had obviously forgotten to tell the PC police to close this place down. Looking out from Callister’s to the rotunda, you could see the line growing of the gullible to buy a cynical book that tries to scare people into thinking Christmas is being stolen from them. Just then Santa walked by on a break from his chair down the hall. I asked him if he thought Christmas would ever go away. “I hope not,” said Santa. “Too many good kids.” I told him about Palin’s allegations of a war on Christmas, and then pointed to Callister’s. “Talk about irony,” said Santa as he walked away. I felt suddenly filled with the spirit. Not only was Christmas permeating every corner of the mall, I had found a Santa who understood irony. As I left the mall, a Salvation Army bell ringer was changing kettles because her first one was full. Shoppers were giving eagerly to people they didn’t know, people who needed a helping hand, the kind of people mocked by Palin. As I passed, the bell ringer looked me square in the eye. “Merry Christmas,” she said.   I was unable to make it to the MOA like I had talked about doing earlier, but I bet she set up those "guidelines" in case I showed up. Which means she does read this blog. Heehee!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

So FOX when are YOU going to fire Sarah Palin?

As you are all aware, Martin resigned was fired over his remarks concerning Skanky Sarah Palin. He even apologized to ole Skanky. Which begs the question, when is FOX going to fire Sarah? They did once before. They could do it again. Let's see some of the things Sarah has said and did to warrant a firing: Waved her underwear during a broadcast Insulted President Obama numerous times Dressed inappropriately numerous times Other things she has done before her firing: made sexual remarks about President Obama Racist remarks like shuck and jive North Korea is our ally Build dikes to stop the oil spill Blood libel Ronald Reagan went to college in California This has actually galvanized me to keep at this blog. If the mainstream media refuses to call Sarah on the carpet, then it's up to bloggers like Gryphen, Malia, Syrin, Allison, Austin is a fecker, and myself to do it.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Breaking News: Nelson Mandela has passed away

From MSNBC Nelson Mandela, the revered South African anti-apartheid icon who spent 27 years in prison, led his country to democracy and became its first black president, died Thursday at home. He was 95. "He is now resting," said South African President Jacob Zuma. "He is now at peace." "Our nation has lost its greatest son," he continued. "Our people have lost a father." A state funeral will be held, and Zuma called for mourners to conduct themselves with "the dignity and respect" that Mandela personified. "Wherever we are in the country, wherever we are in the world ... let us reaffirm his vision of a society in which none is exploited, oppressed or dispossessed by another," he said as tributes began pouring in from across the world. President Obama said his first political action was an anti-apartheid protest inspired by Mandela, who "achieved more than could be expected of any man." “I cannot fully imagine my own life without the example Nelson Mandela set," he said. RIP sir. You were a great man. And Sarah just shut the fuck up. Don't even make a statement on Facebook or Twitter about Mr. Mandela. You were never a leader and you have no business being compared to him.

Comments on other blogs regarding the Palins

On the other blogs such as IM someone has commented that Todd and Sarah are now full time residents of Arizona

Bristol is going to school in Arizona (Penrose Hair Academy where Willow went).

Todd's parents are living in CA and taking care of Trig.

Piper is being cared for by an aunt in Palmer.

Track is living in the hanger at the Dead Lake House, and the house is privately listed for sale. 

Todd's mistress is knocked up.

Any truth or evidence to that?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Meet a family more nuttier than the Duggars and the Palins, the Maxwells!

Meet the Maxwell clan.  Here is their blog.

Here is a rundown of the family courtesy of Gardenvarietycitizen on FreeJinger

  • Extreme sheltering, very limited secular activities
  • Family does everything together 24/7
  • Scheduling every minute of every day, fun is a waste of time
  • Health and exercise obsessed, but not into any specific diet woo
They tour the country in a bus named "Uriah" proselytizing for their scheduling and sheltering lifestyle and selling books they wrote about those same things.

Who they are:
Parents: Steve, Teri
Kids: Nathan, Christopher, Sarah (original kids)
Joseph, John, Anna, Jesse, Mary ("reversal kids")

Steve and Teri met in college (yes, college!).

Steve and Teri had three kids, the youngest a girl named Sarah. Teri had depression. The kids played Little League, Sarah wore pants on occasion, they had friends, back in the mid 80's.

