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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Birthday First Lady Michelle Obama!

Hope she has a lovely day!

Feels really good to wish the FLOTUS a Happy Birthday when it's Michelle Obama and NOT Ann Romney.


  1. Michelle Obama is a FLOTUS about whom we can be proud. She is the epitome of grace, kindness, and intelligence.

  2. The juxtaposition of Michelle Robinson Obama and Sarah Heath Palin is quite startling: they were born about three weeks apart.

    Which one looks as though she follows her own advice about eating well, keeping fit, smiling and laughing and presenting a personality many will envy.

    Sarah Palin: take-out food, blackberry-lifting is not a sport, and scowling and sizzling about every little thing makes the world run away from her victimhood.

    Which one grew up in a truly poor, working-class household, but worked like a demon, with the help of her parents, to get out of her situation?
    Who lived a middle-class life but didn't care enough about studies to get a real college degree at a four-year school, even living at home and going to the University of Anchorage, working summers?
    Who mocks and jokes about healthy living, and demonstrates her words with her own body and that of her two eldest daughters?
    Hooray for Michelle Obama, mother extraordinaire and friend to many in our country and abroad.

  3. @anon 5:09 am: excellent points! Michelle Obama dresses well, keeps herself and her children fit, and embraces the idea of families spending time together, such as taking walks after dinner. There is no doubt that Michelle Obama actually went to and graduated from college, and she had a demanding, high-caliber job in her own right before she became FLOTUS. Moroever, Michelle Obama has been documented in the company of small children and does quite well with them, as opposed to the Shrilla from Wasilla whose own "son" clobbers her, shrieks, and tries to get away from her anytime they're seen together.

  4. Hi SPHASH! YES, Mrs. Obama and her family are outstanding people that the nation can be proud of. When she appears in public with world leaders or her fellow Americans, she personifies grace, dignity and class. The same cannot be said of the village idiot and her dysfunctional brood. When one is on the world stage, tact and diplomacy are required; it is not a place for being "folksy". The fuckin' moron is too stupid to comprehend that!

  5. Mrs. Obama is a symbol of class, intelligence and inner beauty, she's the best First Lady this country has ever had. As for the quitter from Alaska, she's a disgrace and so are her nasty children.

  6. What a vile, disgusting and hateful blog you have here. A bunch of envious haters!! Noone, but noone equals Sarah Palin. Try as you may, you can't match her. She far outweighs Michele in looks, health, attitude, grace and appeal. So go on you haters.


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