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Saturday, January 26, 2013

How's Gino Paoletti doing?

Since Bristol and Gino broke up, how is he doing?

Is he over Tripp?

Has he got a new woman?


  1. He became Facebook friends with Sunny a couple of months ago, so I guess Levi and Sunny have let him see Tripp.

    1. this makes no sense. So, becoming FB friends with people makes it because I want to see their children?

      It runs deep....

    2. It makes no sense that one of Bristol's hand-picked 'daddies' is actually fond of the little boy? Or that Bristol has no record of with-holding Tripp from his 'daddies'? You're a bitch of the highest order, aren't you?

    3. 4:04 PM At least you can spell bitch correctly. You must be very familiar with the term. As it is said, 'It takes one to know one', BITCH.

  2. I saw on instagram a picture of Gino, Chris P (mercede's ex), Willow, Willows bf, and Bristol in a car in AZ. It was posted in early November. And I doubt Gino's seen Tripp since the summer. Why would he? He was dumped and both have moved on. It doesn't matter whos friends with whom on what social network. Gino is friends with Willow on instagram and comments on her pics. He comments occasionally on the few pics Sunny has on hers too which is understandable. He says things like "Tripps always loved babies" and "Is that Tripp frowning? thats awesome."

    Gino has his own life and spends time in AZ still as well as Fairbanks.

    1. Feck off. Gino is not in the habit of commenting on Sunny's pics. Neither am I, for that matter. And clearly she doesn't even know you.

    2. Interesting, how Bristol goes through men the way an elephant goes through peanuts. Well, quantity over quality.

    3. It is freaking scary how you stalk these people and are obsessed with them to the point that you make up fairy tales about their lives. Seriously, you write some sick shit, Krazy Kristy Krackhead.

    4. Krusty's stalking isn't any more creepy than this very website positing a question regarding one of Bristol's old boyfriends, I mean, who cares? Alaska doesn't care, Wasilla doesn't care but for some reason this blog cares?

    5. anon 10:05
      And apparently you care.
      Oh the hypocrisy; it burns.

  3. Do you understand how creepy this whole "stalk blogging" is? It's creepy for anyone to blog about strangers who are busy living private lives. Why do you? Is it part of your mental illness where you can't help but live vicariously through others? What does it add to the world? What does it add to your life?You're literally helping to create a layer of fiction and alternate reality just by your ignorant opinions and observations. No wonder Sunny deleted facebook. Though for two reasons: 1. She was wasting her life online 2. the stalkers creep her out

    These are all just normal people living in a fascinating state having fun.

    People need to let them live and perhaps follow their example by living their own lives.

    Trust me sphash. you will probably regret all the time you wasted blogging about pointless things that matter to no one. Is this the story you want to tell?

    Think about that.

    Trying to Help you be a good person who has a full life

    1. Don't you see the incredible hypocrisy of calling out SPHASH as a stalker who takes interest in these peoples' lives while posting information that you've gleaned from following their behavior through virtual windows?

      And, you spend just as much time as SPHASH (maybe more when you consider all the commenting you do on different blogs as well as creating and deleting your own blogs) concerned with the lives of these people.

      It's clear you have no introspection and therefore, SPHASH should never trust you when it comes to her life or how she spends her time and energy.

    2. Sunny calls them "stalkers" Bristol calls them "fans" If the Palins want privacy, stop tweeting and calling the tabloids with their stories. Stop writing books that do not sell like Chuckles and Chuckles Jr., Bristol and $carah.

    3. Do you mean a "full life" like yours, Krusty the Klown? From all your surveillance you know that SPASH has a new job and a new home .... and what do you have? A new bedpan? Zero friends? Do you know what GTH stands for, you weeping pustule?

    4. Oh Krusty get your own blog going since you seem to know so much about the Palin're wasting your time here.

    5. She must not get many visitors to her blog then if she keeps here.

    6. Ooops, I meant to say "if she keeps coming here."

    7. In psychiatry the term for what you, KKK, are doing is called "projection." You are accusing others of having your character traits. You live in a fantasy world of obsession. Hypocrisy, pontification, judgement, and obsession are your character traits. You are a very, very mentally ill person. I pray your family will step in and try to help you. Although, that will be difficult as you have insulated yourself with the belief that you and you alone can straighten out the world if only the rest of us would follow your unerring advice. Beyond sick, I say.