Steve decided he needs to shelter the family more. TV is thrown out, kids quit Little League.

Steve became convicted that he was wrong in limiting their family size by having a vasectomy. So he had it reversed, and they went on to have five more kids, for a total of eight. (Kids born after the vasectomy reversal are often referred to on FJ as the "reversal kids.")

Things steadily get more and more sheltered and we arrive at the present day.

The youngest, Mary, is now 17. She is the only one still homeschooling. Sarah is now 31, and still not courting.

Maxwells, The Next Generation:
The two oldest kids (both sons) are married.
Nathan & Melanie have five kids: Susannah (born very ill, lived only a few days), Abigail, Bethany, Christina, and Andrew "Drew".

Melanie's family is somewhat local. Her father is a chiropractor.

Christopher and Anna ("non-reversal Anna", "Anna-Marie") have one son, Joshua, a daughter Ruthanne born Feb. 18, 2014, and another baby due in March 2015.  (Note: When Anna showed up, she was called "Anna-Marie" on the blog so as not to be confused with the Maxwell daughter Anna. Some also call her "non-reversal Anna" because of course the Maxwell daughter is one of the "reversal kids.")
Anna's family is from rural Washington. They have a goat farm and make soap.

Joshua and Christina are baby cousins born only a month apart, in 2012

Joseph was engaged to be married to Elizabeth Munck in the summer of 2012, but she called it off.  Joseph has recently married a girl named Elissa Frost of Georgetown KY Sept 6, 2014.   They did not mention any courtship or engagement until after the wedding took place, which was probably due in part to Elizabeth very public dumping of Joseph a week before the wedding.  Also any reference to Elizabeth has been scrubbed from the blog.

Where they are:
Leavenworth, KS. They previously lived in Washington state when the older kids were little.

The main family, Nathan family, Christopher family, and Teri's parents' family (mother "Gigi") all live right on the same block in various houses. Teri's father Rex Frazer aka Grandad died in May 2014 but no mention of his passing on the blog.  Also Steve's mother Mary Maxwell died about a week before Grandad and his biological father Paul Bargar died Oct 2013 and no mentions of their passing either.

Joseph owns a house 0.7 miles away (so far!!! so far!!!) from the main family compound, but because his planned marriage didn't happen and it just won't do for a single guy to live in a house by himself (even if he spent all kinds of time remodelling it) it sits empty while he stays living at home and sleeping in a bunk bed in the room he shares with his brothers.  Now that he finally married he can live in his house.

More backstory: Steve served in the Air Force, has a pilot license (which he doesn't currently use), went into engineering, worked in the corporate world, moved back to KS (in corporate jobs) to be near family, eventually was "convicted" to quit his job in 1997 to come home full time to just do ministry stuff - the ministry of touring and selling books.

Interesting mystery: Before quitting his job, he posted that the company was asking him to do something that he personally felt that not only could HE not do, he didn't feel it okay to ask anyone to do it. FJ wonders just what that was? He has posted he was uncomfortable working and having a business lunch with women employees of his company, around that time frame (in the Corners).

What they do:
They have a bunch of businesses all run under the umbrella of "Communication Concepts Inc" also known as "Families for Jesus". If you surf around those websites you can find links to all their stuff, much of which is on dead websites.

So, what do they actually do?

  • Advice column on their blog.
    This is the "Dad's Corner" and "Mom's Corner" series. You can find recent posts on their blog, for older stuff you need the Wayback Machine. The best way to understand all things Maxwell is to read the corners.
  • Publishing.
    • Books about how to live a Maxwellian Christian life, with focus on scheduling every minute of every day, Dad leading bible study, sheltering your kids.

      The main point of the books is they give Christian scriptural references for everything they recommend, so it's about giving the reader reassurance that living this lifestyle is what God wants you to do.
    • Moody books for kids - written by Sarah, these are a book series about a family based on the Maxwell family that lives a Maxwellian lifestyle. The goal is to have books that the Maxwell kids would be allowed to read, so they only have TRUTH in them and no bad behavior (see further down.)
    • Scheduling how-to and kits:
      MOTH ("Managers of Their Homes")
  • Bus tours to give conferences about the content in the above stuff,
    and bluegrass concerts

    They tour in a converted band tour bus, which they named "Uriah." Uriah is very nice inside, has a kitchen, bathroom with shower, bunks, bedroom for the parents. (I would love to travel in a bus like that.) They did all the work, and it's very nice.

    They sing with very nasal voices. This gets snarked as "Trust Eeen Obey."
  • IT consulting.
    • IT On Ramp, the logo is hard to read so it gets teased as "one ton ramp."

      It's online classes to get your A+ certification. Hard to tell how well it's doing. Got snarked because it's "Jesus centered" (they won't make you confront any heathen ideas like evolution) and they will only let women advise women and men advise men.
    • regular IT consulting for businesses

      Hard to tell what's going on, they allude to it in posts but no real web presence. Probably Nathan's "regular job."
  • Construction.
    They have a dead website for "Maxwell and Sons Construction" so it's hard to tell what that is doing, but when they post about fixing up their own property, they do quite nice work. They could probably easily get jobs rehabbing houses.

  • Their big thing is "where will you go when you die?" and Ray Comfort's "Good Person Test." They hand out tracts with this message, they ask it of everyone they meet. Accept Jesus, go to heaven. Live correctly. Are you sure?
  • Famously, during Christopher's wedding to Anna (which was streamed online and spawned a huge thread on Yuku) Steve gave a long sermon on DEATH. Because where will you go when you die?
  • They hold church in a nursing home, Steve is the pastor. They make frequent references to "the elderly" which get snarked here.
  • Lots of bible reading. They wake up to read the Bible individually while all sitting together at 6AM or so every morning, and then have family bible time actually led by Steve with everyone on the same page every night.

  • Christmas? Yes, but without a tree. They have plain evergreen garlands and a nativity, they go caroling (and hand out tracts, of course).
  • Easter? "Resurrection Sunday," and no bunny stuff. Steve has a brother into "bunny stuff" (they had an Easter egg hunt!!!) and that was given as example of relatives they should shun for having "different goals."
  • Halloween? Hell no.

Beliefs that make them interesting:
  • SHELTERING.The main theme of the Maxwells is sheltering. One of their best selling books "Keeping Our Children's Hearts" is all about this.

    Main themes are:
    • kids are never alone, family does absolutely everything together 24/7.
    • kids do not have (or need) friends, they are isolated even from other extended family members if Steve doesn't think the family is like-minded enough.
    • don't blacklist individual activities. Instead, ban everything, and then only WHITELIST specific activities that will actively help kids achieve their "goals" (in their case, worshiping Jesus 24/7)
    • "appetites" are dangerous!!! If you let a kid get an "appetite" for something that doesn't help them toward their goals, they will run with that appetite and waste time and generally fall down. Don't give your kid an "appetite" for sports lest he end up watching football on the tube (er, "The Beast") 24/7 and neglecting his family. Etc.
    • forbid all secular influence.
      • Anything read (or watched) must be TRUE. Misbehaving characters are not permitted even if they are portrayed as wrong and get a comeuppance. Portrayals of non-Christian religion are not allowed. Result: No reading except the Bible, Moody books (Little House on the Prairie is right out), and various Christian biographies.
      • Secular music lyrics just waste space in the brain. Result: they white out the lyrics to "row row row your boat" and similar in the kids' music books.
      • No news. The entire FAMILY does not take a paper, does not watch TV (which they refer to as "The Beast"), does not listen to the radio, because they don't want the kids hearing about the terrible things that go on in the world.
    Everyone should be on a schedule 24/7, including babies. Time is blocked out in 30 minute increments. Selling scheduling is one of the main business ventures for the family.

    Kids should be doing chores early, their play should be mimicking chores. The thing is to learn to enjoy working, all the time.

    NO FUN. Fun is a waste of time. You should find enjoyment in working and serving the Lord. Period.
    They homeschool, with textbooks. This was controversial among some religious homeschoolers (who lean more toward Charlotte Mason) and so Teri wrote a book giving the message that it's okay to do that, that's "Managers Of Their Schools."

    Because they don't do higher math and they don't read literature, they don't need much time for school. Some critics of their homeschooling schedule have pointed this out, it works for the Maxwells partly because they just have less material to cover than most families do.