    8. "Trying to Help you be a good person who has a full life"
      No you're not. You're trying to insert yourself where you aren't wanted. Who died and made you God? Who said it was your duty to change others? You need to go work on your own many faults.

      We are also trying to help you be a good person who has a full life, but it doesn't seem to be working. I believe the word is "futile."

    9. Can't Fix StupidJanuary 26, 2013 at 2:49 PM

      Trust me, Dope On a Rope. You will probably regret all the time you wasted on blogs about pointless things that matter to no one. Is this the story you want to tell?

      Think about that.

      There! Fixed it!

    10. Palin information Guru, why aren't you answering the questions about Todd Palin's Sex Trafficking and Prostitution Ring? Cat Got Your Tongue? Come on, you KNOW all about the Palins. Don't stop Ranting now. BWAHAHAHA.

  4. Krusty does have a life..STALKING the Palins!!!! She seems to think she IS part of the Palin inner

    1. Without a platform except for FB there isn't much that Palin can do. She's becoming more and more obscure, oh what will Krusty do then???

  5. I wonder if Krazy Kristy Krackhead realizes how much she is driving hits on these blogs she loves to hate. Seems counter productive to her intent, but hey, she isn't exactly a genius! About as intelligent as setting her blog to private to exclude visitors. Bwaahaahaahaa!!!!

  6. In the meantime, what is Gino doing? Selling real estate or still trying to find a ride home?

  7. Boys Will Be Boys by Shailey Tripp. Google it, tweet it, buy it, read it, promote it.

    1. I suggested the title.

  8. How's Gino Paoletti doing?

    If I were Gino I would get myself checked out for STDs. That's what I would be doing.

  9. Not only is AKARNG former Commander of Recruiting and current Chief of Staff, LTCOL Joseph Lawendowski a leader in the Bereanwatchmen, he's also a pornographer, not to mention a competitor in the Iron Dog snow machine race. (p. 130)

    Recruiting & Retention
    LTC Joseph Lawendowski
    PO Box 5800
    Fort Richardson AK
    Bldg 49000

    POBOX 5800
    Ft Richardson, AK 99505

    Kodiak Entertainment Group:

    Business Corporation
    Entity #:67284D
    Status:Involuntarily Dissolved
    AK Formed Date:7/15/1999
    Home State:ALASKA
    Next Biennial Report Due:1/2/2003
    Entity Mailing Address:
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    JOSEPH R LAWENDOWSKI Director, President, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President 100

    Filed Documents
    Date Filed Type Filing Certificate
    7/15/1999 Creation Filing
    8/3/1999 Biennial Report
    1/10/2001 Biennial Report
    6/13/2003 Election or Resolution to Dissolve
    8/4/2003 Agent Change
    10/31/2003 Admin Dissolution
    11/4/2003 Withdraw/Dissolve/Cancel

    Google this:

    "1120 E HUFFMAN RD 355 ANCHORAGE, AK 99515" =

    and you get:

    Roxy's Panty Raid ...
    regarding the aforementioned may be addressed to and or
    Kodiak Group, 1120 E. Huffman Rd. #355, Anchorage, AK 99515.

    Noelle's HotBods - Slammin' Amateur and Bikini Page and or
    Kodiak Group, 1120 E. Huffman Rd. #355, Anchorage, AK 99515.,0,

    1. Another connection to Todd Palin's Sex Trafficking Ring. Slowly but surely the skeletons are being exposed.

  10. yawn....

    Everyone who is anyone has seen the nude pictures of Sarah (on FB, friends only status currently. Right, Sarah?).

    Droopy, floppy, and splotchy. No shit, Sarah nude is yucky and afeared her children will see them.

    Not anything like the nude pictures of Dr Laura.


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