    No college for anyone. Period. Boys will get jobs that allow them to support a family on one income without debt not needing college (they put out a book on this) and girls will get married. (Well, ideally. So far Sarah is still single at 33.)
    They are big into exercise. Push-up challenges, doing lunges in the parking lot next to the bus on trips, taking long walks (in the very early morning, in long skirts) to stay fit.

    They are somewhat into health food, but nothing crazy, they're not into any specific dietary weirdness.

    They do seem to eat very little and portion control. There was a post about having two animal crackers on a birthday which lives on in snark here.
    The Maxwells used to be Frumper Ground Zero. The family all wore homemade matching jumpers (in the American sense) with no waist and ankle length hems.

    Currently they wear "regular" skirts and shirts. Hems must be ankle length, but they are okay with short sleeves. They do the "t shirt under a regular shirt" thing often. The skirts are homemade, they buy the shirts and sweaters.

    They exercise in skirts. They hike in skirts. They go kayaking in skirts.

    The men of course wear business casual - khakis and polos.

    They have written about being against swimming (because in their area it's necessarily "mixed swimming") but haven't posted anything about strange bathing suits or bathing in business casual (for THAT, you need to check out the BuckHales - don't mean to derail here but you really do!!)
  • NO DEBT.
    They have a big thing about each (male) child buying a house in cash debt-free to live in after marriage.

    Recently Joseph bought a house (0.7 miles away from Steve, which might as well be on Mars) and rehabbed it (wonderfully, I'll say!), but when his marriage was called off, he did not move into it. Presumably until he marries, he will continue to share a room with his brothers and sleep on his bunk bed.
  • PEPSI.
    Teri likes Pepsi. She wrote a long post about her addiction to Pepsi in such a way that you would be certain that Pepsi was a stand-in for some hard drugs or at least alcohol, but nope, it was just Pepsi.
    The Maxwells have run various forums about their products over the years (MOTH boards) and currently accept comments on their blog.

    They have three controversial policies:
    • no identifying information
      Last names are removed, so you'll see lots of "the L family" and "Mrs. P" commenting, or just "Julia" and the like. They do not want commenters identifying each other or able to contact each other offline.
    • no off topic talk
      This was mostly about the MOTH boards, but any non-on-topic content would be removed (from individual posts, see below). This included any content remotely critical of Maxwell products, as well as any mention of "I love it but I also use this other thing in parallel" type comments. Also any mention of "my other contact is..." (see above).
    • editing of comments
      They (lately 100% Steve) will edit the content of submitted comments to remove offending material, and leave the signatures on! So "you" end up posting something with your name on it but the thrust of your message is all changed.

      If he wants to reply, he doesn't make a new comment to his own blog, either - he just edits YOUR comment to add his response in it.

    The Maxwell blog has photos of the family doing various things (cooking! fixing the bus! dusting the ceiling fans!) daily. The interesting thing about all this though is that Every. Single. Picture. Is. Posed. That's right, no candids here.

    They go to Costco (often!) and take pictures of themselves, POSED and smiling, putting food in the cart, looking at the eggs, goodness even knows what, boring minutiae of life, but POSED!! and HAPPY!!

    In fact it's an interesting web scavenger hunt to search for photos of the family that were NOT taken by them. Occasionally attendees at their conferences take pics, and it's interesting to see how different they look when they are not obviously posing.

    Incidentally, often the boy and girl children pair up, and when a niece is also there, if you didn't know who was in the picture you'd think it was a normal young married couple with a kid. But no, it's just brother and sister, yet again, posing in the family compound expansive kitchen.

Ties to other families:
  • BuckHales:
    They knew the Buckingham half of the family when they were stationed at Ft. Leavenworth (before they moved to AK).
  • Duggars:
    They travelled to meet the Duggars for one of the kids' graduations. The Duggars are MOTH customers, you can see the chart on the wall in their TV show.
  • Muncks:
    Joseph was engaged to the oldest daughter, Elizabeth, before she called it off this past summer.
  • Rebecca K!11!!!!!
    Rebecca is a frequent commenter and Maxwell fan. She lives and blogs with her family near St. Louis, using plenty of exclamation marks because she actually has FUN and enjoys life. She seems like a nice enough sincere girl, and usually people discuss how she can do SO much better than the Maxwells. Don't fall in the trap, Rebecca!!

The main website is . From there go to "Articles" to read the Mom and Dad's Corners, but be aware that to find the full archive you will need the Internet Wayback Machine. Teh Internets Never Forgets!

Here is a video of them singing at one of their homeschool conferences:

 <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sarah will be speaking tomorrow at Liberty University

From Charisma news

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will be the featured speaker at Liberty University’s final convocation of the Fall 2013 semester on Wednesday, Dec. 4.

Palin will be introduced by President Jerry Falwell Jr., who issued the following statement about her visit:

While Governor Palin has visited Liberty's campus in the past, she has never appeared at a Liberty event. I am thrilled that Governor Palin and our student body will now have a chance to interact in a Q&A format. At Billy Graham's 95th birthday party earlier this month, the governor and I spoke of our mutual anticipation for her upcoming visit.”

Palin is a leading voice for American conservatism. She is the first woman and youngest person to be elected governor of Alaska and was the first female Republican vice presidential candidate in U.S. history. She is an internationally sought-after speaker and has been a contributor to Fox News.

Her latest book, Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas, was recently released by HarperCollins and is currently a New York Times best-seller. Signed copies will be available during Liberty's convocation service.

“This book is not about isolated trivialities," Palin writes. "It's not really about gingerbread cookies, or stockings hung by the chimney with care, or the big fat man with the long white beard. It's not about a holiday at all. It's about that little baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, who arrived long before hope and change became political manipulations. It’s about Christ and our ability to worship Him freely. It’s about America, and what liberty truly means in our day-to-day lives.”

Liberty's convocation is North America’s largest weekly gathering of Christian young people. It is held three times a week from 10 to 11 a.m. in the Vines Center. Students are able to hear from prominent speakers of national and global significance from every sphere of society.

I wonder if she will back out of this as well.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Three years ago I started this blog

Actually it was three years ago yesterday and it has been fun!

Thank you to all my readers, the anti-Palins, anti-GOPers and the trolls.

I still plan on blogging well into 2014 and beyond, health and God willing.

Why do I do this, you ask?

I feel that Sarah Palin and her ilk are the biggest threat to this country.  She is a terrorist

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Twas the night before Christmas as told by Track Palin

 I reworked a parody of The Night before Christmas Palin style.  Enjoy!

Twas the Night Before Christmas at the Palin compound as told by Track Palin:

Twas the night before christmas
and all through the house,
Trig was ignored and Piper shot the mouse

Sarah and Bristol at the whorehouse,
Willow smoking grass;
I had settled down
for a nice piece of ass.

Out on the lawn,
I heard such a clatter.
I sprung from my piece
to see what was the matter.

When out on the lawn,
I saw a fat-ass dick.
I knew it wasn't Chris Christie
it must be St. Nick.

He came down the chimney
like a bat out of hell.
I knew in a moment,
the fatass had fell.

He stuffed all the stockings
with wine coolers and beer,
and two big black rubber dicks
One for Sarah and one for my stepdad Todd the queer.

He rose up the chimney
And I thought I heard a thunderous fart.
but that son of a bitch

had ripped his pants apart

He swore and he cursed
as he rode away,
fuck all of you retards
and have a hell of a day

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday is today and I'm staying home

I hate shopping on Black Friday.  Actually I don't like shopping at all.  I hate shopping because I always get lousy customer service.  I  avoid Wal-Mart like the plague.

Nowadays I do my Christmas shopping online.  It's easier, quieter, and I can take my sweet time.  I do love Christmas but now it is so commercialized.  Sarah Palin claims that atheists are taking the Christ out of Christmas, but in reality it is her taking the Christ out as she spews her violitrol and hatred.

This year in honor of the Christmas season (I'm a Christian and I'm proud to call the season Christmas) I am going to post some of my favorite Christmas songs and hymns.  On Fridays I will post a secular one, on Sunday a hymn.  Today it is Rockin Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Great Alaskan shootout begins today

I guess Michigan has been banned from participating so their players can't boink wonky-eyed sports anchors.